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The Spectrum of Experience – How we Create our Subjective Reality

The Spectrum of Experience - How we Create our Reality by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction
  2. Evolving Consciousness
  3. Information Crystals
  4. Subjective Experience
  5. The Spectrum of Experience:
    1. Root: Survival, Stability, and Safety
    2. Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion
    3. Navel: Creativity, Life Force, Desire
    4. Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance
    5. Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love
    6. Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism
    7. Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity
    8. Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization
    9. Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality


The world is a metaphysical holographic light manifestation of consciousness. The physical world that our mind and senses interact with is a small part of the whole phenomena of consciousness. Consciousness manifests layers of information systems organized in fractals because everything is essentially one manifestation.

Human consciousness is one type of manifestation with levels of awareness. Human consciousness functions in a range of frequencies and different levels of awareness that we experience as a subjective phenomenon, for example, being awake, sleeping, dreaming, imagining, euphoric, meditating, in flow, disassociated, hypnotized, etc.

If consciousness is the sun, then a human consciousness is a ray of sunlight. If consciousness is the ocean, then human consciousness is a wave or a cup of water. We are always a part of our source; we cannot be separated from it.

Evolving Consciousness

Consciousness is expanding and evolving through life on earth, and through the human vehicle. All sense inputs feed For consciousness to evolve and learn through human fractals it gives us a subjective experience by hiding a great degree of information from us. We operate from such an extreme lack of information that we believe ourselves to be an individual entity separate from each other and our surroundings. The human journey is a journey of awareness.

The journey of awareness is a spectrum experience that operates on a physical and metaphysical level at the same time. We are information systems within information systems. For human fractals to grow in awareness we must consciously seek it. This process of evolving expands our consciousness through the process of incorporating information into our information system in a harmonious way.

Each human fractal has a unique design based on a spectrum of information which allows each fractal to evolve their consciousness through a specific range of themes. This design allows for a greater number of fractals, possibilities, and opportunities while limiting the amount of information that each fractal consciously has access to.

Information Crystals

Each human fractal is an information crystal that we experience as our personality and body. Our information crystal moves through the fabric of consciousness that we experience as space and time. Everything we see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and think is information filtered through our information system. Our information crystal is a binary program that has a unique set of perimeters created from the moment we are conceived. From then we are an ongoing evolution of information that is affected by everything we come into physical and metaphysical contact with.

There is a set path that each human information crystal takes that we experience as birth, being a baby, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, maturity, old age, and death. Information does not die; it is an ongoing process of integration at different levels of consciousness. The levels before and after death are not accessible through normal human consciousness because it requires the limitation of information to function.

Everything a human information crystal encounters are a mirror of consciousness reflected through their own crystal. This is the reason that the foundation of human psychology is projection. Projection simply means that our subjective experience of another human reflects our own consciousness. Projection is the mechanism our information crystals use to learn and evolve consciousness over time. When we are young, we learn behavior from watching, feeling, and imitating those around us. This early set of information become the foundation for our own behavior. The goal of each human information crystal is simply to follow its path and evolve its awareness to the greatest extent possible.

Subjective Experience

All places, stories, books, media, religions, mythologies, and sciences are fictitious interpretations and reflections of consciousness as it expands into every direction it can to whatever degree possible.

Our subjective experience has layers of information that influence it, from our basic crystal configuration which we interpret through the patterns we see in astrology for example, to our early life conditioning, and then the information we gather through our life experience. It is predominantly our attitude towards ourselves and life that determines our subjective experience. Every human crystal will experience degrees of pleasure and pain because we are a binary program, evident by the polarities reflected in every aspect of our world.

We create our reality through our attitude to the information in our crystal. Our attitude will be predominantly negative, positive, or more neutral. A positive attitude is an expansive approach open to integrating new information. A negative attitude is a contracted approach that is closed to new information and replaces or discards information to a greater degree. A neutral attitude is an approach that integrates and replaces information in a more objective way.

The Spectrum of Experience

In order to expand our consciousness, and our ability to consciously affect our subjective human experience, we can look at the spectrum of experience and how our attitude affects it through the cognitive framework of the 9 chakras / energy centers that govern the range of frequencies we experience.

The Human Body Biofield and Chakras with Female Anatomy. View all Biofield and Chakra Images.

Balance and coherence in the body’s energy centers will be reflected by the degree of fulfillment of authentic potential. Authentic joy, peace, fulfillment, and success is an uniquely subjective experience.

Root: Survival, Stability, Safety

The root is our most primal connection to the physical experience of being in a body. It governs our sense of safety, security, survival, and awareness of our body. The programming we receive from conception to early childhood has the most significant impact on this sphere of information. Any kind of trauma, regardless of its degree, imprints the information that there is a lack of safety, security, and that the crystal’s survival is threatened. At the current phase of the world nearly all crystals are programmed negatively in this sphere, predominantly because of information received from the parents, caregivers, and the degree of fear frequencies permeating the environment. The result of this type of programming is that consciousness cannot fully penetrate this sphere. The result is a crystal that is unstable in its environment, and a personality that either disregards its own safety and longevity, or that is overly concerned with itself, its safety, survival, and sense of security because it unconsciously experiences the lack of coherence in this sphere.

Because the root is the first connection to the physical world, the consequence is that the amount and quality of energy and information that can move through this sphere is restricted which affects the transmission to every other sphere in the crystal. To balance this sphere we have to bring conscious awareness to our body, to feel its feedback, to move our conscious awareness with the body, every part of our body, when we sit, walk, relax, run, do exercise, develop a skill, dance, and any other form of movement so that we are literally expanding the degree that consciousness is permeating the crystal, and allow greater degrees of information to be transmitted. This practice will enhance our stability, sense of safety, and calibration with the body, which will make us more aware of feedback, and the intuitive intelligence present in our crystal. This practice can be enhanced with mental and verbal affirmations, or any other method that elicits a sense of stability, safety, calm, coherence, and well-being.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 2 Sacral

Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion

The sacral sphere embeds our physical experience of being in a body with emotional information to expand the degree awareness, and intensity of experience. The experience of pleasure and pain become meaningful because of the emotional information and the intensity it registers in our conscious awareness. Every emotion we can experience is a different frequency of information. Through our experiences we become conditioned to experience and expect certain frequencies more than others. Our attitude can also filter certain frequencies which either restricts or expands the range of frequencies we can feel, or the degree to which we can feel a certain frequency.

Emotions are fields of information that get stored in the crystal over time. Early emotional programming becomes magnetic information that will affect the type of experiences drawn to the crystal, repelled from the crystal, as well as the way information will be stored going forward. Emotions reflect our unconscious conditioning as well as our habits. The experience of an emotion is a highly subjective experience because it engages the entire crystal’s body of information.

A negative attitude can restrict the range of experience to a narrow band regardless of the information or potential emotional experience possible. The experience of anger is a good example of an emotion that can become the habitual response to any uncomfortable emotion, either a negative or positive one.

A positive attitude will integrate lower frequency emotions into higher frequencies. For example, appreciation can integrate nearly all other frequencies of emotions, which is why it is so powerful, and why gratitude practices and journals are powerful tools to develop emotional well-being. To improve emotional coherence and experience higher frequencies of emotions require conscious awareness, conscious practice, and an environment that is conducive to the frequencies. We can consciously examine our relationship to each frequency of emotion. Through this process we can clear, enhance, and bring coherence to our emotional body. This process can also pre-frame our awareness by expanding our subjective ability to experience and elicit different emotions. Emotional well-being can enhance all experiences, and our experience of our body, and body parts because it affects all other spheres, and all the other spheres influence our emotional experiences.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 3 Navel

The navel sphere is our metaphysical connection to consciousness and where we draw the greatest amount of creative energy and information from. We experience this informational predominantly as desire. Our conscious and unconscious desires govern behavior, decisions, and our ability to plan.

A desire is information that guides us to expand our crystal. The way we process a desire is highly susceptible to early conditioning and habits. Desires can therefore be either positive and life-affirming or negative and destructive depending on our attitude towards ourselves and life. When any other sphere is discordant it affects our desires, and how we interpret them, and the actions we take. When several spheres are discordant the subjective experience of a desire can be painful, which often leads to addictive behaviors as a mechanism to cope with the experience.

A positive attitude expands the ability to interpret the information received through this center. A positive attitude also expands the ways in which a desire can be nourished. Desires can be fulfilled through physical, emotional, mental, and metaphysical means. Desires can be released which makes their energy available for other uses. Desires can also consciously be transmuted into different desires. Mastering desire is the foundation of an expanded consciousness because it drives all behavior and information exchange with every other sphere.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 4 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance

The solar plexus governs the information pertaining to the subjective self that the crystal thinks it is. This information is predominantly experienced as our willpower, confidence, and self-assurance. In a homogenized society or unhealthy family system this sphere is discordant, and it prevents authentic self-love, self-development, healthy individuation, independence, and the fulfillment of the crystal’s unique creative destiny.

A negative attitude reflects a personality that has been programmed to see itself as a victim stuck in a world incapable of achieving its goals and fulfilling its desires effectively. A positive attitude reflects a personality that had the opportunity to develop its willpower, sense of unique self, and set healthy boundaries which are required for the expansion of consciousness. When this sphere is discordant it has a significant effect on all spheres, particularly the higher spheres because they are an expansion of the crystals subjective experience, reality, and authentic expression which requires a coherent sense of self and willpower.

To bring greater coherence to this sphere requires the development of a skill, like drawing, writing, singing, dancing, or a craft, that automatically expands this sphere. When this sphere is engaged it automatically developments the will and the subjective experience of the self that is practicing the skill. The skill needs to be developed to the degree that it becomes a unique expression, which reflects a coherent sense of self, confidence, and self-assurance.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 5 Heart

Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love

The heart governs the integration of information of all spheres. First it integrates all the information in the lower spheres that will govern the overall health and well-being of the crystal. This specifically includes the subjective experience of itself, all other crystals, and its physical environment. Secondly it expands its sphere and its coherence by channeling information to the higher spheres that govern balance, expression, mental capabilities, and the crystal’s connection to the rest of the manifested realms and worlds.

A negative attitude is a crystal with discord in the lower centers that prevent coherent integration of information. This attitude reflects a personality that can be defensive, arrogant, dismissive, anxious, aggressive, passive, depressive, or restless. A positive attitude shows some degree of coherence in the lower spheres of information. It will reflect a personality that is tolerant, understanding, forgiving, compassionate, open-minded, peaceful, calm, engaged with life, with more harmonious connections with other crystals and life.

To increase coherence in this sphere requires conscious awareness of the health of all the lower centers, the development of their coherence, and conscious harmonious integration of physical, emotional, and sense information.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 6 Thyroid

Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism

The thyroid sphere governs the expansion of the heart center and a greater capacity for information transmission through the entire crystal. This sphere of information is subjectively experienced as a desire for growth, transformation, expansion of consciousness, and achieving a greater sense of internal balance. This balance is achieved by integrating information extremes in the form of our traits, values, beliefs, habits, emotions, and desires. The extremes within the crystal are subjectively experienced as its masculinity and femininity.

A positive attitude is open to change, transformation, and uses feedback to achieve inner harmony and balance. A negative attitude would ignore, or discard feedback based on existing beliefs, habits, values, and desires. Creating increased coherence in this sphere is a very individual process because it lays the foundation for true authenticity, transparency, and our unique way of being. The elements that require transformation for increased balance and harmony requires the self-love developed through the heart center because it relies on the ability to accept all parts of ourselves and the feedback, as well as integrate the information in a coherent way that allows it to affect our behavior, beliefs, emotions, and desires.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 7 Throat

Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity

The throat center represents the avenue of expression for all the crystal’s information. Every center affects the throat, and the throat affects all centers. The expression of information is the way consciousness communicates with itself; therefore, it is a primary driver of the evolutionary expansion of consciousness. A coherent throat center transmits a higher refined frequency that has allot if power to influence its own crystal, other crystals, and the environment to a greater degree over a longer period. A discordant center may be able to have a powerful immediate impact, but its information will have decreased power over time and space because of the lack of harmony and integration that is possible.

Depending on the development of our own information crystal we will attract, repel, and integrate information from other sources in different ways. Some crystals are not capable of communicating with each other effectively because of the degree of difference in their crystals, so information will not be heard, seen, felt, or it will quickly be forgotten, or it will be misinterpreted. Science and religion are good examples of information that share a set of guidelines for humans to achieve greater expansion and harmony that is carried through time.

A negative attitude will communicate discordant information that is inconsistent. A positive attitude will communicate coherent information to various degrees that is more consistent, harmonious, beneficial, honest, and transparent. What a crystal body has access to will therefore determine what they express. What crystals express are always a reflection of the subjective information each have gathered and have access to. To increase coherence in this center requires balance in all centers, access to inner truth, and the self-assurance that leads to authentic expression.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 8 Eye

Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization

The eye center makes the information from other centers visible, which is expanded form of awareness, to the degree that the crystal is capable of processing the information. It is the primary way that an information crystal can access more information about itself, other crystals, and the environment. The sphere accesses information from the physical and metaphysical realms.

A crystal with an expansive positive attitude will be able to process greater degrees of information from a greater degree of sources. This attitude is subjectively experienced as an expanded perspective on any subject, experience, and situation. An expanded perspective leads to greater understanding, insights, intuitive awareness, creative results, and more efficient solutions.

A crystal with a contracted negative attitude is restricting the amount of information it has access to because it is not capable of processing it coherently. A good example of this is people who access information from the unconscious or metaphysical arenas while others consider it impossible or false information because their subjective experience is governing their opinion. What crystals communicate is a reflection if their own information warehouse.

To increase the coherence in this sphere takes practice and consistent efforts. Some crystals are designed to access more information in order to fulfill their creative potential and will therefore show greater achievements that rely on this sphere.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 9 Crown

Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality

The crown governs intellectual, intuitive, and higher knowledge as it connects to the field of consciousness. Information in this sphere is subjectively experienced as thoughts, thinking, intuitive information, and knowledge without thought.

Coherence in this sphere is subjectively experienced as a calm mind with an expansive sense of time and space. Discord in this sphere is subjectively experienced as mental clutter, an excess of thought, too much thinking, confusion, fear, inner and outer conflict, stress, loneliness, anger, and frustration.

A negative attitude restricts the amount of information it can access to various degrees through various tactics. A positive attitude allows a greater amount if information to be accessed. A neutral attitude achieves balance through integration if knowledge into a coherent system that allows the crystal to navigate its unique path most effectively.

Intellectual knowledge is information crystals share with each other. Intuitive knowledge is information that consciousness shares with itself through the crystal. Higher knowledge is the information consciousness shares with crystals from an expanded range of sources. The degree of coherence in this sphere will determine the type of information the crystal has access to, to what degree, the degree of clarity, and consistency that it is capable of.

Greater degrees of coherence are subjectively experienced as greater sense of self, a non-self or as consciousness experiencing itself, and consciously communicating with itself. Balancing intellectual knowledge with intuition allows crystals to subjectively experience more harmony, simplicity, easier access to everything they need such as information, answers, physical resources, opportunities, and anything else that the crystal needs on its particular path to its authentic fulfillment.

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Mastering Desire – Resting the Mind and Senses

Mastering Desire through the 9 Chakras Energy Centers
  1. Introduction to lower and higher frequencies of desires
  2. Human evolution and higher frequencies
  3. Mastering desires, resting the mind and senses
  4. The Spectrum of Desires:
    1. Root: Survival, Stability, and Safety
    2. Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion
    3. Navel: Creativity, Life Force, Desire
    4. Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance
    5. Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love
    6. Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism
    7. Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity
    8. Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization
    9. Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality

Lower and Higher Frequencies of Desires

Human evolution is the process of expanding our consciousness to higher frequencies. Higher frequencies are the realms of expanded forms of fulfillment. Mastering our desires are the central theme on the path of transformation, self-awareness, self-development, self-realization, and self-fulfillment.

Desires can simply be understood as the desire for a source of energy. Desire is the mechanic that creates the world, makes it possible to have an experience, and drives all behavior. At the lower frequencies these are sense inputs or stimulation: mental stimulation in the form of thoughts, and physical stimulation through what we see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. Most people have been conditioned to live for the purpose of fulfilling these desires, seek pleasure, and in the process to avoid pain or displeasure. At the higher frequencies the source of energy is not tangible. Most people are completely unaware of higher frequency desires and their fulfillment because they are beyond mental and physical stimulation. Some higher frequency energy may register as sparkling currents of blissful tingling through the body, or inspirational information that is translated through the brain.

When we simplify the issues fueling unrest and discord in the world they all come down to lower frequency desires. Those who live in a perception that they do not have enough are restless because they cannot fulfill the pleasures they think they want. Those who live in a perception that they have somewhat enough are restless because they want more, or they are fearful of having less. Those who live in a perception that they have allot are restless because they want to sustain or increase their ability to fulfill these desires. The changes that are occurring in the world are for the purpose of human evolution and will directly target each individuals relationship to their desires.

Human Evolution and Higher Frequencies

Consciousness is expanding and evolving through life on earth, and through the human vehicle. All sense inputs feed into the mind, including thought as a sense input. For this reason the body is a learning device for the mind. A body that is embodying coherent frequencies is capable of functioning more efficiently and intuitively. Studies are showing that negative emotions create disorder in the body and positive feelings such as gratitude create increased order resulting in improved digestive, cardiovascular, immune, hormonal, cognitive, and other functions like intuition.

The path to living in a sustainable coherent state requires the simplification, release, and transmutation of lower frequency desires. The Process of Transformation is essentially a process of deconditioning the mind and its reliance on lower frequency desires as a source of energy. The process of transformation is unique for each of us because we are in a dynamic relationship with the universe, and the process is governed by the area for the greatest possibility for growth and expansion as we evolve. This process includes alone time, a complete diet change, social changes, environmental or location changes, intellectual changes, metaphysical or spiritual changes.

Trusting life is the key to living in harmony with life and fulfilling our individual destiny which leads to our self-fulfillment and self-actualization. Our self-actualization is the degree to which we fulfill our greatest potential as a human being.

Trusting life means we have expanded our consciousness beyond the identification with our ego or personality. This process of identification is the primary form of conditioning we experience to fit into the homogenized society, and dis-identification happens through a gradual process of deconditioning. For some this may mean 99% identification, and for another 10%. The degree to which we can experience life without identification determines our degree of freedom. Trusting life means we embrace whatever life is offering us because we know that it is leading us in the direction of our expansion. Trusting life means we do not take our life experience so personal, and we do not take our desires and sense inputs personal. Instead we endeavor to expand our understanding of ourselves through questioning ourselves, our life, habits, relationships, and beliefs.

When we can see Life as a Game and approach every experience with an open mind, like a quest, we increase our ability to discern the reason for particular situations, dynamics, and relationships in our life, and how to use them to continue on our path of self-empowerment and self-fulfillment. The path to our self-fulfillment is an intuitive process, which is governed by life’s intelligence, which means that our ability to follow our path depends on the quality and health of our overall consciousness.

Mastering Desires, Resting the Mind and Senses

Simplifying desires lead to greater harmony.

There are global trends that are the consequence of our movement in the direction of our evolution, becoming more sustainable, and mastering our desires. These trends include meditation, yoga and similar practices, self-help, spirituality, mindfulness, fasting and intermittent fasting, self-sufficiency, economic and social unrest, war and conflict, the pandemic, mental health issues, rates of disease and chronic illness, drug abuse, environmental changes, technological advancements, and the depletion of natural resources.

There are only three ways to resolve a desire: 1. Fulfilling it, 2. Releasing it, and 3. Transmuting it. Fulfilling desires create habits and an ongoing cycle of fulfillment because we live in time where everything is impermanent. Releasing desires simplifies our life, reduces stress, increases the number of healthy years of life, and longevity. Transmuting desires into the fulfillment of higher frequency desires expands our consciousness and our ability to experience deeper fulfillment, peace and inner harmony.

The Spectrum of Desires

The best way to understand the spectrum of our desires is through the body’s energy system. Understanding the spectrum of desires gives us the awareness and cognitive framework for going about fulfilling, releasing and transmuting desires that allow for the expansion of our consciousness.

The Human Body Biofield and Chakras with Female Anatomy. View all Biofield and Chakra Images.

Root: Survival, Stability, Safety

The body is designed to survive in our environment. The desire to survive is the driving force behind the evolution of the earlier hominids as well as homo sapiens, and that which will replace modern man. The desire for survival is the desire for stability, safety, and the ability to predict events in our environment. Fundamentally this instinctive self desires a degree of certainty.

Fulfilling the desire for survival, stability and safety is the easiest way to resolve these desires, and they are a part of the basic quests and challenges of being human. For some this is actually a primary feature of their life journey. When we are not able to fulfill these desires it can lead to self-destruction, which are forms of release, or we can transmute them. Even individuals who are meeting these needs may live in fear of their lives such as those who live in societies with high levels of crime or conflict.

Regardless of the situation these desires are transmuted by embracing the concept of uncertainty. To embrace the concept of uncertainty we have to expand our idea of what it means to be alive, what it means to be safe, what it means to feel certain about tomorrow, and our ability to survive another day. When we open our minds to look at an idea through new perspectives we are expanding our awareness and understanding which leads to changes in our consciousness. Along with this practice of self-inquiry there are three additional methods to embody a sense of safety: 1. we can practice stillness, a calm body calms the mind, our senses and our desires 2. we can practice affirmations that are in alignment with an expanded perspective which can make us feel safe in the midst of uncertainty and 3. we can practice body movements such as Chi Gong or exercise like walking that make us feel safe in our body. The ideas that will allow each person to expand their consciousness and transmute these desires will vary greatly depending on values, culture, religion, childhood conditioning, and life experience. Alan Watts wrote a great book called The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 2 Sacral

Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion

The desire to feel emotions and arousal are still dominating most of civilization because they are so powerful. When we enter this world our systems are predominately processing the world through emotional input and most people try to repeatedly fulfill these desires by entering into various types of relationships. Even those who are advanced in their awareness and spiritual practice may temporarily become overwhelmed by their emotions or arousal if they identify with the feelings. For this reason sexual transmutation is one of the most powerful practices available to man, especially in a world where access for fulfillment has become cheap and easily accessible.

Releasing sexual desire and emotions are vital in the process of expanding our perspective and growing in emotional freedom. Many people believe themselves to be at the mercy of the emotions and feelings of arousal that pass through their system. This is a fundamental aspect that changes as we expand our consciousness. Emotions and feelings become important sources of information that help us make decisions when we do not identify ourselves as the one who is experiencing the emotions, but can recognize that they are fields of information.

Emotions are stored in electromagnetic fields in our energy system called a biofield. Emotional trauma from our earliest experiences are emotional blocks that are stagnant energy in our biofield. Most of our life is predominately a collection of experiences and relationships that bring opportunities for clearing these emotional blocks and stagnant energy. Once we release emotional blocks our system becomes free from their interference and the life experiences they draw to us.

Emotions influence the activity in the autonomic nervous system which interacts with our digestive, cardiovascular, immune, hormonal and many other bodily systems. Each emotion we can experience can be measured in Hz (Hertz) on a range of frequencies from low contracted emotions like Shame at 20 Hz, to higher expanded emotions like Trust at 250 Hz and Gratitude at 540 Hz.

To transmute emotional and sexual energy we can study a range of fields that cover these subjects. Any expanded perspective on any of these subjects will benefit the expansion of our consciousness. When we consciously choose to use our sexual desire for higher purposes the results can be profound because these currents have massive power to fuel every other energy center. To do this we simply redirect our focus and energy to these other areas through our will, actions, and thoughts. Scott Jeffrey has a great free guide available online: A Complete Guide to the Secrets of Sexual Transmutation.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 3 Navel

Our navel center is our metaphysical connection to the source of life where we draw our power to manifest and create in this world. At the foundation of this energy center is the ability to convert food to create our body on an ongoing basis. This sphere of governs most of our compulsive decisions and actions such as eating and thinking. When we are engaged in higher frequencies we often loose our appetite, for example when we are in love or engaged in an intellectual or creative activity (flow).

Fulfilling these desires can be achieved through activities like eating, creating, thinking etc. or they can be relinquished through fasting, intermittent fasting, meditation, and yoga. Fasting has become more widespread and it will continue to as we expand our consciousness because a part of the process of our evolving bodies is that we will rely less on food. Fasting has enormous health and physiological benefits, and as our body adapts we require less food, as many individuals will testify to. The majority of the energy will be used to be creative. Each individual has a creative destiny.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 4 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance

This energy center governs the desires relating to our sense of self and the use of our will. The development of our willpower is the key component to developing expanded self-awareness, creating healthy boundaries, becoming our own best friend, liberator, and finding authentic self-fulfillment. Lack of development in this center is one of the main factors that contribute to unhealthy relationship dynamics, with ourselves, others, governments, and organizations.

There are many desires that drive our instinctive behaviors, but we are able to modify these fixed patterns of action by consciously recognizing the point of activation and choosing to either release or transmute the desire. It is our ability to use our will that allows for the process of deconditioning, and the modification of instinctive habits and traits.

Habits are formed through the fulfillment or lack of fulfillment of desires, and modified through the application of our will. While our innate ability to use our will empowers us, it is the development our ability to affirm choices that leads to self-mastery. Affirmations drive our behavior, consciously, and unconsciously. Every thought, word, and action can be seen as an affirmation because it is energy that has power. Verbal and mental affirmations are powerful forms of transmutation, along with physical exercise and creative activities like writing, drawing, playing music etc.

Developing empowering thoughts, and thereby empowering actions are the primary ways that we reclaim our power to create that which we want, and fulfill our desire for confidence, and self-assurance.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 5 Heart

Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love

Our desire for love and connection can be entangled with our desires to feel emotion, arousal, and the fulfillment of needs governed by our intellect and conditioning. Desires for emotions and arousal, that we commonly associate with experiencing love, are actually self-serving desires, desires to experience pleasure, to make us feel better, and a form of ego gratification. The popular 5 Love Languages explains how love is currently viewed: Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. We can love ice cream or another person because it brings us pleasure, or we can love something regardless of whether it makes us feel good.

True love is actually unconditional acceptance, understanding, and deep appreciation for another or a part of ourselves. Self-love is the process of learning to accept and love all parts of ourselves. These parts can be parts of our body, parts of our personality, or metaphysical aspects that we consider a part of our self, and ultimately, as we realize through the expansion of our consciousness, all of life.

The primary way to fulfill, release, and transmute desires for love is through compassion. Through contemplation and self-inquiry we can expand our concept of love. We often associate love with relationships and soul connections, but love is a spectrum that underlies our connection to all of life. We understand this better once we realize that love is not enough to make an intimate relationship work, that a harmonious intimate relationship is actually about compatibility.

Authentic self-love is the highest frequency in this world because it is about being enchanted with ourselves without attachment, a deep self-knowing, and appreciating every part of ourselves, which allows us to see the holistic nature of reality. Through the process of self-love, self-knowing, self-realization, self-actualization, and self-fulfillment we no longer see ourselves just as the character or roles. When we are no longer attached to our personality we can see and experience life, and love, from a metaphysical perspective. In this state of unconditional love, love it is all around us, felt in everything, and we see the beauty and truth in everyone.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 6 Thyroid

Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism

The thyroid center governs our desires for transformation, expansion, and integration, including individual and collective energy associated with trauma and karma. These desires can best be understood through our understanding and relationship to the idea of suffering. Suffering is the tension life uses to evolve our us and our consciousness. It is only when we take suffering for ourselves or another personal that it becomes a problem for the mind. The truth is that suffering is just feedback to let us know which direction to move to. Allot of stagnant energy is kept in that state through our limited perspectives.

The way we feel about ourselves, the world, and others is reflected in our body chemistry through the hormones that we are producing. Hormones are chemical messengers within the body that travel through the bloodstream to tissues, and organs. Body chemistry is a two way street because we can affect it through our behavior, and it also affects our behavior. Hormone production is the result of the combination of the conditioning we receive, our lifestyle, the food we eat, exercise habits, our thoughts, and the emotions we experience.

Female and male bodies produce mostly the same hormones, but to different degrees at different times, and ages. Each person also has a unique hormone profile based on various influences that start at conception. The goal is that as we integrate our masculine and feminine traits we balance and optimize our hormones. For optimal health, well-being, and chemistry a female body requires about 10 times as much estrogen (and progesterone) as a male body, and a male body at least 10 times as much testosterone as a female body. A majority of the current issues in society, relationships, and individuals can be seen in hormone imbalances, for example depression is caused by high testosterone in females, and high estrogen in males. Excessive psychological, emotional or physical stress lowers estrogen in females, and lowers testosterone in males. All of the symptoms associated with a lack of health and well-being is feedback designed to guide us to become better versions of ourselves. I believe we can even include the gender issues in society in part as a symptom of the desire for transformation.

We can fulfill the desire for transformation by embracing the tension and using it to fuel our determination to become self-fulfilled and self-empowered individuals. This means opening our mind to new possibilities, integrating our masculine and feminine traits, and embracing whatever system, process or modality we are intuitively guided to for our personal development. Releasing or transmuting the desire for transformation is the path of stillness, meditation, simplicity, and abstinence which is in itself a form of transformation. Life is designed to find ways to bring balance and equilibrium in any environment or circumstance.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 7 Throat

Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity

The throat center governs our desire to express ourselves, and listen to others. The quality and frequency that we communicate is determined by the coherence in all our energy centers, particularly the heart center. Two individuals can communicate the same message but the way it is understood, the way it feels to others, and the meaning others take from it can be dramatically different because of the influence that our system has on our communication and what we can hear. What we communicate can either be a replay of something we hear or read, our conditioning, or it can be our authentic expression. Expressing our authentic truth is the higher purpose of the throat center and expressing our authentic inner truth is a vital part of self-fulfillment. Discord in this energy center comes from limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, unresolved emotional trauma, and limited development in any of the other energy centers.

Fulfilling the desire to express ourselves, or listen to others, allows life to communicate with itself and thus facilitates the process of evolution and expanding our consciousness. Releasing and transmuting the desire for communication and expression is important in many circumstances, for both personal development, self-reflection, developing willpower, contemplation, self-inquiry, mindfulness, and transformation. Silent retreats or taking a periodic vow of silence has many benefits. Spending time in solitude, taking a break from media, people, and other sense inputs can have a phenomenal impact on the expansion of our consciousness because most of us are saturated with information, and emptying ourselves allows our consciousness generate new ideas. Transmuting the desire for verbal communication and expression can take various forms such as writing, art, dancing, yoga and meditation.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 8 Eye

Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization

Our eye center governs our desires for various forms of visual stimulation. External sources of visual stimuli are extremely crude and unrefined compared to inner vision. Societies are filled with sources of visual stimulation, and media companies are created to fuel and fulfill these desires. It is only through the release or transmutation of the desire for external stimulation that we can expand our capacity to access and develop our inner vision and imagination.

Releasing the desire for external stimuli includes limiting social interaction, media, games, news, movies, and online content. One of the benefits of limiting visual stimuli is that our dreams are not polluted by the external sources. This allows us to gain the full benefit of our dreams which can be wonderful experiences, guides, and reflections of our personal development. As we consistently use our dreams we learn to understand the symbolic language of our dreams as a mirror of ourselves, and we discover the synchronicity with our waking life. To learn more about dreams read Kari Hohne’s What’s in a Dream.

The practice of Active Imagination developed by Carl Jung is an example of transmutation. Active Imagination is a meditation technique where we allow the contents of our unconscious to surface and translate into images, stories, and people or personalities. The process serves as a bridge between the conscious mind and the unconscious for the purpose of growing in self-awareness and expanding our consciousness.

Astral projection, imagination exercises, and visualization practices are other forms of transmutation that require us to become still and develop our ability to concentrate.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 9 Crown

Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality

Our crown center governs our desire for knowledge, self-awareness, and answers to the bigger questions about life. The intellect and intellectual understanding forms the basis of these desires. Intellectual understanding does not necessarily make us wise or successful. Intellectual understanding of spirituality and self-realization does not liberate us. It is only through realizing inner truths within ourselves that we continue to expand our consciousness to the degree that we can self-actualize and experience deep self-fulfillment.

Fulfilling the desire for self-realization requires extensive contemplation and a simple, meditative lifestyle that allows for the time and space to be immersed in the presence of ourselves. Releasing the desire for intellectual knowledge opens the door to intuitive knowledge. Transmuting the desire for intellectual knowledge increases our ability to access inner truths, gain insight, and develop wisdom through reflection and contemplation.

There are 10 elements to Self-Realization:

  1. Self-awareness and body-awareness.
  2. Self-acceptance and self-love.
  3. Self-nurturing and cultivation.
  4. Emotional well-being and maturity.
  5. Mindfulness and conscious decision making.
  6. Self-inquiry and investigation (questioning everything, especially habits and beliefs).
  7. Open-mindedness, aspiring to higher truths and higher purpose.
  8. Expanded perspectives, meta cognition, meditation, stillness.
  9. Perseverance and devotion.
  10. Equanimity and the ability to integrate polarities.

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Individual Empowerment

Individual Empowerment by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. What is Individual Power?
  2. Attachment Styles & Conditioning
  3. The Design
  4. How do we reclaim our Power?
  5. Acceptance, Self-Love & Authentic Power
  6. 7 Steps to Greater Joy & Empowerment
  7. Advaita Vedanta

What is Individual Power?

An empowered individual is optimistic and chooses to live with a growth mind set that is open for continuous expansion. When someone owns their power, they have gained in their level of self-awareness to a degree that they feel empowered and capable. An individual that is empowered does not have a fearful or distrusting relationship with themselves or life. Scientific, religious, academic, and spiritual endeavor all really share the intention of cultivating trust in ourselves, or the system.

So why do we disown our power?

Attachment Styles & Conditioning

Fear has a powerful influence on our behavior. A small percentage of people are estimated to become emotionally mature adults in our current stage of evolution. Currently only about 50% of the population in a country like the USA have a secure attachment style. The rest are spending a significant amount of time in fear. Fearful people feel powerless on some level, about something, or many things. Powerlessness is something that can set in the first 7 years of life when we are in a Theta brain wave state and programmed by our environment.

The Design

We are energy or spirit embodied. In this embodiment there is a set of defined mechanics that govern the world, like day and night, the seasons, and larger solar cycles. Our lives, our civilizations, economies, and social systems go through cycles. Think of it like a game setup, while the characters are free to do what they want we are still running on a system with a set of parameters, with smaller and larger cycles, like a holographic fractal. That is why psychological projection is the foundation of our experience. The world we see with our eyes is not the true reality, we live in a multidimensional field of consciousness.

There are psychological patterns that define human experience like any of the cycles in nature. We embody a spectrum of consciousness that is defined by polarities, happy and sad, angry, and peaceful, etc. True peace lies in integrating all polarities and being free from attachment while being able to enjoy a prosperous life. That is why an ancient binary system like the I Ching is so fascinating in the study of nature’s cycles and human consciousness. Introspection and contemplation are powerful tools in gaining greater self awareness.

How do we reclaim our Power?

When we take life personal, we see ourselves as separate from others. We imagine ourselves a body and a victim in a scary world, that we see evidence for, but never question that our perception may be based on our beliefs. It is only our thoughts that can scare us, but what if nobody ever tells us that?

When we expand our consciousness, we start to integrate suppressed, disowned, denied, and rejected parts of our consciousness. This is where transformation, emotional well being, spirituality, therapy, and psychology all come together. We get to a stage where we can choose to, and can consciously integrate our seemingly good and bad aspects, and learn to live in a state of greater inner harmony, universal acceptance, and love. Becoming emotionally mature is a part of evolution, a part of the game design. When we cultivate this state of awareness we no longer judge ourselves or others because we always choose to understand from a more holistic perspective. As we integrate ourselves, we can see spirit and the game for what it is and see the joy, and beauty that was hidden in the thought fog.

Acceptance, Self-Love & Authentic Power

Authentic power comes from Self-love. Self-Love starts with acceptance, self-care and understanding our self, objectively, which requires commitment, compassion, and forgiveness. When we are self-aware, we trust our intuition, we trust how we will respond to life and thus feel secure inside without the need for external security. Once we know how to give ourselves these core stability gifts, we can and want to give it to others too.

Our universal human purpose is to achieve this level of the game, to embody the higher self, and then encourage others to empower themselves. We can learn to embody a much greater flow of energy and live an authentic life where we feel fulfilled because it is designed that way. Each life is unique and always relative to the subjective journey and experience of the individual. Trust is the vital ingredient in the quest called life.

Read more: The Art of Self Love, Life as a Game, Emotional Well Being, The Game Setup, The Process of Transformation

7 Steps to Greater Joy & Empowerment

  1. Be Determined, refuse to be unhappy.
  2. Assess your life and current relationships for authentic joy and honesty – clean relationships up in the most suitable way and create healthy boundaries.
  3. Let go of all grievances.
  4. Do more things, more of the time that you enjoy. Discover things that brings you inner peace, authentic joy, a sense of well being or contentment.
  5. Encourage yourself no matter what.
  6. Learn to trust life, yourself, and your intuition.
  7. Make decisions from your higher self perspective so that you are in harmony with life, and thus your unique design and life path.

Advaita Vedanta

There is a school of Hindu philosophy called Advaita Vedanta, a form of self-inquiry, which is about 2800 years old, that explains the world is mind-based (Maya – Sanskrit: “magic” or “illusion”), a projection, and that the goal is self-realization, to know ourselves as the source, as the divine presence. The modern equivalent is called self-actualization in psychology. I became interested in this subject because of my experiences. Advaita Vedanta is a path to inner peace and liberation.

Motivational & Inspirational Messages

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Emotional Well-being

Emotional Well-being by Nathalie Strassburg

SHORTCUTS: What is emotional well-being?, Feelings guide us, Psychological Projection, The relationship with ourselves (self soothing, self care, self love, higher love)

We are each beautiful and whole on our own, even when we are not fully aware of it yet. Each of us have needs to meet in order to feel fulfilled and live an authentic life. Sometimes we can feel unhappy, lost, or unloved without realizing that it can be resolved within ourselves, regardless of our circumstances. Learn about The Art of Self Love.

When we are unhappy all that is happening is that we are choosing things that make us unhappy. Unhappiness is a state of confusion.

Depression can be a major catalyst for the Process of Transformation. Being depressed means you are ready to move to the next level!

Many of us never learned how to care for our emotional well-being and find our joy. Nobody here is a victim in any way whatsoever, we are here to learn together.

What is emotional well-being?

Emotional wellbeing means you feel good, about yourself, your life, the people around you, what do you, what you say and everything in between. It is a state of inner and outer harmony. Emotional wellbeing is only authentic if it does not depend on an external source.

Negative emotions create disorder in the body and positive feelings such as gratitude create increased order resulting in improved digestive, cardiovascular, immune, hormonal, cognitive, and other functions like intuition.

To learn more about this visit

Feelings guide us, they are our compass.

Our feelings guide us. They are our direct feedback system designed to let us know in which direction to go. All feelings are valid because they need to be allowed and understood if we want to integrate all parts of our consciousness.

Many people are raised in unhealthy emotional environments, this is part of our evolution, but it needs to be understood because it creates characters who do not know how to be honest, trust themselves, the world, others, or their feelings, and who suppress, deny, and reject parts of themselves that their parents or caregivers were not able to accept or love because they have their own unresolved emotional wounds. Emotional immaturity is passed down unconsciously because people are not aware of it.

Psychological Projection

Everything we see is a projection from our mind. Read more about it in Life as a game. The mind has an image of what it desires, judges as valuable and then seeks to find it. These images are projected outward, and this is what we think we see, what we think is real and what we base our behavior on. Therefore, what is in our mind will determine what we create. This is why childhood conditioning is our toolbox with which we create, for better or worse, unless we consciously grow and expand ourselves continuously. 

It is important to learn to distinguish between love and guilt. Codependent relationships are fear based and present guilt as care or love. In codependent relationships we project our unresolved emotional issues onto those around us. Codependent relationships can become clingy because without someone else holding our emotional baggage for us, we have to deal with it ourselves, which is what leads to growth.

If we grow up in an environment where the parents are not able to care for their own emotional well-being, we will not know what unconditional love is and without resolution we will recreate the same patterns in our own relationships because we will not be able to discern between guilt and love. Be aware of how prevalent these patterns are, for example, organized religion can be a codependent relationship based on fear.

The relationship with ourselves

There is ultimately only one relationship that is important. Any other relationship we have will reflect the one we have with ourselves, whether we are conscious enough to notice it or not. The relationship with ourselves is about The Art of Self Love and the foundation of the Process of Transformation.

Self Soothing

First, we learn to accept every feeling, and choose to consciously move ourselves to a better frame of mind, every time it is needed. This is what emotionally mature parents teach their children. All emotions want to, and need to, be seen, felt, heard, and understood. We only judge things that we do not understand. In order to integrate our consciousness all aspects are brought into balance and harmony. We give ourselves compassion for being human and learn through every experience. Every experience contains a piece of gold, pain is our greatest teacher.

Self Care

As we accept ourselves more, we become more honest with ourselves and make decisions that lead us to peace and joy. What we eat, where we live, how we live, who we spend our time with, and how we spend our time become a real priority and we take the steps necessary to care for ourselves in every way possible, one step at a time. When we choose peace then things become allot simpler. During this stage we start to trust life because we have real evidence as we achieve manageable goals.  

Self Love

Love seeds love. Through self care we embrace ourselves, we show ourselves love through the actions and thoughts we now choose. We notice how our beliefs are changing, and we realize that others reflect the love we have for ourselves. We open our minds to see the incredible gift that we are and that life is. We realize that love is something we grow inside of ourselves. We realize that we can only give to others what we have. As we grow in love for life and ourselves we are able to feel compassion for others and choose to understand before judging. We choose to forgive, all the time, because it sets us free. Because we are no longer fearful we can be fully present to the moment, whatever it offers us.

Higher Love

As we become more intimate with ourselves and life we expand our consciousness through the integration of seemingly opposite ideas. We create inner peace. Our vision is no longer obscured by fear and we embody our true authentic self more every day. The love we give ourselves is now continuously being refilled by life, we have surrendered, we live in love, we feel love in everything and everywhere, and see it in everyone now because we understand what the journey of life is really for. We live free and at peace, and the world around us reflect this. We choose to share this higher love in whatever situation we find ourselves because there is nothing else that compares. Life now lives through us.

Recognize that the source of all we have is life, nothing really belongs to any of us. This sets us free. Give to life what we want to receive.

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