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The Spectrum of Love

The Spectrum of Love by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction
  2. How to Move Towards Greater Love
  3. The Spectrum of Love:
    1. Root: Survival, Stability, and Safety
    2. Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Relationships
    3. Navel: Life Force, Desire, Emotion
    4. Solar Plexus: Confidence, Self-Assurance
    5. Heart: Potential, Connection, Universal Love
    6. Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism
    7. Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity
    8. Eye: Vision, Observation, Creativity
    9. Crown: Knowledge, Imagination, Higher Self-Awareness


The spectrum of love is the expression of consciousness. Love is the energy that fuels the desire for consciousness to manifest in infinite forms, probabilities, and dimensions. Love is the frequency that can sustain holistic blending and multiplication of frequencies. Wherever there is a little love there is pain and destruction. Consciousness explores all possibilities in infinite worlds and universes. This dimension (planet) has evolved to experience the desire for greater conscious physical expression and focus. This type of experience leads to little awareness of the spectrum of love, the subconscious, and the source of all creative expression.

The pain, suffering, unfulfillment, disease, and destruction that we experience is simply because of the amount of coherent frequencies of love that we allow. For example any area of the body that experiences illness, pain, or disease is a symbolic representation of a part of us that is asking for love, it is actually a beneficial process that occurs because we can consciously then tend to it. How we tend to it can be empowering or disempowering though. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this world, collectively we choose experiences like these because of the value they provide in learning the spectrum of love. When we are ready we simply remember love again and move back towards greater coherent frequencies of love.

How to Move Towards Greater Love

To move towards greater love starts within each individual consciousness. For some this is the natural unfolding of the type of life they chose to come and experience at this time. For many this comes through shock, pain, or great suffering that makes the lack of love simply unbearable, and then it triggers the consciousness to decide (consciously or subconsciously) to remember more of itself. Each person is part of a greater body of consciousness and probabilities that is on its own journey in the spectrum of love.

The process of remembering is the expansion of consciousness. The process of transformation is completely subjective in that it happens for each individual when it is their time. This can happen in one lifetime or over many. As we go through this process we expand our awareness, complete lessons, and master ourselves: Self-awareness, Awareness of Others, Awareness of Desire, Awareness of Balance, Awareness of Potential, Awareness of Higher Truth, Awareness of Power, and Higher Self-Awareness. Read more about the complete process of self-realization.

The Spectrum of Love

The best way to understand the spectrum of love is through the body’s energy system. Understanding the spectrum of love gives us a cognitive framework to expand our consciousness, achieve greater degrees of harmony, and experience an abundance of love.

The Human Body Biofield and Chakras with Female Anatomy. View all Biofield and Chakra Images.

Root: Survival, Stability, Safety

At the foundation of our experience love is our connection to ourselves, our body, our greater body of consciousness, the subconscious and the physical world. Every center is important in the expansion of love, the root is the essential foundation because it determines the energy and frequencies we share with the physical expression of consciousness. This is why our world is so focused on survival and anything that symbolically represents survival, stability, and safety like housing, money, food, etc.

It is important to be aware of the symbolic representations of the root in our own life, consciously or in our dreams. They let us know the health of our root system. For example if we have an unhealthy or unstable home life, run out of money easily, or in general feel unsafe, unsatisfied or undernourished it is because we symbolically lacks coherence and love in this center.

To fill this center with love we serve ourselves in whatever way we can. This includes strengthening our body, strengthening the relationship with our body, physical movement, caring for our body, caring for our well-being in whatever way we can, including using verbal and mental affirmations that are life affirming and that make us feel safe. Realize that everything is relative to our own life, no act is too small or irrelevant.

As a test, before you go to sleep tonight, repeat the following affirmation repeatedly until you fall asleep, you can focus and name different areas of your body as you cycle through the repetitions: “I fill every part of myself with love.”

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 2 Sacral

Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Relationships

The sacral center is our focus of awareness of other parts of ourselves, and others, including our environment, animals, and people. We are not just a body, the rest of our consciousness expresses itself in the environment we find ourselves. Being mindful of the symbolic information contained within our environment, and what we see in others provides us with direct feedback about the health, balance, quantity, and quality of love in this center.

To fill this center with love we use any form of love and nurturing that is available to us. This means you can channel love wherever you are currently projecting love since they are all symbolic representations and highly subjective. For some people this may be self-love, for others this may be towards work, the environment, animals, things, places, or other people. The consequence of giving love and nurturing where you are currently capable of still allows you to embody greater degrees of love and it still benefits the process because is is relative to your own consciousness and development.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 3 Navel

The navel center governs our awareness of desire which drives behavior. To fill this center with love we use self-compassion, compassion, empathy, and detachment to develop emotional intelligence and maturity. Our desires and emotions are the symbolic representation of the spectrum of love. When we learn to see desires and emotions as symbolic information we become capable of using them for our greater benefit.

To use desires for our benefit we channel them into any area that we specifically can that can be for our individual or collective benefit in any way. This often includes developing inner balance, releasing resistance to certain emotions or desires, aspiring to emotional and mental freedom, doing things that make us feel better (higher frequency emotions), embracing change as a phenomenon of existence, and making any changes we feel we want or can, to any degree we can in a step by step process.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 4 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus: Confidence, Self-Assurance

The solar plexus center integrates our awareness of self with relationships, desires, and emotions – this awareness allows us to develop our rational self and the ability to learn from our experiences, contemplate, and use judgments for our greater benefit.

To fill this center with love we develop trust in ourselves and life in whatever way we can. This is a very subjective experience and our path to complete trust is a unique journey. To follow this path we start with looking at everything, situations, people, and the past as learning experiences. This objective view allows us to have just enough distance from the experiences to start integrating awareness, lessons, and understanding how things that happen are actually for our benefit.

This process then includes releasing some limiting beliefs, trusting the process of our life, trusting shocking experiences, learning how to spend more time doing things we love, expanding our perspective on life, and developing the ability to be accepting (not necessarily approving) of the things that happen even when we do not understand them. Developing trust in life and our ability to respond to experiences develops confidence and self-assurance.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 5 Heart

Heart: Potential, Connection, Universal Love

The heart governs our awareness of our potential. Here we become more consciously aware of the feminine and masculine aspects of our psyche and our greater connection to life and the unseen or subconscious elements of life. We are now in the second phase of expanding our perspective of life.

To fill this center with love we recognize that it is essentially our primary purpose to learn about the spectrum of love. We realize that to achieve a sense of success simply means we embody greater degrees of love within ourselves, regardless of the symbolic representations in our life.

This process includes consciously generating feelings, emotions, words, intentions, thoughts, and activities that allows more of the feeling of love into our life in whatever way is possible and unique for us. During this process we learn to balance being receptive and assertive so that we can actually yield to love. Realize that until we embody greater love we are essentially living in resistance to love. To achieve greater love is a process of gradual expansion, persistence, choosing more nourishing sources of fulfillment (instead of instant gratification, sensual pleasures, and any short term distractions), learning how to balance our intellect with intuition, learning how to be still, changing the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves so that they are move empowering, learning how to lead ourselves to be our best self, and starting to be more mindful and aware that we are more than just a body.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 6 Thyroid

Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism

As we become more trusting, confident, and achieve greater internal coherence we are motivated by the feelings of love we feel within to aspire even higher. This leads to the third phase of expanding our perspective on life. To fill this center with love we integrate higher universal truths that make us feel more empowered and loving as a unique being. We will do this in our unique way as our greater body of consciousness assists and orchestrates things in our life to guide us, like a path of breadcrumbs. At this stage it becomes more important to pay attention to the subtler information, intuition, impulses, dreams, and symbolic events in our life. This leads to a deeper process of inner transformation that alters the chemistry in our bodies.

Some elements of this inner transformation include greater honesty and transparency with ourselves and others, balancing interdependence and independence in every aspect of our lives, having insightful and extraordinary experiences, more coincidences and synchronicity, learning new things about the world, opening to new possibilities, embracing solitude, surrendering to the way life moves us, greater understanding of ourselves and others, commitment and devotion to some personal purpose, feeling more purposeful, consciously transmuting lower frequencies of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs into higher frequencies, and feeling more inner love and peace.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 7 Throat

Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity

The throat center is the first phase of integrating our power which we experience as expressing our authentic self because we now embody a sufficient quantity and quality of coherent self-love to express this love to ourselves and the world. To fill this center with love we must express our authentic self more and more as we work through this step by step process. This expression can be in any form and we often first rely on our strongest centers to fuel our expression in this center. As we grow in confidence we will expand our ability to express ourselves more creatively with more freedom and joy. This process is an integration of all the previous centers as we bring together the lessons, abilities, skills, gifts, and talents we have developed.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 8 Eye

Eye: Vision, Observation, Creativity

The eye center is the second phase of integrating our power. To fill this center with love we learn how to experience greater degrees of joy, appreciation, and love of being. We do this by being a role model to ourselves and others. We use our ability to observe to master ourselves in greater ways. We develop an authentic inner truth and we allow every every day to be guided by feelings of love, joy, and peace. We love spontaneity and feel connected to our greater body of consciousness in more and more ways.

This process may include a lot of tension for transformation, but at this stage we know how to embrace it for our greatest benefit as we refine our whole consciousness and ability to transcend ourselves continuously. We learn how to empower every aspect of our lives with appreciation and gratitude and can practice any kind of daily ritual to do this. We now consciously start to use our intentions to create the life we want to experience, and infuse love into everything. Most importantly we can actually appreciate simply being in a state of love and joy without actually having to think, do, or say anything. This ability continues to evolve as we expand our consciousness.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 9 Crown

Crown: Knowledge, Imagination, Higher Self-Awareness

The crown center governs unity, holism, and higher self-awareness. As we develop our ability to concentrate love into our every thought, word, action, feeling, emotion, intention, and response, we become capable of embodying higher frequencies of love in everything we do.

To fill this center with love we learn how to balance our enthusiasm with restraint, we become more determined, and we do everything we can to prepare ourselves to feel more love. This process includes several elements including filling our space and minds with higher frequency information, symbols, and activities most of the time. We learn how to use our dream time consciously to process any psychological debris left, channeling love into areas we are not able to during our conscious focus by using our intentions and thoughts.

As we become more empowered we consciously generate more love within ourselves and project it towards the universe and others. A part of this process includes being more playful in any way we can, including using our conscious personality in service of our collective benefit towards greater love. We use our power to create the life we love to live, learn how to be timeless as we learn how to love the present, we channel inspiration for our individual and collective benefit, and we love being an inspiration for others to motivate them to aspire to higher love.

Read more about the process of self-realization.

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Understanding Spiritual Development and the Quality of Relationships

Understanding Spiritual Development and the Quality of Relationships - Article by Nathalie Strassburg

Defining Spiritual Development, Defining a Relationship that Lacks Quality, Understanding the Phenomenon of Unfulfilling Relationships, Moving the Masculine Energy into the Higher Centers, Role Mates, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Sacred Partnerships, and Quality Relationships, The Ingredients for Quality Relationships, Learn more about the full spectrum of self-realization.

Understanding spiritual development and the impact it has on the quality of relationships is a perspective on the lack of fulfilling relationships in society.

Defining Spiritual Development

Spirituality is the non-physical expressions of consciousness, and it is the source of all physical expressions. The feminine and masculine expressions in the physical dimension are reflections of the feminine and masculine aspects of consciousness and the individual psyche, the opposites. Spiritual development balances and unites the feminine and masculine polarities within one individual consciousness. Realize that at this time men and women can be predominantly feminine or masculine in their polarity and expression.

Spiritual development is the gradual process of developing empowered perspectives on life, ourselves, and the universe. It includes being guided by higher truth, intimacy with higher truth and our greater body of consciousness, expanded perspectives and illuminated awareness of higher truth, surrender to the spiritual nature of life, understanding ourselves and our spiritual nature, devotion to higher truth and our spiritual development, transmuting lower physical, emotional, and mental energies into higher frequencies, and achieving inner peace and authentic inner union with our psychic feminine and masculine aspects. Learn more about the full spectrum of self-realization.

Defining a Relationship that Lacks Quality

A relationship that lacks quality is based predominantly on physical, sexual, emotional, and related psychological needs. It fulfills basic needs for security, safety, support, companionship, attention, and love. It is unfulfilling because humans are designed for higher needs like achievement, spirituality, mental, and creative expansion. A relationship that lacks quality consists of two people using each other for physical, sexual, and emotional fulfillment at the expense of higher self-development.

Understanding the Phenomenon of Unfulfilling Relationships

The physical aspect of life is one part of the expression of our consciousness, we are much more than that, and currently this dimension (planet) is extremely focused on the physical expression. As long as the spiritual aspect (the non-physical expressions and source of the physical expression) remains underdeveloped in an individual they do not enter into their integrated, best self, role model, holistic self with higher self-awareness. Spiritual development is the higher evolution of the emotional self and specifically the roles that individuals play in relationships.

The feminine geometry (and part of the psyche) allow for accelerated development of the higher centers, and this is often the case as they can lead with compassion, understanding, peace, love, harmony, integrity, trust, virtue, vulnerability, etc. The masculine geometry (and part of the psyche) is powerful and allows for accelerated development in the base centers that govern physical and emotional expression so they can lead with support, wisdom, strength, problem solving, desire, confidence, structure, respect, appreciation, and courageous action.

The nature of this dynamic means that for the masculine to move energy into the higher centers he needs some kind of motivating force that drives the energy of desire higher. In practical terms this means that he will see, experience, and act towards the feminine from a limited perspective until the energy is moved. Sex is the simplest example of this. Many people cannot discern between desire and love because they do not know the higher frequencies of love. Without spiritual development the masculine will see the feminine as an object (source) for sexual (physical and emotional energy) fulfillment, which drives most of the masculine’s behavior (desires), even if they will not admit it, are even truly aware of it, or profess otherwise.

As long as the feminine is unaware of this dynamic, or simply just allows herself to be seen and used in this way, or even enjoys it because of her own lack of spiritual development (which can be caused by her imbalance and lack of development in the lower centers), she will experience unfulfilling relationships, or simply settle for what she thinks is the best she can get, even though she may suppress or deny the deep desires for a more profound and intimate connection. There is an entire spectrum of intimacy.

Moving the Masculine Energy into the Higher Centers

There are three ways the masculine can move the powerful energies of love, desire, and willpower into the higher centers. The first is growing up in an environment that provides the awareness and guidance, which is the mother’s true role as a spiritual being.

The second way is that his experiences lead him into a space where he can do the work himself, often due to pain, psychological and/or physical isolation, or other emotional trauma. Gender confusion, anger, apathy, and resentment are often symptoms of this subconscious frustration of not knowing how to move the energy into the higher centers, and not receiving the inner or outer guidance to do so.

The third way is that a feminine uses her spirituality, discernment, integrity, virtue, and power to lead the masculine to do the work by not allowing a relationship to be based on the lower centers. This is currently profoundly difficult for many, mostly because of energetic imbalances that can make the feminine excessively needy, impatient, unloving, lack self-respect, or unable to provide themselves with the nurturing and spiritual development they need in order to play the highest role that the feminine can play in society, due to poor role models or conditioning. The highest role a feminine can play in society is not taking the place of the masculine and fulfilling his role. Read more about feminine and masculine expressions.

Role Mates, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Sacred Partnerships, and Quality Relationships

Terms like soul mates and twin flames are often used without consideration of the individuals development, which can make it very confusing. Any relationship, including soul mate and twin flame relationships can be profoundly destructive and unfulfilling when it is between two individuals where one or both are immature, lack self-love, or are underdeveloped emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. The divorce rate and number of single parent families provides us with all the proof we need to understand the powerful impact this is having on society. Many people are entering into relationships out of lack, desire, and need. The result is relationships that generate more lack, more desire, and more need. It creates a perpetual cycle of disempowered individuals, disempowering communities, and unfulfillment.

Quality relationships are based on two individuals who have taken the time and put in the effort to become their best self, preparing themselves for another who has done the work, and not settling for less.

Until such a time when we create more quality relationships we will continue to go through a period where most relationships are simply the triggers for self-development and spiritual awakening.  Twin flame relationships specifically are highly charged energetic dynamics meant to push each individual into a higher state of being.

Currently most of these relationships are seen as a romantic fantasy when they are in fact a spiritual relationship more like a teacher and student, or a game of spiritual seduction with a bond that is designed to be unbreakable to allow for the spiritual work to be done. As long as the counterpart with the highest frequency is unaware of their own spiritual nature or the spiritual nature of the relationship they may lower their frequency repeatedly to match their counterpart through fulfillment of sexual, physical, emotional, and other psychological needs. This will not allow the counterpart to move energy into their higher centers. This is not the universal intention for this relationship which is why separation is often orchestrated for their mutual benefit so that each can work on themselves. To play this role in someone’s life requires determination, trust, intuition, and guidance through higher truth.

Read Soul Connections – The Spectrum of Relationships and The Spectrum of Gender – Feminine & Masculine Expressions.

The Ingredients for Quality Relationships

Physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental balance.

Trust in life, consciousness, and higher truth.

Awareness of higher potential.

Belief that life is designed for higher fulfillment.



Ability to care for oneself.

Ability to honor oneself.

Ability to master our desires, and use them for a higher benefit.




Personal purpose.

A sense of accomplishment and success in whatever we do.

Commitment to higher ideals.

Authenticity, truthfulness, and transparency.

Learn more about the full spectrum of self-realization.

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The Spectrum of the Emotional Body

The Spectrum of the Emotional Body by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction
  2. The Purpose of Emotions
  3. The Spectrum of the Emotional Body
    1. Root: Survival, Stability, and Safety
    2. Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion
    3. Navel: Creativity, Life Force, Desire
    4. Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance
    5. Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love
    6. Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism
    7. Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity
    8. Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization
    9. Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality


The emotional body is part of the four primary energetic planes that form the human body, including the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric or memory bodies. These bodies are programmed through our DNA which includes the genetic material and our astrological light signature or imprint. When source energy or spirit incarnates into a physical vehicle it makes a choice that combines the inherited potential along with the astrological potential which predetermines a significant percentage of the life path, creative purpose, and destiny of the individual. The DNA is the light code that constructs the form driven by the electrical and chemical circuitry.

The emotional body is a field of information that exists on the emotional plane of frequencies. The individual’s field gets propagated with information from the moment of conception, and it moves outwards as information is stored. There is a spectrum of emotions that range in frequency from low vibration to high vibration. Our current emotional well-being is determined by the overall health of this field which reflects the emotions that dominate our day to day lives, and historical emotional patterns. The field is continuously updated and can be affected in numerous ways.

Human Emotion Frequencies

The Purpose of Emotions

The spectrum of emotions that we are familiar with are specific to incarnation in the current dense physical form. In spirit form, or higher frequency incarnations the emotional spectrum is limited to the higher frequencies of acceptance, understanding, love, delight, appreciation, enchantment, ecstasy, and bliss. For more information read The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness.

The purpose of the spectrum of emotions in the physical incarnation is feedback. The emotional feedback engages both our electrical and chemical circuitry for the purpose of living the experience on earth. When we understand the emotional field from an objective perspective, we engage a highly attuned guidance system. Ultimately an incarnation is designed for self-realization which is the process of transformation of clearing the emotional body of lower frequencies and filling it with higher frequencies.

Emotionally charged situations and adverse emotional experiences are opportunities for clearing the emotional body. When an emotion is experienced, we have conscious access to that information in our field which allows our conscious mind to respond to the information. When we respond with higher frequencies like courage, trust, acceptance, understanding, and compassion we are updating the information in our field. When we respond in this way repeatedly, and consistently we permanently update the field of the emotional body.

The Human Body Biofield and Chakras with Female Anatomy. View all Biofield and Chakra Images.

Empathy, in its purest form, is accessing another individual’s field for the purpose of obtaining or sharing information with another. Ideally this information is used as guidance to respond appropriately to the individual, in order to assist. However, when our own emotional body has not been sufficiently cleared it interferes with our ability to experience, understand, and respond effectively because it resonates with information in our own field. In these cases, we provide each other with opportunities for emotional transmutation and clearing.

Stagnant emotional information, or long-standing low frequencies can cause a build-up in the field that can become physical ailments, discomfort, illnesses, and other symptoms that act as an amplified form of feedback. The physical and emotional bodies are dominated by the mind, or mental body, which is the higher plane of information. The physical and emotional bodies are learning tools for the mind.

As the emotional and mental bodies are cleared of lower frequency interference the individual spends more and more time in the etheric or memory body, which is the higher plane of information with access to all spiritual knowledge. Meditation is among the most important tools for clearing the mental body on the path to self-realization. Meditation has to be combined with higher frequency processes and information, like affirmations, to be effective in clearing and replacing limiting beliefs and programming.

The Spectrum of the Emotional Body

Below is a framework for understanding the emotional body as it is subjectively experienced through each of the 9 energy centers or chakras. The framework is intended to expand our conscious awareness of the field of emotional information in order to assist us on the path of emotional freedom which is central to the process of transformation, and the tension for transformation that comes with awakening to higher truth and moving from fear to love.

Root: Survival, Stability, Safety

The foundation of low frequency emotions originates from the feeling of separation from source energy. This feeling is at the core of fear. We experience this incredibly painful emotion, mostly deeply suppressed, because deep in our subconscious mind we know what we are, we know we are a part of source energy. The profound experience of remembering this in meditation, past life regression hypnosis, or near death experiences, provides additional evidence for this.

Without addressing the core emotional wound of separation, we will believe we are just a body, and we will face a great deal of fear, fear of death, fear for our safety, and experience the feeling of powerlessness in all kinds of ways and areas of our life which will make us feel sad, angry, like a victim, and see others as victims. A lot of our energy will be spent trying to fill this void.

When we have healed this center there is no longer energy leaking through this vital area. When the root energy center is balanced and harmonious, we feel safe in every way, stable and capable in the body, excited about the adventure of life, and secure in our foundation of higher self-awareness. The 9th center, the crown, is the energetic partner for this process and represents knowledge, self-realization, and spirituality.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 2 Sacral

Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion

The sacral center processes lower frequency information associated with primal urges and sexuality because it is required for procreation. When this center is unbalanced, our life revolves around sexuality, and we are driven by impulsive behavior as we react to emotions unconsciously, which often leads to inappropriate, addictive, or other excessive behavior. The emotions that dominate this unbalanced center are shame, and guilt, which often gets covered up with anger or sadness.

Healing, and harmonizing the sacral center comes from an expanded perspective, primarily from the energetic partner center, the 8th center, the eye, which represents vision, inner vision, wisdom, and understanding gained through contemplation, and reflection which brings acceptance to the experience of being human and all that it contains. When we can see life, and its patterns objectively we no longer take it personally, and this allows us to let go of feeling shame and guilt related to the body, its urges, and our unconscious behavior in the past.

When the sacral center is balanced we experience contentment, appreciation for the body, we savor pleasures, sex and sensual activities become sacred, we are capable of commitment, we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable, our defenses and reactions are reduced, we feel receptive to life’s intuitive guidance, relationships feel good, and we release addictions which makes us feel emotionally free, and empowered.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 3 Navel

The navel center processes our desires. Desire is the life force that propels us to engage life, and it fuels our creative initiative to take action to fulfill our desires. When this center is unbalanced, we will experience indifference, apathy, and a lack of drive to engage life.

Healing, and harmonizing the navel center comes predominantly from the energetic partner center, the 7th center, the throat, which represents expression, communication, and authenticity. We are a unique creative expression of source energy, and it is our life purpose to express ourselves authentically. This can be done in any number of ways, from moving our body to exercise, dance, walk, or expressing our creativity through artistic endeavors like acting, writing, creating art, or gardening.

When the navel center is balanced we will feel delighted with life, creative, energetic, excited, sociable, cooperative, playful, optimistic, caring, friendly, and we appreciate our unique life.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 4 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance

The solar plexus center processes information relating to the use of our willpower and relates to everything connected to becoming a self-empowered individual. When this center is unbalanced, we will feel fearful, anxious, and lack drive, willpower, and confidence.

Healing, and harmonizing the solar plexus comes from courage, and building trust. The energetic partner for this process is the 6th center, the thyroid, which represents transformation and our hormonal expressions. The solar plexus center processes a significant amount of information that affects every aspect of our lives and creating a unique identity in a homogenized society. Healing this center happens through the gradual process of setting boundaries, engaging our skills to build confidence, act with integrity, face our fears, and integrate our shadows.

When the solar plexus center is balanced we feel powerful, emotionally free, authentic, capable, sincere, confident, self-assured, assertive, competent, and discerning.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 5 Heart

Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love

The heart center is at the center of the body’s electrical and chemical circuitry, and it serves as the central station servicing all other centers, thus processing everything related to feeling connected, loved, and whole. When this center is unbalanced, we feel disconnected, unloved, unlovable, unloving, resentful, hopeless, judgmental, and we fear rejection, conflict, and criticism.

Healing, and harmonizing the heart center comes from acceptance, and compassion. Self-love, self-compassion, and accepting ourselves, others, and life as it is heals the heart center. Self-love is the art of giving to ourselves that which we most want and need. As we go through the process of growing in love with ourselves our heart opens to life, nature, spirit, and others. We learn how to embody the frequency of love to greater degrees through the realization and practice of filling our thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and intentions with love because it makes us feel good.

When the heart center is balanced we feel connected to all of life, we love ourselves, we feel loved, loving, lovable, accepting, compassionate, hopeful, trusting, understanding, peaceful, patient, safe, courageous, open to new experiences, excited by new awareness, and we feel appreciation for all beings, and all emotions.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 6 Thyroid

Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism

The thyroid center plays a significant role in our chemical circuitry and the lifelong process of balancing our hormones as we progress through different life stages. Life is a process of transformation because the human vehicle has a genetic destiny it is designed to fulfill. When this center is unbalanced, our hormones will be out of balance, and this leads to many significant issues like feeling depressed, restless, stressed, overwhelmed, unmotivated or resistant to change, incompetent, undesirable, uneasy, uncomfortable, and unfulfilled.

Healing, and harmonizing the thyroid center comes from self-empowerment. The solar plexus is the energetic partner for this process, which is about facing our fears, building confidence, setting boundaries, and growing in emotional freedom. Self-empowerment, and transformation are about mastering ourselves, and this is both gender specific and unique for each individual.

When the thyroid center is healed, and balanced, we are capable of being both independent and interdependent, relationship orientated and goal orientated, emotional and detached, nurturing and a problem solver, vulnerable and courageous, trusting, and confident, cooperative and competitive, loving and powerful, responsive and accountable, virtuous and competent, receptive and assertive, intuitive and analytical. Read The Spectrum of Gender – Feminine and Masculine Expressions for Hormonal Balance. The more balanced and harmonious this center is the more empowered and fulfilled we will feel in every aspect of our lives.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 7 Throat

Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity

The throat center processes information, and emotions relating to our ability to express ourselves authentically. When the center is unbalanced, we will feel misunderstood, unheard, inauthentic, purposeless, and incapable of standing up for ourselves, or sharing our inner truth with others, and the world.

Healing, and harmonizing the throat center comes from authentic self-expression and fulfilling our creative destiny. Each of us have innate genius, talents, gifts, and abilities that we have opportunities to develop. Through our commitment, and sustained effort we can refine these skills to achieve excellence in our unique way. When this center is balanced, we will feel confident in who we are as a person, and what we bring to the world. We will feel purposeful and dedicate our life to something we perceive as our higher purpose, and this will make us feel satisfied, joyful, free, and determined.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 8 Eye

Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization

The eye center processes the information, and emotions relating to our perception of the world, our life, and the use of our imagination. When the center is unbalanced, we will feel bored, disenchanted with life, ungrateful, unimaginative, incapable of visualizing or planning, and not believe or follow through with our dreams.

Healing, and harmonizing the eye center comes from turning our awareness and attention inwards to explore our inner world. This magical process requires periods of retreat, solitude, mindfulness, contemplation, and reflection. When we become quiet it naturally allows our mental and emotional bodies to process information that expands our consciousness. Most people are afraid of this process, too distracted with life, or never prioritize their self-fulfillment due to limiting beliefs.

When the eye center is balanced, we will feel enchanted with life, we will feel grateful all the time simply for being able to live life. We will love every day because we feel like we are free to create the life and experiences that we want. As this center becomes more harmonious, we naturally give up lower frequencies of nourishment because our vehicle is producing refined chemicals that make us aware that we are living a dream, it becomes inspiring, joyful, and blissful.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 9 Crown

Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality

The crown center processes information and emotions relating to the highest frequencies of truth, love, and light. When the center is unbalanced, we will feel uninspired, unfulfilled, uncertain, confused, doubtful, and live with a lack of peace, joy, and harmony.

Healing, and harmonizing the crown center comes from filling ourselves with higher truth every day and living with an abundant mindset. When the crown center is balanced we will feel love through our every thought, word, action, and emotion. We will experience feeling free, safe, protected, and intuitively guided in every way, every day. We will feel like we always have access to whatever we need, and always know the best thing to do in every situation, and that every day is perfect exactly as it is, and that everything that happens to us is happening for us, and it is perfect because we will experience our life as an unfolding of who we are, and we will live securely in the foundation with our higher self as we embody more of our whole light body.

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The Spectrum of Tension for Transformation

The Spectrum of Tension for Transformation by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction
  2. The Tension of Transformation vs. Suffering
  3. The Spectrum of Tension for Transformation:
    1. Root: Survival, Stability, and Safety
    2. Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion
    3. Navel: Creativity, Life Force, Desire
    4. Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance
    5. Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love
    6. Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism
    7. Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity
    8. Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization
    9. Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality


Most of us on earth have been conditioned to avoid pain, discomfort, adversity, and suffering. Entire industries are the evidence for this, including some of the most well-funded organizations and those that focus on victimization. There is a distinct difference between suffering and the tension of transformation.

The truth is that change is the process of transformation, and transformation for many comes through the tension that inspires the desire for growth. Many individuals are being held back from growth because of a lack of understanding that leads to dysfunctional relationships, governments, and organizations. This article is inspired by my own experiences and the individuals I see who are unhappy because they struggle to embrace the things that would lead to their growth and happiness.

The tension of transformation vs. suffering

With a clear understanding of the gifts that inspire change we learn that we have a choice to either embrace the tension, or suffer the tension that life brings our way. Everyone experiences the tension because of the type of world we are in, it comes with the current territory. By 2100 things will be very different, but we get there because of our willingness to be open to new possibilities for change and growth. Our choice is to either go with the flow with what life presents to us for our growth, and embrace the process of transformation, allowing it to be the wind in our sails, or resist it and suffer pain, unhappiness and unfulfilling lives.

Suffering is a mental state of victimization, where we either perceive ourselves or someone else as a victim. This leads to stagnation, co-dependence, and reacting out if fear. Dysfunctional relationships are most often caused by the fear of being the source of the tension for transformation for someone else. The tension of transformation is the expansive mental state where we choose to master our challenges and respond to adversity like it is an opportunity for expanding our consciousness, and improving our lives and the world around us.

Nathalie Strassburg Intuitive Geometry Violet Flame Spectrum Geometry Original Art
The Original Violet Flame Spectrum Geometry Art. The Violet Flame represents the high frequencies of violet light and the energy of love, freedom and transmutation.

The spectrum for tension of transformation

Below is a framework for understanding how the tension of transformation manifests in our lives through the 9 energy centers (chakras). Remember every challenging thought, situation, experience, relationship, and idea is for our personal development. Life is a uniquely subjective experience based on our own life experiences, genetic and astrological design, purpose, and desires.

Additional useful articles to read: The Process of Transformation,  The Spectrum of Spirit ConsciousnessThe Spectrum of Gender – Feminine & Masculine ExpressionsMastering Desire – Resting the Mind and SensesThe Spectrum of Experience – How we Create our Subjective RealityThe Future 2022 and BeyondUnify Consciousness – The spectrum of the selfThe Spectrum of the Emotional Body.

Root: Survival, Stability, Safety

At the core of our existence as human beings we are faced with the dilemma of survival, stability, and safety. The part of us that sees ourselves as a separate individualized being suffers the illusion of aloneness, a body in a big world. The part of us that knows we are an energy being sees itself as an interconnected part of a web of energy. For most of us the tension of transformation in the root center evolves around expanding our understanding of what we are, and thus simply requires us to expand our understanding of energy and how it functions.

Confidence in our ability to survive and feel safe in this world comes from knowing in every part of our being that we are more than a separate body. There are a number of avenues we can take to expand our knowing, depending on our current conditioning which makes some ideas more acceptable than others, these can include studying quantum physics, psychology, self-realization, scriptures, past life regressions, out of body experiences, psychic phenomena, channeling, and any related subjects. The sincere study of these fields with an open heart and mind with the intention to expand our consciousness leads to the deeper understanding of what energy is, how it works, what we are, what this world is, and how to reach a state of self-fulfillment.

It is very important to realize that due to conditioning, fear, and limiting beliefs many of us will experience the tension of transformation as the resistance to some new or even old ideas. Do not let it stop you, you are meant to transcend this kind of limitation. Open your mind, study everything and trust that your deeper self is intelligent and intuitive enough to find the golden thread that leads you to your own inner truth. The process of expanding your mind is the process of integrating new ideas and knowledge holistically. Trust your own intuition as to which avenues to take based on what your feel curious about. Inside of you is a vast intelligent being that has the experience and knowledge to walk your own path to self-fulfillment and receive all the evidence you need to feel completely safe and secure in this world, no matter what others say or what is going on around you.

My inner truth:

Our fears are our gateways to expanding our consciousness, attaining self-fulfillment, being empowered, and living the kind of life we deeply desire. Through my own personal trials, I faced the fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of conflict, addictions, extreme sensitivity to stress, profound emotional immaturity due to dysfunctional upbringing, and feeling lost, confused, and alone. Even with guiding inner visions and some profound experiences throughout my life I still suffered in the fog of fear until I dedicated enough time, focus, and energy to filling my consciousness with expansive ideas that opened my mind to new possibilities. Through years of study, commitment to my own growth, and determination to be happy I went through a process of radical transformation. Today, based on my own evidence and experience, I can say that we live in a world created by minds for our own experience, that is why I call it a game. Energy is conscious, consciousness is the universal substance, and it is programmable at all levels, which means that our experience reflects the mental conditioning we received throughout our lives, and only we can update our programming through the process of expanding our minds and growing in awareness through the integration of new information, habits, and experiences that serve our well-being. Read The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness to understand how everything fits together in this world of energy and what we are, what this world is, and why you are always safe, loved and protected.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 2 Sacral

Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion

The tension of transformation in the sacral center comes predominantly from the experience of emotions. Some individuals are more sensitive than others. Emotions are fields of information that move through our energetic system. Emotions are central to the human experience on earth and each individual’s biofield consist of an emotional body where emotional information is stored electromagnetically.

The tension of transformation in the sacral center will come from developing emotional freedom: unraveling our beliefs around emotions, what happened in the past, and learning how to understand emotions as energetic information so they are not taken personally.

Traumatic emotional experiences start while we are in the womb (we experience what our mothers experience) and continue during our early years, and they can remain unresolved into adulthood and even old age which leads to unfulfilling lives. Any adverse emotional reaction we experience now is an emotional trigger that originated in the past. These stagnant energies are also the cause of most illnesses and adverse events, not just depression. Illnesses are the body’s way of getting our attention in order to catalyze the process of healing. Through awareness, mindfulness, and compassion these emotional wounds can be healed and cleared so that our emotional body is healthy, and we feel confident and empowered. This process does not require years of therapy, but simply the intention to face our vulnerabilities and use any process or healing modality that appeals to us. The way we respond to a current emotional experience affects our past, present and future.

My inner truth:

This was by far the most challenging experience for me because emotions are so intense, and they can override our sense of logic and reason. The way I learned how to work through this was as follows: Whenever I experienced an emotional trigger, uncomfortable experience, distressing thoughts etc. I would immediately become super aware, use my breath in the moment to calm myself, and give myself some time to respond. I made myself consciously aware of what was going on by objectively and honestly speaking to myself compassionately about what I feel and think, and then I would make the time to process the feelings and thoughts consciously so that it changed the way I thought and felt about the experience.

The process included the following: Understanding how the past affects current experiences, the desire to heal my emotional body, compassionate self-talk, writing letters, journaling, lots of affirmations, mantras, setting boundaries, creating new beliefs, asking my subconscious / whole self for help, meeting my needs (past or present), and making the changes in my life and habits that reflected my new awareness. Every time we have an adverse emotional experience it is an invitation from our self to heal and integrate the hurt and fearful parts of ourselves. It takes some practice and time, but once we recognize the patterns and make the conscious effort to work through the experiences, we learn to love the process of healing because of the way we feel about ourselves, others, and the world – this is emotional freedom.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 3 Navel

The tension of transformation in the navel center comes mostly from our desires. Desires are the fuel that drive life, they can therefore drive us either upwards to higher frequencies, or lower into dark states if despair and addiction. Mastering our desires are central to evolving our consciousness in every way. Our desires can fuel our creativity which is the highest expression of our being that can lead us to self-fulfillment and higher purpose. Read Mastering Desire – Resting the Mind and Senses.

My inner truth:

Mastering my desires were key to taking my personal growth to a much higher level. It was not until I was willing to examine every habit and change things that were not serving me that I could see and experience higher frequencies. This was a gradual process for me that started about 12 years ago. Eventually I changed nearly all my daily habits and created the life I wanted to live.

The strangest part about this process was that it required me to realize I was in incompatible relationships, with myself, personal relationships, and with work. Many of the people did not like the changes I wanted to make or made. The beautiful part of the process is that I could discover my authentic self, the person I love, regardless of what others think or say. It can be very challenging giving up habits that give some comfort like addictions. The most important thing I realized here is that every time I gave something up it was like I reclaimed power I was unknowingly giving away. This empowered me to use the new and available energy towards greater endeavors.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 4 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance

The tension of transformation in the solar plexus comes from the experiences that develop our willpower, strength of character, confidence, and self-assurance. The development of our will is the dominant factor that allows our consciousness to move beyond the separated victim egocentric self. To discover our authentic self we face every part of ourselves, every fear, every wound, every shadow. Through this process we develop healthy boundaries and self-respect that turns into appreciation that allows us to develop self-love and move into higher frequencies that open our hearts.

My inner truth:

Taking responsibility for everything in my life allowed me to move beyond a victim mindset and start the journey of dreaming, setting goals, making the decisions, taking the actions, and manifesting the life I love to live. When we start new things it is like a rough sketch, and only through practice and consistent effort do we refine our skills and abilities that turn into excellence.

Art and design are the crafts that allowed me to develop the willpower I needed to feel confident enough to face the more challenging personal quests. I highly recommend any craft, habit, or hobby that you enjoy that will allow you to develop confidence. Developing confidence and self-assurance through perseverance is a skill we can transfer to other areas of our lives. The most challenging aspects for me here was discovering my boundaries, and setting healthy boundaries with the universe, myself, and others. Setting boundaries comes from the tension of transformation and setting boundaries also creates tension for transformation, within ourselves and for others. Through this difficulty I learned to trust what really belongs in my life and what doesn’t. It taught me what the gift of detachment is really about.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 5 Heart

Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love

The tension of transformation in the heart center comes predominantly from developing self-love and transcending limiting ideas, perspectives, experiences, and beliefs of love. Intimacy is something far beyond sexuality and emotions. Intimacy is the frequency of love that connects our personality to our inner-self, that connects to our higher self, that connects us to our spark of the source of life and all consciousness.

Consciousness is the universal substance that permeates absolutely everything, at every scale. Everything is conscious and responds to love. Through the expansion of our consciousness, we discover the true nature of everything, and this is the gradual process that opens our hearts to everything. Compassion is the byproduct of this process and universal love is the outcome. Self-love is the process of cultivating intimacy with ourselves. Self-love is the beginning of this journey and self-compassion is the method for expanding our awareness by sincerely opening our minds and hearts to new possibilities for love.

My inner truth:

The entire concept of self-love was unknown to me until my late thirties. My conditioned mind was overly critical, judgmental, and highly defensive. I isolated myself from the world and others out of fear because of the poor relationship skills I had, and the emotional immaturity I was unaware of. The only way I could transcend this was with daily habits, affirmations, mantras, positive self-talk, and a huge amount of self-compassion. Self-love is an art. Once I developed sufficient sincere self-love my frequency was high enough that my heart and mind could open to the spectrum of love that allows me to integrate new awareness holistically.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 6 Thyroid

Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism

The tension of transformation in the thyroid center comes predominantly from balancing our feminine and masculine polarity and expressions in harmony with the body we are incarnated in. Our hormones are a two-way street, they affect everything we experience and everything we do affects them. It is vital for each gender to express themselves optimally in order to be healthy, feel good, and capable of achieving self-fulfillment. When our hormones are unbalanced, we will not have the desire or willpower to embrace the tension of transformation. Our intention with any action and activity determines whether it is a feminine or masculine expression, regardless of our gender. Read more about The Spectrum of Gender – Feminine and Masculine expressions for hormonal balance.

Feminine and Masculine Expressions for Hormonal Balance

My inner truth:

Most women today are masculine in their polarity, and we have no idea of the damage this is creating on all levels of society. Women are the ones who have to lead the masculine into a world of peace and love, and we cannot do this when our hormones are unbalanced because we will simply be incapable of expressing the higher frequencies of love. I come from generations of masculine women, so I had no idea what was going on. It was only through gradual progression and spiritual guidance that I discovered that I had completely disowned my femininity.

Developing my authentic self naturally led to a lifestyle where I was expressing more and more of my femininity, and the more I learned to relax and do things that I love the happier I became. Women need the freedom to live every day intuitively, doing things that we love, and doing things in a loving way. This is a profound journey of transformation and change that affects everything we do, every thought, word, feeling, emotion, and intention.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 7 Throat

Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity

The tension of transformation in the throat center comes predominantly from the discovery and the courage to fulfill our life purpose. People most often want to know what their life purpose is, and the funny thing is that we all have the same purpose – to share spirit awareness through our unique vehicle. Our life purpose and destinies are the natural expression of our true authentic self. We may be gifted with all kinds of talents, skills, and abilities, but it is only when we put them in service of our higher self that they become enchanting. Self-fulfillment is the goal of every life, and all tension of transformation is designed to strip away everything we don’t need that allows for the unveiling of our inner truth, authentic self, and our authentic self-expression.

I Ching Personalized Profile & Report. Order yours.

My inner truth:

I loved drawing from a really young age and through the tension of transformation life orchestrated that I attend art school. Art turned into design, and I spent my late teens till 42 years of age working as a freelance designer for countless individuals and organizations. During my early 30s I started feeling like I wanted to do something more, but I had no idea where to start. Then I had a vision of a large geometric drawing that changed my life.

The vision prompted me to start studying everything I could with a whole new intention. I wanted to know everything about geometry and how it related to every aspect of life. It took years of studying and drawing to realize there was a fundamental structure that repeated itself over and over in everything at every scale. This is how the Intuitive Geometry method was developed. The Intuitive Geometry art and designs are my authentic expressions of my inner truth, and the way I see and share the highest frequencies of spirit, truth, love, and light. Each human contains a seed for this kind of authentic expression of higher truth. It is a process of discovering our natural talents and following our authentic joy that provides enough enthusiasm for the refinement that leads to beautiful authentic expressions that we love.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 8 Eye

Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization

The tension of transformation in the eye center comes predominantly from expanding our perspectives, and using our imagination to create new things and the life we want to life. This process requires us to contemplate life so that we can integrate our lessons and wisdom. When we retreat from the external world periodically we allow ourselves to integrate awareness, and provide the receptive state for our higher self to fill our being with more of our light that reveals new possibilities to us. The challenge here is to give up the outer world and look within.

My inner truth:

Spending so much time alone naturally allowed me to cultivate my ability to contemplate and reflect. Without the space to process life I don’t think we can expand our consciousness beyond a certain degree. Most people are simply absorbed in the distractions of the mundane world. I was determined to be happy and willing to do whatever it took to discover how. This led to a profound inner journey of discovery. I know now what is possible when we believe we can live a life we love, and this is something I wish for everyone to discover, it is magical.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 9 Crown

Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality

The tension of transformation in the crown center comes from filling ourselves every day in every way with the highest frequencies if truth, love, and light. This is the process of transformation and takes commitment, devotion, perseverance, discipline, intention, sincerity, integrity, trust, intuition, willingness, an open mind, and heart. In order to live in the frequencies of joy and bliss every day requires us to clear our energetic system and environment from all interference. It is here that life can be experienced as the dream it truly is.

My inner truth:

I did not know what bliss was until I started devoting every day in every way to my higher self. Bliss is a state of deep peace, stillness, divine relaxation, inner joy, and unconditional love all experienced at the same time. Once I started tapping into this frequency of being there was nowhere else I would rather be, and it requires nothing outside of myself. This state of being is our truly natural state and I believe it is possible for anyone to achieve.

Some elements of Self-Realization:

  1. Self-awareness and body-awareness.
  2. Self-acceptance and self-love.
  3. Self-nurturing and cultivation.
  4. Emotional well-being and maturity.
  5. Mindfulness and conscious decision making.
  6. Self-inquiry and investigation (questioning everything, especially habits and beliefs).
  7. Open-mindedness, aspiring to higher truths and higher purpose.
  8. Expanded perspectives, meta cognition, meditation, stillness.
  9. Perseverance and devotion.
  10. Equanimity and the ability to integrate polarities.

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The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness

Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness article by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction: Spirit is consciousness. Consciousness is a spectrum of light vibrating from the slowest to fastest frequency.
  2. The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness:
    1. Inanimate and slow moving objects of consciousness.
    2. Natural Elements like plants, animals, insects, fish, birds, all kinds of organisms, elementals, nature spirits, and light beings like fairies.
    3. Individualized Incarnated light body fragments into degrees of matter.
    4. Souls and light body fragments in higher frequency ethereal realms.
    5. Higher-self, over-souls, group light bodies, light bodies and light beings.
    6. Suns, stars, planets, and other large light bodies of consciousness.
    7. Solar systems and galaxies of consciousness.
    8. Universe of consciousness.
    9. Source of consciousness.

Spirit is Consciousness. Consciousness is a spectrum of light vibrating from the slowest to fastest frequency.

Consciousness is a universal thought of separation, it is an idea, just like the ego is an idea. Everything is a mental phenomenon, ultimately a temporary illusion, and it functions on levels created due to duality and separation. Thought is the creative instrument and perception is experience. Thoughts like good and bad only exist in duality, and have no meaning at the level of one-mindedness and non-dualism. The illusion of time is the attempt at separation and division of timelessness, that is why the past, present, and future all exist at the same time.

Non-dualism is our source. When all minds return their minds we become one-minded and return to our source, which we never left. Every mind is guided by the higher mind through higher truth to find their way back. This universe, or thought of separation lasted but an instant.

The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness

Consciousness is a spectrum of light vibrating from the slowest to fastest frequency. Consciousness is the experience of separation and duality. Below is a framework for understanding this spectrum, and how everything and everyone fits together.

Inanimate & slow moving objects of consciousness

Inanimate and slow moving objects of consciousness such as crystals, minerals, rocks, mechanical instruments, devices, other materials, and objects created and manufactured from them, even composite materials. Everything has consciousness; consciousness is the nature duality and the thought of separation, it is the one universal substance because we are one mind.

Natural elements, plants, animals, nature spirits, & light beings

Plants, animals, insects, fish, birds, and every kind of organism, elementals, nature spirits, and light beings like fairies etc. That which we are able to see depends on our individual human design, training, life purpose etc. Most humans (and other types of races and forms) have experienced life as these types of forms, including things like rocks, because they are all a part of the thought of separation which is a divided consciousness. At this level of consciousness, like animals and plants, they operate very intuitively and are always aware of their soul group.

Thought forms share these dimensions of frequency. Thought forms are generated by thought and form types of symbols, cloudy energy patterns etc. that have consciousness. They move, grow, and dissipate as they are fed. Trained and gifted minds can see them, or perceive them through inner vision or intuitive knowing.

Individualized incarnated light body fragments

Individualized light body fragments are incarnated into degrees of matter because we are experiencing the thought of separation. These include humans, other races, and other types of bodies throughout the universes. Bodies are collections of conscious cells, just like larger light bodies are cells in the collective body of all light.

Incarnations, or seemingly separate minds, are experiences of divided consciousness. These individual focuses have the same purpose as all light bodies, to experience duality, and return their mind to one-mindedness.

Human beings evolve through the expansion of their consciousness, which is awareness. The greater our expansion and awareness the greater the understanding and intuitive awareness of universal truths. Universal truths are the universal laws that govern the return of all light bodies and this information is accessible to anyone that genuinely desires it, and is ready for it.

Expanding consciousness diagram - from duality to non-dualism, self-realization to enlightenment

Human life can be seen as the process of a light body fragment plugging into a learning environment with quests and a learning spectrum. These lessons prepare the mind to release the ego (the thought of separation), receive higher awareness, and the guidance to return their individual mind to our one mind.

Self-realization is the knowing in that we are a fragment of one mind. Self-realization is the process of psychological integration that prepares the mind for enlightenment. Enlightenment is the state of one-mindedness. When all minds have returned to one-mindedness we return to our source, which we never left.

Souls & light body fragments in higher frequency ethereal realms

Souls, light body fragments, including guides and teachers that live in ethereal realms and dimensions vibrating faster than the matter humans are familiar with. A trained or gifted mind can see some of these dimensions and beings, this can vary from intense light shimmers to fully formed figures. The inner eye is the secondary way of perceiving these beings, dimensions, symbols, and imagery. They can also be accessed intuitively and telepathically.

Within this band of frequency there are various levels and dimensions organized by frequency. This is where the souls rest and learn between incarnations. Other beings simply live here to be of service to others without incarnating. There are help desks, learning centers, libraries, accommodations, and other places of interest. It is essentially a dimension filled with things minds have created as a stage between incarnation and pure light bodies to make it easier to transition between these states. As we raise our frequency we change and access different dimensions.

Higher-self, over-souls, group light bodies, light bodies & light beings

Over-souls, group light bodies, light bodies and light beings that include ascended masters, creator beings, and other beings that have never incarnated into slower frequencies like matter. These over-souls are large light bodies that live throughout the universe, and they can separate into countless fragments of light to experience duality, or the thought of separation, all simultaneously. Time has very little meaning at this level. These light bodies all communicate telepathically because everything is a mental phenomenon.

All light bodies belong to one mind which will return to our source when we become one-minded. The Higher-self is the part of this mind that never separated from source and guides us back to one-mindedness.

Suns, stars, planets & other large light bodies of consciousness

Light bodies like the suns and stars can also fragment into smaller individuations if there is a need or desire. Planets are conscious and incarnated light bodies that exist at various frequencies. These light bodies, including planets, grow, evolve, transform, and are subject to life cycles.

A planet can evolve her consciousness to include the variety of life we see on earth, including crawling and walking life forms, they are a part of her. Higher or larger light bodies simply incarnate into existing life forms on a planet. Higher light bodies can also create, seed, affect and manipulate the evolution of a planet and its life forms within the perimeters of universal law and agreement with relevant light bodies, collectives, and councils. A planet is a record of all life and thought it has experienced. Each planet has its own unique set if perimeters, rules, and therefore lessons and possibilities. What happens on a planet is not isolated to itself, or its solar system, it affects all of the universes.

Solar systems & galaxies of consciousness

Solar systems and galaxies of consciousness are light bodies that exist within proximity of each other and they are in relationships. They affect each other to a greater degree than the rest of the universe, similar to a family.

Universe of consciousness

A universe is a conscious collections of light bodies (fractals of one mind) within a boundary of duality (separation). All possibilities are explored and experienced in multiple universes that exists simultaneously. Universes disappear when the light bodies return their minds to one-mindedness, or enlightenment. A universe lasts just an instant in the true sense, time is an illusion of separation of timelessness.

Source of consciousness

The source of consciousness is the one, the all, the source of all light, the collective of all light, the central sun, or what would be considered God without any personification necessary because it contains all. It is the white light that contains the entire spectrum, which is the thought of separation. All light bodies at all levels simply know the source as love and light, separation is in opposition to the source. Light bodies are essentially sparks, rays, or cells of this undivided source.

Non-dualism is the total experience of love and timelessness. In the duality, or separation, the individual light body purpose is to remember they never left their source, and return their mind. There is no such thing as death. All light bodies eventually return to the source when all minds have rejoined in one-mindedness. One-mindedness is enlightenment.

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The Spectrum of Gender – Feminine & Masculine Expressions

The Spectrum of Gender – Feminine & Masculine Expressions by Nathalie Strassburg

SHORTCUTS: Introduction, Hormones, Polarity, Feminine and Masculine Expressions: Relationship Orientated < > Goal Orientated, Emotional < > Detached, Nurturing < > Problem Solver, Vulnerable < > Courageous, Interdependent < > Independent, Trusting < > Confident, Cooperative < > Competitive, Loving < > Powerful, Responsive < > Accountable, Virtuous < > Competent, Receptive < > Assertive, Intuitive < > Analytical. Further Reading: Book Recommendations.

Each individual has a unique feminine and masculine profile to balance. The feminine and masculine are poles of the psyche within our consciousness.

Our bodies are biological computers governed by universal laws and dynamics, including the law of polarity and gender. The male and female bodies are biologically different, and they require different chemicals and expressions to be in balance and harmony. As a guideline the female body generally requires 10x plus feminine expressions for balance and harmony. Female expressions generate estrogen and oxytocin. The male body requires 10x plus masculine expressions for balance and harmony. Male expressions generate testosterone. Depending on our intention and attitude our behavior is expressing predominantly feminine or masculine energy. To discover our intentions we have to ask why, repeatedly, in order to get to the core of our motivation.


Hormones like estrogen and testosterone are chemical messengers within the body that travel through the bloodstream to tissues, and organs. Body chemistry is a two way street because we can affect it through our behavior, and it also affects our behavior. Without understanding our hormones we can easily get lost in taking life too personal. Hormone production is the result of the combination of the conditioning we receive, our lifestyle, the food we eat, exercise habits, our thoughts, and the emotions we experience.

Female and male bodies produce mostly the same hormones, but to different degrees at different times, and ages. For optimal health, well-being, self-love, fulfillment, self-realization, transformation, and chemistry a female body requires about 10 times as much estrogen as a male body, and a male body at least 10 times as much testosterone as a female body. A majority of the current issues in society, relationships, and individuals can be seen in hormone imbalances, for example depression is caused by high testosterone in females, and high estrogen in males. Excessive psychological, emotional or physical stress lowers estrogen in females, and lowers testosterone in males.


Each individual body has a unique balance of feminine and masculine energy. Our unique polarity profile is created at conception, and then through the relationship our caregivers have with themselves and those around us, and then it follows a biological pattern as we age to allow for the reproduction of more bodies.

When two individuals come together in a relationship they are attracted (or repulsed) based on their polarity profiles that fit together like a puzzle. The chemistry created between two individuals depends on the dominant energy they are expressing regardless of the actual gender of the body. What happens in many relationships is that two unbalanced polarities come together, and, or the relationship becomes unfulfilling when the polarity profiles change due to habits, conditioning, life changes, the environment or circumstances. If the polarity profiles are no longer compatible then the individuals will no longer be attracted to each other physically, emotionally or sexually, and in the extreme case they repel each other. Read Understanding Spiritual Development and the Quality of Relationships.

Due to cultural and other influences spanning several generations we are currently going through a phase on earth where woman are expressing excessive masculine energy. This pattern has created a large percentage of woman who are predominately masculine in their energetic expression, and men who are now predominately feminine in their expression. While these have created all kinds of new relationship dynamics it does not bring authentic inner harmony or true fulfillment because the body and its needs are not in harmony with our biological vehicles or the universal laws that govern this world.

It is therefore important to understand this dynamic to avoid gender confusion, learn how how to honor the body we are born into in our current life, and create harmonious and long lasting relationships. It is the feminine’s opportunity to be in her femininity, in order to allow the masculine to be in his masculinity, so that he can provide the safe space for her femininity to blossom.

Below is a framework for understanding feminine and masculine expressions for hormonal balance. Each individual has to determine for themselves what their intention and attitude is in every situation, aspect, and experience of their life in order to understand their own polarity profile. Once we are aware of our dominant energetic expression we can adjust it by changing the way we think and act, often with profound results.

Relationship Orientated < > Goal Orientated

Harmony & Balance

The feminine power is her desire and ability to be relationship orientated. She has the power to create harmony and balance in any relationship through the manifestation of her femininity, which is like a web of love. To be relationship orientated means she is able to choose harmony and higher love above self interest in any situation because she knows it makes her feel good. In terms of self-love the feminine make choices that prioritizes her relationship with herself, and this creates the environment where love can manifest, which means that when she can create a space for herself to feel loving it creates a space where others can feel her love. Any activity we do can either be done because it achieves some goal or because it enhances the relationship with ourselves and others.

The masculine power is his ability to be goal orientated. His innate gifts enables him to look for solutions, be analytical, independent, powerful, and assertive. He has the desire and power to create harmony and balance in any situation by being goal orientated because it makes him feel successful. His ability to achieve goals fuels his self-esteem and empowers him to aspire higher. In terms of self-love the masculine uses his desire for success to set goals to achieve greater harmony and balance within himself. His ability to achieve these goals within himself empowers him to reflect his self-assurance, confidence, competence, courage, and independence that attracts everything he needs to him, including the appreciation, adoration, acceptance, trust, and love he needs and desires. Any activity we do can be done with the intention to achieve a goal, it is a matter of perspective.

Emotional < > Detached

Empathy & Compassion

The feminine is naturally emphatic, she can feel into herself, and she can feel into others. This exceptional power is her the ability to listen to herself and others through her whole body so she knows what is needed in any situation. To manifest this power she has to embrace all emotions with compassion and love with the intention to understand them as sources of information. The power of empathy and compassion is the power that draws to her what she needs and desires most, those who will provide a space for her to feel safe to feel. In terms of self-love it is with herself that she learns how to feel empathy and compassion, first for herself, and then for others. Empathy and compassion are natural abilities that need to be developed and practiced like a skill in order to become more powerful. When she is in her feminine power she will know that what the masculine needs is her femininity, her love, acceptance, understanding, compassion, truth, and appreciation for his masculinity and its expressions. Any activity we do can be done with the intention to feel it, or to express a feeling.

The masculine is innately detached because this gives him a greater perspective in order to see with greater clarity. This exceptional power is his ability to process information in order to analyze, understand, solve problems, access inner truth, and create win-win solutions. The ability to process information in a detached way empowers him to be much more compassionate and understanding, and fuels his ability to be a leader and lead himself and others towards greater success. In terms of self-love it is his ability to be detached from emotions that allows him to set goals that are for his greatest benefit. It is the masculine power to lead both himself and others towards greater harmony and balance because he can see the bigger picture, determine the best solutions, and prioritize solutions that will have the greatest benefit. Any activity we do can be used as an opportunity to learn and grow in understanding.

Nurturing < > Problem Solver

Wisdom & Inner Truth

The feminine nature is the nurturer, it stimulates her female hormones and makes her feel good, increasing her desire to be more nurturing. When she is nurturing her body accesses its innate wisdom it would not otherwise have access to. When she is nurturing to others she will access all her other gifts intuitively, and she will be able to feel blissful. In terms of self-love it is her task to provide nurturing for her own feminine self first because it is the only way to unlock her wisdom and inner truth. Any activity we do can be done with the intention to provide nurturing to ourselves or others, or to simply solve a problem. This attitude has a profound effect on the experience and results of anything we do, and say.

The masculine nature is the problem solver, it stimulates his male hormones and it makes him feel good, with the desire to do more. When he is solving problems his body accesses inner truth that would not otherwise be accessible. When he is solving problems for himself and others he is accessing all his other gifts, to be analytical, courageous, competitive, competent, assertive, independent, accountable, and powerful. In terms of self-love it is his task to solve his own problems first because it unlocks his ability to access greater wisdom, inner truth, and find better solutions for more complex problems. Any activity we do can be done with the intention to solve a problem because it is a matter of perspective. This attitude empowers the masculine to see life form his unique perspective, understand patterns, integrate knowledge in a holistic manner, and feel successful in every situation.

Vulnerable < > Courageous

Healthy Boundaries

The feminine is open and receptive to energy which makes her vulnerable and sensitive. It is her ability to embrace her vulnerability that opens her to receive information, feelings, emotions, intuitive knowledge, and experience deeper love, harmony, empathy, and compassion. Because of the delicate nature of the feminine it requires her to set healthy boundaries with herself first and with others in order to feel safe enough to be open and vulnerable. In terms of self-love her healthy boundaries are created with love to provide a space for her to feel herself, and feel the universe as it communicates with her in every way every day through feelings and intuitive awareness. Any activity we do can be done with an open heart and mind that allows us to be receptive to the whole experience.

The masculine is responsive to energy which allows him to take action, and this makes him courageous. It is his ability to embrace his courageous nature that will make him feel successful, powerful, independent, confident and assertive. In order for his courage to be of the greatest benefit to himself and others he learns how to create healthy boundaries. In terms of self-love he needs to have the courage to create healthy boundaries to guide him in living a life that makes him feel successful. Any activity we do can be done with courage because we are not fearful of learning about ourselves, others, and life.

Interdependent < > Independent

Victimless Equality

The feminine is innately interdependent because she has the capacity to feel into herself and others through her empathy and intuition. When she is aware of her power she knows what is going on within herself and for those around her. For her to be interdependent she cannot see herself or anyone else as a victim because a victim mentality makes her codependent. In terms of self-love it is her ability to recognize the interdependent nature of life and her relationship to the universe that empowers her to allow her femininity and the gifts that come with it. Her interdependence allows her to take responsibility for her thoughts, feelings, actions, and the role that the feminine has in relationships and the world. Any activity we do can be done with the intention to enhance our interdependence.

The masculine is innately independent because it allows him to take action. His independence gives him the ability to be detached, solve problems, be courageous, competitive, analytical, assertive, competent, goal orientated and accountable. For him to be independent he cannot see himself or anyone else as a victim because a victim mentality makes him codependent. In terms of self-love it is his ability to embrace his instinctive desire to be independent that empowers him to allow his masculinity and the gifts that come with it. His independence allows him to take responsibility for his thoughts, feelings, actions, and the role that the masculine has in relationships and the world. Any activity can be done with the intention to enhance our independence.

Trusting < > Confident

Higher Truth & Self-Realization

The feminine’s access to emphatic and intuitive knowledge empowers her to trust life and every experience that comes to her because she will know why it is there, what she is learning, and how to respond in any situation. As she grows in trust and faith she is able to access higher truth and remember what we are and why we are here because she will be in an interdependent relationship with life that provides her with the feedback and evidence she needs to grow in trust. In terms of self-love the feminine first learns to trust herself and her feelings, and then to trust life, and as she regains complete trust she realizes she is walking the path of self-realization, fulfillment, and higher love. Life is intended for our fulfillment, but it requires our active participation to take us there, and for the feminine this process is embodied in trust. Any activity can be done with an attitude of trust, and this not only affects the activities we choose to engage in, but also the consequences of those activities.

The masculine’s ability to act, analyze and solve problems empowers his confidence to embrace every experience that comes to him because he will know why it is there, what he is learning, and how to respond in any situation. As he grows in confidence he is able to access higher truth and remember what we are and why we are here because he will feel empowered, successful, and competent. In terms of self-love the masculine first learns to be confident with himself and his abilities by recognizing and appreciating his confidence, and then becomes more confident in how he engages the world and those around him. As he regains his confidence in himself he realizes he is walking the path of self-realization, fulfillment, and higher love. Life is intended for our fulfillment, but it requires our active participation to take us there, and for the masculine this process is embodied in confidence. Any activity can be done with an attitude of confidence, and this not only affects the activities we choose to engage in, but also the consequences of those activities.

Cooperative < > Competitive

Win-Win Solutions

The feminine is naturally cooperative because it stimulates her feminine hormones that make her feel good. It is only through her cooperation that she can feel safe, loved, and protected. In terms of self-love it is her cooperation with her self, her body, her feelings, thoughts, and intuition that allows her to embody the power of authentic and sincere femininity. Through her cooperation the feminine learns that to give it to receive, and to receive is to give. When she is in touch with her femininity and her feminine gifts she will naturally want to create win-win solutions because it feels good to her, and to others. Any activity can be done with the intention to cooperate and create win-win solutions that serve the individual and the relationship.

The masculine is naturally competitive because it stimulates his masculine hormones that makes him feel good. It is only through his competitive nature that he can feel successful, appreciated, trusted, accepted, and loved. In terms of self-love it is his ability to compete with himself that empowers him to take the actions needed to create the life and relationships he wants. Through his competitive nature he learns that to give is to receive, and to receive is to give. When he is in touch with his masculinity and his masculine gifts he will naturally want to create win-win solutions in all areas of his life, and the world, because it feels good to him, and to others. Any activity can be done with the intention to compete, make things better, and create win-win solutions that serve the individual and the relationship.

Loving < > Powerful

Inner Strength & Patience

The feminine naturally desires to give and receive love because it makes her feel good. She intuitively knows that life is a game of love and that we are consciously or subconsciously playing the game of seduction. It is her ability to embrace this desire for love that allows her to fully embody the feminine energy and reflect the beauty and grace of femininity. It is her love and open heart that gives her the inner strength and patience to follow her unique path to the fulfillment of her desires. In terms of self-love she has to learn to love the feminine and everything it entails in order to access her authentic self. Any activity can be done with an intention of love, and it has a profound effect on every thought, word, and action.

The masculine naturally desires to be and feel powerful because it makes him feel good. He instinctively knows that life is a game of power and that we are consciously or subconsciously playing the game of seduction. It is his ability to embrace this desire for power that allows him to fully embody the masculine energy and reflect the inner strength of masculinity. The inner strength of masculinity is so powerful that it is obvious to himself and those around him, and therefore does not need to be flaunted or proclaimed. It is this power that gives him the inner strength and patience to follow his unique path to the fulfillment of his desires. In terms of self-love he has to learn to love the masculine and everything that it entails in order to access his authentic self. Any activity can reflect our inner strength when we know we are powerful, and it has a profound effect on every thought, word, and action.

Responsive < > Accountable

Gratitude & Fulfillment

The feminine is open and receptive to energy which allows her to be responsive to thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions. When the feminine is empowered she is grateful for life and the opportunities it brings to her to respond with love, kindness, grace, and trust because it makes her feel good. She becomes responsive when her intention is to find opportunities to appreciate and serve the well-being of everyone in her relationships because she knows this is how she feels fulfilled. In terms of self-love she first becomes responsive to herself, her feelings, thoughts, and intuitive guidance which allows her to respond to life as it guides her to embody her femininity. She realizes that her authentic fulfillment and happiness requires her to honor her femininity. Any activity can be done with the intention to respond positively and gracefully for the well-being of all concerned.

The masculine is powerful, courageous, analytical, competent, and assertive which allows him to be accountable and live with integrity. When the masculine is empowered he is grateful for his masculine powers and the opportunities life brings to him to respond with integrity, competence, and courage because it makes him feel good. He is accountable when his intention is to serve the well-being of everyone in his relationships because he knows this is how he feels fulfilled. In terms of self-love he first becomes accountable to himself, his feelings, thoughts, and logic which allows him to embrace his masculinity. He realizes that his authentic fulfillment and happiness requires him to honor his masculinity. Any activity can be done with integrity and the intention to be accountable for our actions.

Virtuous < > Competent

Authentic Empowerment

The feminine is sensitive to energy and therefore naturally able to use her empathy for discernment. It is her discernment that makes her virtuous and authentically empowers her femininity. In terms of self-love she can only empower herself by honoring her femininity and choosing to be virtuous. She realizes that her fulfillment and happiness requires her to practice moral excellence including being faithful, hopeful, honest, trustworthy, loyal, forgiving, compassionate, caring, considerate, and patient. Any activity can be done with virtuous intention.

The masculine is powerful and competent because he is independent, analytical, accountable, confident, and honorable. It is his competence that empowers him to be discerning. It is his discernment that recognizes his masculinity and the path to his authentic fulfillment and happiness. In terms of self-love he can only become competent by recognizing and appreciating his masculinity and what he is capable of. Any activity can be done with the intention to empower our competence.

Receptive < > Assertive

Enlightened Persistence

The feminine is receptive to the influence and effects of energy. When the feminine is empowered she allows herself to be open to receive, from herself, others, and the universe. In terms of self-love she is receptive to her feminine desires and universal guidance so she can give to herself what she needs to be happy and feel fulfilled. In relationships she is open to receive, and she gently encourages her receptivity by inviting others to participate in her happiness and fulfillment. She practices enlightened persistence in creating an open, loving and receptive environment through her appreciation. Any activity can be done with an attitude of gratitude that makes us receptive to feeling appreciation.

The masculine is naturally detached, analytical and direct in response to the effects of energy. When the masculine is empowered he becomes assertive in his actions, thoughts, and words. His transparency with himself and others allows his inner strength to fuel his persistence in creating happiness and fulfillment. In terms of self-love he claims his masculinity by being assertive with himself, his desires, and what he needs to be fulfilled and happy. In relationships he is open, transparent, and assertive in communication and action to create happiness and fulfillment. Any activity can be done with an assertive attitude that opens the way for greater harmony and balance, if that is our intention.

Intuitive < > Analytical

Enhanced Creativity

The feminine is intuitive and open to inner guidance from life’s intelligence because she is sensitive to feelings, sensations, ideas, and energy. Intuition is the way that life communicates with itself on all levels and it is therefore powerful in its ability to guide us in every way. When the feminine is empowered she trusts her intuitive guidance because she knows that life is guiding her on her path to authentic self-fulfillment. In terms of self-love she learns that in order to access her intuition she has to embrace her femininity, and that includes her authentic feminine needs for stillness, peace, love, harmony, and balance. Any activity can be done from an intuitive or analytical intention. Intuition does not require thought. When we are able to blend our feminine intuition with our analytical masculinity our creativity is greatly enhanced.

The masculine is analytical, and open to seeing the larger perspective, patterns, and information that guides us through life because he embraces simplicity, and is detached, courageous, competitive, powerful, assertive, goal orientated, and gifted in his ability to solve problems. When the masculine is empowered he trusts his logic and ability to lead himself and others to greater fulfillment and harmony. In terms of self-love he learns to appreciate his analytical mind and its power to guide him to embrace his masculinity. He realizes that his authentic fulfillment requires him to embrace his masculine needs that include being goal orientated, accountable, responsible, independent, detached, assertive, and competent. Any activity can be done based on analysis and logic. When we are able to blend our analytical masculinity with our feminine intuition our creativity is greatly enhanced.

Further Reading

For more information on the role of hormones and gender polarity read Beyond Mars and Venus by John Gray, and Feminine Lost – Why most Woman Are Male by Jennifer Granger. If you have any further suggestions please send them to me. Read Understanding Spiritual Development and the Quality of Relationships.

Motivational & Inspirational Messages

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The Spectrum of Experience – How we Create our Subjective Reality

The Spectrum of Experience - How we Create our Reality by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction
  2. Evolving Consciousness
  3. Information Crystals
  4. Subjective Experience
  5. The Spectrum of Experience:
    1. Root: Survival, Stability, and Safety
    2. Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion
    3. Navel: Creativity, Life Force, Desire
    4. Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance
    5. Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love
    6. Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism
    7. Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity
    8. Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization
    9. Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality


The world is a metaphysical holographic light manifestation of consciousness. The physical world that our mind and senses interact with is a small part of the whole phenomena of consciousness. Consciousness manifests layers of information systems organized in fractals because everything is essentially one manifestation.

Human consciousness is one type of manifestation with levels of awareness. Human consciousness functions in a range of frequencies and different levels of awareness that we experience as a subjective phenomenon, for example, being awake, sleeping, dreaming, imagining, euphoric, meditating, in flow, disassociated, hypnotized, etc.

If consciousness is the sun, then a human consciousness is a ray of sunlight. If consciousness is the ocean, then human consciousness is a wave or a cup of water. We are always a part of our source; we cannot be separated from it.

Evolving Consciousness

Consciousness is expanding and evolving through life on earth, and through the human vehicle. For consciousness to evolve and learn through human fractals it gives us a subjective experience by hiding a great degree of information from us. We operate from such an extreme lack of information that we believe ourselves to be an individual entity separate from each other and our surroundings. The human journey is a journey of awareness.

The journey of awareness is through the spectrum experience that operates on a physical and metaphysical level at the same time. We are information systems within information systems. For human fractals to grow in awareness we must consciously seek it. This process of evolving expands our consciousness through the process of incorporating information into our information system in a harmonious way.

Each human fractal has a unique design based on a spectrum of information which allows each fractal to evolve their consciousness through a specific range of themes. This design allows for a greater number of fractals, possibilities, and opportunities while limiting the amount of information that each fractal consciously has access to.

Information Crystals

Each human fractal is an information crystal that we experience as our personality and body. Our information crystal moves through the fabric of consciousness that we experience as space and time. Everything we see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and think is information filtered through our information system. Our information crystal is a binary program that has a unique set of perimeters created from the moment we are conceived. From then we are an ongoing evolution of information that is affected by everything we come into physical and metaphysical contact with.

There is a set path that each human information crystal takes that we experience as birth, being a baby, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, maturity, old age, and death. Information does not die; it is an ongoing process of integration at different levels of consciousness. The levels before and after death are not accessible through normal human consciousness because it requires the limitation of information to function.

Everything a human information crystal encounters is a mirror of consciousness reflected through their own crystal. This is the reason that the foundation of human psychology is projection. Projection simply means that our subjective experience of another human reflects our own consciousness. Projection is the mechanism our information crystals use to learn and evolve consciousness over time. When we are young, we learn behavior from watching, feeling, and imitating those around us. This early set of information become the foundation for our own behavior. The goal of each human information crystal is simply to follow its path and evolve its awareness to the greatest extent possible.

Subjective Experience

All places, stories, books, media, religions, mythologies, and sciences are fictitious interpretations and reflections of consciousness as it expands into every direction it can to whatever degree possible.

Our subjective experience has layers of information that influence it, from our basic crystal configuration which we interpret through the patterns we see in astrology for example, to our early life conditioning, and then the information we gather through our life experience. It is predominantly our attitude towards ourselves and life that determines our subjective experience. Every human crystal will experience degrees of pleasure and pain because we are a binary program, evident by the polarities reflected in every aspect of our world.

We create our reality through our attitude to the information in our crystal. Our attitude will be predominantly negative, positive, or more neutral. A positive attitude is an expansive approach open to integrating new information. A negative attitude is a contracted approach that is closed to new information and replaces or discards information to a greater degree. A neutral attitude is an approach that integrates and replaces information in a more objective way.

The Spectrum of Experience

In order to expand our consciousness, and our ability to consciously affect our subjective human experience, we can look at the spectrum of experience and how our attitude affects it through the cognitive framework of the 9 chakras / energy centers that govern the range of frequencies we experience.

Human Body Biofield and Chakras
The Human Body Biofield and Chakras with Female Anatomy. View all Biofield and Chakra Images.

Balance and coherence in the body’s energy centers will be reflected by the degree of fulfillment of authentic potential. Authentic joy, peace, fulfillment, and success is an uniquely subjective experience.

Root: Survival, Stability, Safety

The root is our most primal connection to the physical experience of being in a body. It governs our sense of safety, security, survival, and awareness of our body. The programming we receive from conception to early childhood has the most significant impact on this sphere of information. Any kind of trauma, regardless of its degree, imprints the information that there is a lack of safety, security, and that the crystal’s survival is threatened. At the current phase of the world nearly all crystals are programmed negatively in this sphere, predominantly because of information received from the parents, caregivers, and the degree of fear frequencies permeating the environment.

The result of this type of programming is that consciousness cannot fully penetrate this sphere. The result is a crystal that is unstable in its environment, and a personality that either disregards its own safety and longevity, or that is overly concerned with itself, its safety, survival, and sense of security because it unconsciously experiences the lack of coherence in this sphere.

Because the root is the first connection to the physical world, the consequence is that the amount and quality of energy and information that can move through this sphere is restricted which affects the transmission to every other sphere in the crystal. To balance this sphere we have to bring conscious awareness to our body, to feel its feedback, to move our conscious awareness with the body, every part of our body, when we sit, walk, relax, run, do exercise, develop a skill, dance, and any other form of movement so that we are literally expanding the degree that consciousness is permeating the crystal, and allow greater degrees of information to be transmitted. This practice will enhance our stability, sense of safety, and calibration with the body, which will make us more aware of feedback, and the intuitive intelligence present in our crystal. This practice can be enhanced with mental and verbal affirmations, or any other method that elicits a sense of stability, safety, calm, coherence, and well-being.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 2 Sacral

Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion

The sacral sphere embeds our physical experience of being in a body with emotional information to expand the degree awareness, and intensity of experience. The experience of pleasure and pain become meaningful because of the emotional information and the intensity it registers in our conscious awareness. Every emotion we can experience is a different frequency of information. Through our experiences we become conditioned to experience and expect certain frequencies more than others. Our attitude can also filter certain frequencies which either restricts or expands the range of frequencies we can feel, or the degree to which we can feel a certain frequency.

Emotions are fields of information that get stored in the crystal over time. Early emotional programming becomes magnetic information that will affect the type of experiences drawn to the crystal, repelled from the crystal, as well as the way information will be stored going forward. Emotions reflect our subconscious conditioning as well as our habits. The experience of an emotion is a highly subjective experience because it engages the entire crystal’s body of information.

A negative attitude can restrict the range of experience to a narrow band regardless of the information or potential emotional experience possible. The experience of anger is a good example of an emotion that can become the habitual response to any uncomfortable emotion, either a negative or positive one.

A positive attitude will integrate lower frequency emotions into higher frequencies. For example, appreciation can integrate nearly all other frequencies of emotions, which is why it is so powerful, and why gratitude practices and journals are powerful tools to develop emotional well-being. To improve emotional coherence and experience higher frequencies of emotions require conscious awareness, conscious practice, and an environment that is conducive to the frequencies.

We can consciously examine our relationship to each frequency of emotion. Through this process we can clear, enhance, and bring coherence to our emotional body. This process can also pre-frame our awareness by expanding our subjective ability to experience and elicit different emotions. Emotional well-being can enhance all experiences, and our experience of our body, and body parts because it affects all other spheres, and all the other spheres influence our emotional experiences.

Emotion Frequencies Chart
Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 3 Navel

The navel sphere is our metaphysical connection to consciousness and where we draw the greatest amount of creative energy and information from. We experience this informational predominantly as desire. Our conscious and unconscious desires govern behavior, decisions, and our ability to plan.

A desire is information that guides us to expand our crystal. The way we process a desire is highly susceptible to early conditioning and habits. Desires can therefore be either positive and life-affirming or negative and destructive depending on our attitude towards ourselves and life. When any other sphere is discordant it affects our desires, and how we interpret them, and the actions we take. When several spheres are discordant the subjective experience of a desire can be painful, which often leads to addictive behaviors as a mechanism to cope with the experience.

A positive attitude expands the ability to interpret the information received through this center. A positive attitude also expands the ways in which a desire can be nourished. Desires can be fulfilled through physical, emotional, mental, and metaphysical means. Desires can be released which makes their energy available for other uses. Desires can also consciously be transmuted into different desires. Mastering desire is the foundation of an expanded consciousness because it drives all behavior and information exchange with every other sphere.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 4 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance

The solar plexus governs the information pertaining to the subjective self that the crystal thinks it is, the ego. This information is predominantly experienced as our willpower, confidence, and self-assurance. In a homogenized society or unhealthy family system this sphere is discordant, and it prevents authentic self-love, self-development, healthy individuation, independence, and the fulfillment of the crystal’s unique creative destiny.

A negative attitude reflects a personality that has been programmed to see itself as a victim stuck in a world incapable of achieving its goals and fulfilling its desires effectively. A positive attitude reflects a personality that had the opportunity to develop its willpower, sense of unique self, and set healthy boundaries which are required for the expansion of consciousness. When this sphere is discordant it has a significant effect on all spheres, particularly the higher spheres because they are an expansion of the crystals subjective experience, reality, and authentic expression which requires a coherent sense of self and willpower.

To bring greater coherence to this sphere requires the development of a skill, like drawing, writing, singing, dancing, or a craft, that automatically expands this sphere. When this sphere is engaged it automatically developments the will and the subjective experience of the self that is practicing the skill. The skill needs to be developed to the degree that it becomes a unique expression, which reflects a coherent sense of self, confidence, and self-assurance.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 5 Heart

Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love

The heart governs the integration of information of all spheres. First it integrates all the information in the lower spheres that will govern the overall health and well-being of the crystal. This specifically includes the subjective experience of itself, all other crystals, and its physical environment. Secondly it expands its sphere and its coherence by channeling information to the higher spheres that govern balance, expression, mental capabilities, and the crystal’s connection to the rest of the manifested realms and worlds.

A negative attitude is a crystal with discord in the lower centers that prevent coherent integration of information. This attitude reflects a personality that can be defensive, arrogant, dismissive, anxious, aggressive, passive, depressive, or restless. A positive attitude shows some degree of coherence in the lower spheres of information. It will reflect a personality that is tolerant, understanding, forgiving, compassionate, open-minded, peaceful, calm, engaged with life, with more harmonious connections with other crystals and life.

To increase coherence in this sphere requires conscious awareness of the health of all the lower centers, the development of their coherence, and conscious harmonious integration of physical, emotional, and sense information.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 6 Thyroid

Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism

The thyroid sphere governs the expansion of the heart center and a greater capacity for information transmission through the entire crystal. This sphere of information is subjectively experienced as a desire for growth, transformation, expansion of consciousness, and achieving a greater sense of internal balance.

This balance is achieved by integrating information extremes in the form of our traits, values, beliefs, habits, emotions, and desires. The extremes within the crystal are subjectively experienced as the feminine and masculine aspects of the psyche.

A positive attitude is open to change, transformation, and uses feedback to achieve inner harmony and balance. A negative attitude would ignore, or discard feedback based on existing beliefs, habits, values, and desires.

Creating increased coherence in this sphere is a very individual process because it lays the foundation for true authenticity, transparency, and our unique way of being. The elements that require transformation for increased balance and harmony requires the self-love developed through the heart center because it relies on the ability to accept all parts of ourselves and the feedback, as well as integrate the information in a coherent way that allows it to affect our behavior, beliefs, emotions, and desires.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 7 Throat

Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity

The throat center represents the avenue of expression for all the crystal’s information. Every center affects the throat, and the throat affects all centers. The expression of information is the way consciousness communicates with itself; therefore, it is a primary driver of the evolutionary expansion of consciousness.

A coherent throat center transmits a higher refined frequency that has a lot of power to influence its own crystal, other crystals, and the environment to a greater degree over a longer period. A discordant center may be able to have a powerful immediate impact, but its information will have decreased power over time and space because of the lack of harmony and integration that is possible.

Depending on the development of our own information crystal we will attract, repel, and integrate information from other sources in different ways. Some crystals are not capable of communicating with each other effectively because of the degree of difference in their crystals, so information will not be heard, seen, felt, or it will quickly be forgotten, or it will be misinterpreted. Science and religion are good examples of information that share a set of guidelines for humans to achieve greater expansion and harmony that is carried through time.

A negative attitude will communicate discordant information that is inconsistent. A positive attitude will communicate coherent information to various degrees that is more consistent, harmonious, beneficial, honest, and transparent. What a crystal body has access to will therefore determine what they express. What crystals express are always a reflection of the subjective information each have gathered and have access to.

To increase coherence in this center requires balance in all centers, access to inner truth, and the self-assurance that leads to authentic expression.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 8 Eye

Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization

The eye center makes the information from other centers visible, which is expanded form of awareness, to the degree that the crystal is capable of processing the information. It is the primary way that an information crystal can access more information about itself, other crystals, and the environment. The sphere accesses information from the physical and metaphysical realms.

A crystal with an expansive positive attitude will be able to process greater degrees of information from a greater degree of sources. This attitude is subjectively experienced as an expanded perspective on any subject, experience, and situation. An expanded perspective leads to greater understanding, insights, intuitive awareness, creative results, and more efficient solutions.

A crystal with a contracted negative attitude is restricting the amount of information it has access to because it is not capable of processing it coherently. A good example of this is people who access information from the subconscious or metaphysical arenas while others consider it impossible or false information because their subjective experience is governing their opinion. What crystals communicate is a reflection if their own information warehouse.

To increase the coherence in this sphere takes practice and consistent efforts. Some crystals are designed to access more information in order to fulfill their creative potential and will therefore show greater achievements that rely on this sphere.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 9 Crown

Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality

The crown governs intellectual, intuitive, and higher knowledge as it connects to the field of consciousness. Information in this sphere is subjectively experienced as thoughts, thinking, intuitive information, and knowledge without thought.

Coherence in this sphere is subjectively experienced as a calm mind with an expansive sense of time and space. Discord in this sphere is subjectively experienced as mental clutter, an excess of thought, too much thinking, confusion, fear, inner and outer conflict, stress, loneliness, anger, and frustration.

A negative attitude restricts the amount of information it can access to various degrees through various tactics. A positive attitude allows a greater amount if information to be accessed. A neutral attitude achieves balance through integration of knowledge into a coherent system that allows the crystal to navigate its unique path most effectively.

Intellectual knowledge is information crystals share with each other. Intuitive knowledge is information that consciousness shares with itself through the crystal. Higher knowledge is the information consciousness shares with crystals from an expanded range of sources. The degree of coherence in this sphere will determine the type of information the crystal has access to, to what degree, the degree of clarity, and consistency that it is capable of.

Greater degrees of coherence are subjectively experienced as greater sense of self, a non-self or as consciousness experiencing itself, and consciously communicating with itself.

Balancing intellectual knowledge with intuition allows crystals to subjectively experience more harmony, simplicity, easier access to everything they need such as information, answers, physical resources, opportunities, and anything else that the crystal needs on its particular path to its authentic fulfillment.

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The Game Setup

The Game Setup by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction
  2. Birth Design
  3. Spectrum of Consciousness
  4. Attachment Style
  5. Childhood Conditioning
  6. The Psychology of Projection
  7. Shadow Work
  8. Opportunities for Resolution & Expansion
  9. Rules of the Game
  10. Call to Adventure
  11. Transformation

Have you ever wondered why life is the way it is? Have you noticed the patterns and the cycles that keep repeating? Have you ever thought that something about life or yourself is fake? Did you ever wonder why we are obsessed with love? Do you wonder why we love games so much? Do you ever wonder why everything has a polarity? Do you wonder why fear seems illogical at time? Did you ever consider that life has no inherit meaning? Did you ever consider that life is a game of pretend and make beliefs?

The psychology of projection shows us that we are an actor to others, and play the movie director casting actors in roles in our own fantasy, created from childhood conditioning, fears, and desires. Read more about this in Life as a Game.

My experience taught me that we can learn to see the bigger picture, and play from a higher perspective that leads to emotional freedom, inner peace, authentic joy, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Birth Design

When we are conceived there is an energetic signature as light combines. As we develop our being is conditioned by the energetic fields in the environment we are in. When we are born we come into a very specific set of energetic frequencies that form a part of our development as our physical bodies start to interact with the outside environment and relationships are formed.

Spectrum of Consciousness

Polarities form the basis of our existence, we can study the spectrum of light, and there is a set of parameters to all the things we can experience, feel, and see around us. We are each a full spectrum being, containing good and bad. Patterns exist everywhere and at all levels. Everything we do, think and say matters to the universe as it evolves through us. We have so much more power than we realize. We are at the edge of creation, creating.

Attachment Style

From birth we begin to respond to the relationship our primary caregiver has with themselves. We will mirror and reflect how they feel about themselves. This provides us with core traits, fears, and desires that create the setup for our subjective game.

This initial setup is referred to as Attachment Theory in psychology. There are videos and other research available on the internet. Keep in mind that emotional needs are absolutely vital for survival, as we learned in studies where babies actually started dying when only their physical needs were met.

Insecure < > Secure < > Insecure

There are various classifications but in general there is a secure group and an insecure group (currently estimated to be 50% each in countries like the USA). Those who can form secure close attachments had their emotional needs met most of the time, feel they can trust others, and believe relationships are important and valuable.

The insecure group have developed relationship coping mechanisms in order to survive because they did not have their emotional needs met, do no feel safe, and do not trust to various degrees. The two extremes (about 25% each) are avoidant / dismissive and anxious. The two extremes do not know how to care for their own emotional well being. They come together in families and are attracted to each other in romantic relationships where they form dysfunctional and co-dependent dynamics. There is also a disorganized / disoriented classification.

Understanding this spectrum changed my life. We must understand that there is also an evolutionary purpose to this dynamic. In one study where they put a mixed group together in a room and then had smoke come out of a computer each group responded differently: The dismissive / avoidant left the room first without saying anything – these are the individuals who often bring new ideas into the world and dedicate their lives to achievement or excellence. The anxious group left the room next, but they first told some of the others there was a problem – these are often individuals who dedicate their lives to service. The securely attached individuals were the last to leave the room, some just following the others.

Childhood Conditioning

Our childhood conditioning provides us with the rest of the data that we will use to create our lives with. In order to fit into our family and the current culture we develop the relationship strategies and character traits that are approved of by our family and community, and we suppress, disown, reject or deny the parts of ourselves that our family/ community/ culture find less acceptable. These parts that are suppressed, disowned, rejected or denied will become the parts we see in others and the world until they are owned, accepted and embraced. To understand how this works study the psychology of projection, learn more about Emotional Well Being, and you can also read Life as a Game.

As we incarnate into this world we go through cycles of development and growth. For the first 7 years we experience the world primarily through our physical bodies, we absorb and explore.

We are literally in Theta brain wave state, and being programmed, like a form of hypnosis.

The second 7 year cycle is about emotional development and the third cycle is about intellectual development. The cycles then repeat throughout our lives.

For example, feeling powerless in any situation will remain with us for resolution. Anger masks fear and is a consequence of feeling powerless. Any experience during a cycle that we do not understand or that we are not able to integrate or resolve will remain in our system for resolution until the next opportunity or cycle.

The Psychology of Projection

What is in our mind will determine what we create, like a hard drive. This is why childhood conditioning is our toolbox with which we create, for better or worse, unless we consciously grow and expand our consciousness.

Images we see are desires and fears projected outward, and this is what we think we see, what we think is real and what we base our behavior on.

Everything we see is a projection from our mind. There is no objective reality. Everything we see reflects our own consciousness because we filter all information through our consciousness. This is the foundation of the psychology of projection, one of the primary tools that psychologists and therapists use today.

Everything we see in another is something we either acknowledge or suppress, reject, deny, or disown in ourselves. Anything someone else sees in us reflects their consciousness, otherwise they would not see it. Both positive and negative.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is the conscious process to understand what we see in others, how it reflects us, and what we can learn from it. I believe all relationships are meant for this purpose. Everyone is here to teach us something about ourselves so that we can fully integrate our consciousness.

Every bit of unresolved emotional pattern that we reintegrate is like a piece of gold that we mine. All parts are equally valuable in terms of consciousness integration, good and bad, because they are not real in themselves, they are just the basis of perception that creates the game.

When we are attracted to someone this is a clear indicator that we can learn something with that person. Nothing is random. Attraction does not mean we are meant to be together or compatible. We are like molecules that fit together. Through greater awareness and shadow work we can truly liberate our relationships.

Opportunities for Resolution & Expansion

I believe that there is no inherit meaning in the world and that we use our free will to assign meaning. While we think up all kinds of reasons for the things we do, we are really nature evolving itself. We live our purpose every moment of every day because every thought, word and action is an act of creation that expands consciousness. In other words we are always living our purpose.

For expansion to occur the universe integrates and unifies.

Evolutionary biologists see the dynamics of species as they evolve and to them it is clear that humans are currently in our young adult years where we learn how to work together and form beneficial relationships with those around us because conflict is no longer efficient. This means that allot of what we are doing here is cleaning up, integrating, releasing and refining. We are really learning The Art of Self Love. The relationship with ourselves come first, that is really what it is about, the relationship we have with ourselves will be reflected back to us. When we get to know ourselves we develop appreciation for the skills and traits we have. A personalized I Ching profile and report can be a great starting point for self exploration.

Every single situation or experience is in truth for no other purpose than to purify our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Every experience contains a piece of gold. The people and situations in our life are not random, they cannot be because energy is magnetic, and what comes to us is for our evolutionary benefit. When we embrace this dynamic we no longer take everything personally and we can see life from a more holistic perspective.

Rules of the Game

There are principles, laws and rules to the game that are impersonal. These are laws that are fundamental to time/space physics and energy dynamics. Read The Rules of the Game for the whole list.

The path less traveled is the path to self fulfillment and self actualization.

There are two primary levels in the game, ego level and higher self level. All fears belong to the ego and are doorways to the higher self. The goal of the game is to clean our system so that we can host our higher self.

Nobody is a victim here, in any way. It is the victim mindset that we transcend when we learn to elevate ourselves above fearful reactions.

When we recognize that the source of all we have is life, that nothing really belongs to any of us it sets us free from worldly / material attachment which causes the experience of suffering.

Because perspectives and perceptions are learned we must learn to choose our beliefs and act accordingly.

Anything is possible when we believe wholeheartedly and act in harmony with life and our higher self.

Read The Rules of the Game for the whole list.

Call to Adventure

While many still live in denial of our higher spiritual nature, it is only a matter of time because it is what this whole game is designed for. Once our system is purified, we have expanded sufficiently to become the host to our greater energetic self, and this presence is unmistakable. Once we are no longer value the ego and the material world above our spiritual nature we enter into a different level of the game. Everything is designed to push us towards opportunities that will allow for the greatest expansion. There is allot of information about mythology, archetypes, and the hero’s journey because it is such an integral part of the game. We find these themes repeating in our movies, games, and fantasies because we are living them ourselves even if we are not aware of it.

A call to adventure is an experience or situation that requires us to open our mind, face the unknown, our limiting beliefs and fears. A call to adventure starts with a catalyst, it can be any emotionally charged situation, and end or a beginning, or when our ego has been wounded. For example: a death, a birth, a new relationship, end of a relationship, a vision, a visitor, financial or other loss, an accident, an illness, trauma, and global or regional events like a pandemic. The event charge must be big enough that it creates an opening for new awareness.

Accepting the call is another story because there is free will we always have a choice. Due to conditioning many of us avoid or fear pain and suffering without realizing that it is just as important as the good stuff. Suffering is really a gift for transformation and growth. Being depressed or unhappy is a sign that you are ready to move to a higher level but are refusing consciously or unconsciously. We will be presented with opportunities all the time because it is what we are here for.


When we accept the call to expand, we enter a process of alchemy and transformation. This process is ongoing and unique for each of us. Through my own experience I have outlined the basic structure of the process. Read about the Process of Transformation.

The process of transformation is about moving from a frequency of fear to a frequency of love. The process includes a catalyst, a period of solitude, health and diet changes, a healthy environment, self-inquiry, expanding our perspective of life, releasing old thoughts, emotions and beliefs, learning self-love, growing in self awareness, regaining complete trust in life, inviting higher consciousness, experiencing inner peace, creating inner stillness, expanding our ability to experience gratitude and joy.

Personalized I Ching Profile & report

Take a look at the Personalized I Ching Profile and Reports that you can order on this website, it includes a large poster that you can print. The profile is based on astrology, and inspired by the I Ching, and systems based on the I Ching like Human Design, and the Gene Keys. The profile is a tool to get to know ourselves better. The I Ching is a wise book for contemplation based on binary (64 themes). Through this work we can expand our consciousness, integrate all aspects of ourselves and learn to trust life. Learn more about Self-Realization.

Motivational & Inspirational Messages

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The Art of Self-Love

The Art of Self Love by Nathalie Strassburg

SHORTCUTS: Sel- Love First, The Languages of Self-Love, The Spectrum of Self

Self-Love First

Others reflect the love we give to ourselves, prove it to yourself. We can only care for another’s emotional well-being when we know how to care for our own. Honesty and acceptance allow us to open a secret door to our inner self. Intimacy is about seeing, feeling, hearing, understanding and knowing our authentic true self. Authentic Self love is the highest vibration frequency in this world. This means meeting our needs, and giving to ourselves what we would want someone else to give to us. Self sacrifice, and selfishness are the lower vibrations of self love.

The Languages of Self Love

Words of Self-affirmation

Encouragement, appreciation, empathy, honesty, listening to ourselves, focussing on our higher self. Showing ourselves compassion and speaking kindly to ourselves. Soothe ourselves during stressful times with positive statements and affirming truths. Daily use of Personal affirmations – listening, writing, reading, speaking, chanting, and singing. Journaling to understand one self, recognize our gifts, heal, and grow.

Gifts of Self-Love

Cultivating self awareness. Thoughtful gifts and gestures from the heart, and with expressions of gratitude. Gifts that nourish our mind, body, soul and spirit. Recognizing all the gifts we receive by just being alive, recognizing that the source of all we have is life, nothing really belongs to any of us. This sets us free. Being grateful to life is receiving a gift, it fills us. Investing in ourselves. Making our thoughts our best friends. Recognizing our efforts and being open to feedback for growth. Having patience with our own growth. Relaxing and taking time to enjoy just being.

Acts of Self-Service

Action phrases that affirm positive beliefs, supports growth, releases grievances. Doing what is in our best interest and for the highest benefit of all. Meeting our needs in healthy ways. Meeting our emotional needs. Developing talents and interests. Making our physical and emotional well being our priority and our responsibility to the greatest degree possible. Following our authentic joy. Being authentic. Cultivating higher aspirations for our life. Facing our pain, healing the past and opening our hearts. Saying No. Saying no to co-dependency and yes to interdependency. Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. Living a higher purpose. Friendship. Living with positive intentions and empowering others. Balance in giving and receiving support.

Quality Self-Time

Uninterrupted and focused conversations, writing, journaling, using a diary, recording, prayer, any one-on-one time with ourselves. Stillness is quality time. Meditation. Contemplation and introspection. Self-inquiry. Creative expression. Honoring ourselves, our feelings, and our needs. Doing something special or unusual for ourselves. Reading or watching uplifting content. Time in Nature. Rest, recovery, and sleep.

Being Present in our Body

Non-verbal expressions such as touch, cuddling, stroking, massage, moving meditations, acts of self-care, long baths, warm shower, spa, exercise, hygiene, grooming, pampering, masturbating, tantra, yoga, dancing, qigong etc. Learning to trust our body’s inner wisdom.  Paying attention to ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts, and being mindful.

The Spectrum of the Self

Physical Aspect

This is us as the Liberator, and the highest manifestation is Love. The skills we develop are Intuition (Intuiting) and Willing (Affirming). This is the field of Self-Love and Love of Others.

Instinctive self – Server: to help.

Tribal self – Nurtuer. to nurture.

Emotional Aspect

This is us as the Actor, and the highest manifestation is Grace. The skills we develop are Judging (Contemplation) and Feeling (Compassion). This is the field of Integrated Psychology.

Emotional self – Sage: to train.

Rational self – Scholar: to learn.

Spiritual Aspect

This is us as the Inquirer, and the highest manifestation is Peace. The skills we develop are Prospecting (Investigation) and Sensing (Sensation). This is the field of Ecological Science.

Achiever self – Warrior: to achieve.

Ecological self – Priest/Priestess: to aspire.

Mental Aspect

This is us as the Creator, and the highest manifestation is Joy. The skills we develop are Observation (Observing) and Imagination (Concentration). This is the field of Arts and Culture.

Integrated self – King/Queen: to be a role model.

Holistic self – Higher Self: to create.

Motivational & Inspirational Messages

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Emotional Well-being

Emotional Well-being by Nathalie Strassburg

SHORTCUTS: What is emotional well-being?, Feelings guide us, Psychological Projection, The relationship with ourselves (self soothing, self care, self love, higher love)

We are each beautiful and whole on our own, even when we are not fully aware of it yet. Each of us have needs to meet in order to feel fulfilled and live an authentic life. Sometimes we can feel unhappy, lost, or unloved without realizing that it can be resolved within ourselves, regardless of our circumstances. Learn about The Art of Self Love.

When we are unhappy all that is happening is that we are choosing things that make us unhappy. Unhappiness is a state of confusion.

Depression can be a major catalyst for the Process of Transformation. Being depressed means you are ready to move to the next level!

Many of us never learned how to care for our emotional well-being and find our joy. Nobody here is a victim in any way whatsoever, we are here to learn together.

What is emotional well-being?

Emotional wellbeing means you feel good, about yourself, your life, the people around you, what do you, what you say and everything in between. It is a state of inner and outer harmony. Emotional wellbeing is only authentic if it does not depend on an external source.

Negative emotions create disorder in the body and positive feelings such as gratitude create increased order resulting in improved digestive, cardiovascular, immune, hormonal, cognitive, and other functions like intuition.

To learn more about this visit

Feelings guide us, they are our compass.

Our feelings guide us. They are our direct feedback system designed to let us know in which direction to go. All feelings are valid because they need to be allowed and understood if we want to integrate all parts of our consciousness.

Many people are raised in unhealthy emotional environments, this is part of our evolution, but it needs to be understood because it creates characters who do not know how to be honest, trust themselves, the world, others, or their feelings, and who suppress, deny, and reject parts of themselves that their parents or caregivers were not able to accept or love because they have their own unresolved emotional wounds. Emotional immaturity is passed down unconsciously because people are not aware of it.

Psychological Projection

Everything we see is a projection from our mind. Read more about it in Life as a game. The mind has an image of what it desires, judges as valuable and then seeks to find it. These images are projected outward, and this is what we think we see, what we think is real and what we base our behavior on. Therefore, what is in our mind will determine what we create. This is why childhood conditioning is our toolbox with which we create, for better or worse, unless we consciously grow and expand ourselves continuously. 

It is important to learn to distinguish between love and guilt. Codependent relationships are fear based and present guilt as care or love. In codependent relationships we project our unresolved emotional issues onto those around us. Codependent relationships can become clingy because without someone else holding our emotional baggage for us, we have to deal with it ourselves, which is what leads to growth.

If we grow up in an environment where the parents are not able to care for their own emotional well-being, we will not know what unconditional love is and without resolution we will recreate the same patterns in our own relationships because we will not be able to discern between guilt and love. Be aware of how prevalent these patterns are, for example, organized religion can be a codependent relationship based on fear.

The relationship with ourselves

There is ultimately only one relationship that is important. Any other relationship we have will reflect the one we have with ourselves, whether we are conscious enough to notice it or not. The relationship with ourselves is about The Art of Self Love and the foundation of the Process of Transformation.

Self Soothing

First, we learn to accept every feeling, and choose to consciously move ourselves to a better frame of mind, every time it is needed. This is what emotionally mature parents teach their children. All emotions want to, and need to, be seen, felt, heard, and understood. We only judge things that we do not understand. In order to integrate our consciousness all aspects are brought into balance and harmony. We give ourselves compassion for being human and learn through every experience. Every experience contains a piece of gold, pain is our greatest teacher.

Self Care

As we accept ourselves more, we become more honest with ourselves and make decisions that lead us to peace and joy. What we eat, where we live, how we live, who we spend our time with, and how we spend our time become a real priority and we take the steps necessary to care for ourselves in every way possible, one step at a time. When we choose peace then things become allot simpler. During this stage we start to trust life because we have real evidence as we achieve manageable goals.  

Self Love

Love seeds love. Through self care we embrace ourselves, we show ourselves love through the actions and thoughts we now choose. We notice how our beliefs are changing, and we realize that others reflect the love we have for ourselves. We open our minds to see the incredible gift that we are and that life is. We realize that love is something we grow inside of ourselves. We realize that we can only give to others what we have. As we grow in love for life and ourselves we are able to feel compassion for others and choose to understand before judging. We choose to forgive, all the time, because it sets us free. Because we are no longer fearful we can be fully present to the moment, whatever it offers us.

Higher Love

As we become more intimate with ourselves and life we expand our consciousness through the integration of seemingly opposite ideas. We create inner peace. Our vision is no longer obscured by fear and we embody our true authentic self more every day. The love we give ourselves is now continuously being refilled by life, we have surrendered, we live in love, we feel love in everything and everywhere, and see it in everyone now because we understand what the journey of life is really for. We live free and at peace, and the world around us reflect this. We choose to share this higher love in whatever situation we find ourselves because there is nothing else that compares. Life now lives through us.

Recognize that the source of all we have is life, nothing really belongs to any of us. This sets us free. Give to life what we want to receive.

Motivational & Inspirational Messages

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