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The Future 2022 and Beyond

The Future 2022 and Beyond by Nathalie Strassburg

SHORTCUTS: What is going on? What is the greater purpose? How can we prepare ourselves? Some Ideas

We are living in an interesting time with many changes around us. There is a greater purpose to all that is happening. The best strategy is to align ourselves with the pattern that we are in so that we can flow with the changes and experience harmony, peace and prosperity regardless of what is going on in the world.

What is going on?

So what is going on? We are in the early stages of a longer term cycle to remedy underlying energetic stagnation through the tension of transformation. We can already see greater instability in nearly all areas of our lives. Political, social and economical instability are the physical manifestations of the energetic changes that are happening. The majority of social, political and economical systems are going through a period of decay and change that will continue as we move towards something that is more sustainable.

What is the greater purpose?

What is the greater purpose of it? We are entering into a time that will allow for reflection, greater sensitivity, greater awareness, and healing of the unresolved trauma and emotional energy that is a part of our evolutionary journey and the underlying cause of the trouble we see in individuals, our relationships, and communities. These changes will allow us to become more sustainable within ourselves, and create a more sustainable world.

How can we prepare ourselves?

The best way to prepare ourselves is through the perspective we choose to have. Unsustainable ways will not work anymore. We can see this as an opportunity to create the kind of world we want to live in, from where we are, and what we are capable of. This is not something that will be lead by governments or large organizations, it will come from individuals, an inner revolution, because we are the vehicles through which consciousness transforms.

The kind of perspective that embraces change includes equanimity, optimism, using the tension of transformation and allowing change to occur within us, and in our lives by making any changes we can to our lifestyle that make things simpler and easier.

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Some Ideas

Reduce unsustainable spending, save money, plan ahead, make the changes necessary to live simpler, and rely less on money.

Invest in your home, create the kind of home that you love to be in.

Take care of your body by doing some regular exercise and eating as healthy as you can (vegetables, fruits, herbs).

Embrace the Tension of Transformation, and the Process of Transformation.

Balance your feminine and masculine hormones and expressions so they are in harmony with your body.

Release any destructive addictions and pleasure seeking habits, these hold a tremendous amount of power from us. Releasing them is self-empowering.

Master your Desires – Rest the mind and senses.

Take care of your emotional well-being. Do shadow work, learn to see the world from a metaphysical perspective, and learn how to use your dreams to guide you to greater awareness.

Learn the Art of Self-Love.

Cultivate a growth mindset, and release thoughts and beliefs of victimization.

Understand the Spectrum of Relationships, commit to compatible relationships, and let go of people who are not compatible so that the right people can find each other.

If possible, grow a garden with some basic herbs, fruits and vegetables. You can also join others or create community gardens. Creating a garden is a powerful alchemical process that will transform you from the inside.

Become more self-sufficient so that you travel less, and require less imports and goods that come from far away.

Rely less on governments and organizations that are unsustainable.

Invest some of your energy in your community and neighbors.

Find a higher purpose to live for by following your authentic joy. Money and pleasure are not sustainable purposes.

Spend more time doing activities that are uplifting and nourishing, for example: art (you can learn Intuitive Geometry), dancing, playing, spending time outside, talking about uplifting subjects, reading about people and subjects that are inspiring, watching educational media, walking in nature, gardening, writing, meditating, making or listening to uplifting music, dreaming, relaxing, and being still.

Learn to relax and be still. Excessive thinking and activities are a reflection of the energetic instabilities, learn to bring your energetic system into greater coherence and equilibrium through your breath and focusing your awareness on one thing.

Develop your intuitive abilities, it is life’s intelligence guiding you. Science shows us that our intuitive abilities rely on the degree of coherence we can embody.

Learn to appreciate yourself, life as it is, nature, animals and the people around you.

Release any grievances, and practice forgiveness and compassion.

Create daily practices that bring inner peace such as contemplation, affirmations, and gratitude.

Expand your consciousness by integrating new ideas, letting go of old beliefs and limiting ideas that do not serve you or bring you joy. Expand your awareness of the Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness.

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