About Nathalie

Nathalie Strassburg is a South African designer, artist, author, gardener, and human transformation enthusiast. She is trained in art, digital design, marketing, NLP, Life Coaching and has more than 20 years of freelance design experience specializing in branding. Nathalie is passionate about self-realization and inner peace. She has traveled extensively, currently lives in South Africa growing a food forest, writing a new book, and engaged in several creative projects.

Intuitive Geometry Method Icons
Nathalie Strassburg Intuitive Geometry Incarnated in Time Spectrum Original Artwork with photo and artist

Intuitive Geometry

Nathalie is best known for her Intuitive Geometry art which is based on a method she developed after a vision she had during her mid-thirties. She published the book Intuitive Geometry – Drawing with overlapping circles in 2021. She believes that Intuitive Geometry is a gift to all of humanity and therefore made it possible for anyone to learn the method for free online, so that location or economic circumstances did not prevent anyone from learning it.

Make a Donation that allows you to contribute to the creation of Intuitive Geometry art, appreciation for the use of images, extended use of images (where granted in writing), use for tattoos, customization of files, free designs and resources, existing and new books, courses, free articles, and more.

Through Fine Art America you can purchase artworks printed as wall art and on a wide range of products. Products are available worldwide and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Intuitive Geometry is not just about drawing, it is about developing our intuition and learning the fundamental structure of life. Practicing the use of overlapping circles affects our consciousness on all levels, and our ability to become more powerful creators in this world. – Nathalie Strassburg

The original artworks and prints are for sale, and art may be commissioned. Artworks are available in 3 different sizes and are produced with color pencils and graphite on 200gsm quality paper that is acid free and age resistant. The artworks are very time intensive and take anything from 10 days to 28 days to produce. The images and line art of the original artworks are for sale on her website along with other products so that it is accessible for inspiration, wall art, teaching, coloring, and personal projects. Custom Images and Designs are also available.

Sustainable Living

Nathalie lives in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She is mostly self-sufficient, lives in a small home she designed, uses solar power, and grows a variety of herbs, flowers, fruits, vines, and trees.

She enjoys cooking, experimenting with new recipes, and ways of providing nourishment to our bodies.

She loves spending time in the garden, believes it is therapeutic, and healing to do gardening work.

Nathalie Strassburg Home and The Medicine Garden

I Ching & Human Design Charts

I Ching Astrology Human Design Gene Keys Female Profile by Nathalie Strassburg
Nathalie Strassburg I Ching Personalized Profile Poster
Nathalie Strassburg Spectrum I Ching Birth Chart 12 November 1979
Nathalie Strassburg I Ching Spectrum Birth Chart
Nathalie Strassburg Human Design Chart 12 Nov 1979, 2pm South Africa
Nathalie’s Human Design Profile
Nathalie Strassburg Human Design Family Tree
Nathalie’s Human Design Family Tree