I Ching Personalized Profile & Report


Your I Ching Personalized Profile & Report is based on your birthday. It contains your profile, design aspects, personality, powers, gifts, uniqueness, passion, life tasks, possibilities, destiny and keys for life fulfillment. This site is in ZAR , it is about USD $29.

Includes: Your Personalized I Ching +- 7 Page PDF report (1mb). Your I Ching Profile Poster printable JPG file: Prints up to 900×600 mm / 35,4 x 23,6 inches (8mb). Please see the product images for the examples.

I will contact you to request your birth date, location and time (if available) via email after your order has been placed. You will receive your report and poster via email, and the current average time to delivery is 3 days.


Your I Ching Personalized Profile & Report is based on your birthday, location and time (if you have it). The personalized report is an introduction for educational and entertainment purposes. It combines various teachings, knowledge, personal experience and intuition.

The I Ching is Chinese and the oldest of all the classical divination systems, from around 800 BCE. It is also one of the oldest books in the world and based on simple binary (what our computers are built on) with 64 themes. It provides wise and insightful answers to questions, or as a guide for contemplation.

The profile is compatible with any I Ching website, book or system based on the I Ching. I recommend further study of the I Ching, Human Design system, Gene Keys, Kabbalah, Chakras, Astrology, Psychological Archetypes, personality spectrum, Numerology, Advaita Vedanta etc.


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