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The Spectrum of Tension for Transformation

The Spectrum of Tension for Transformation by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction
  2. The Tension of Transformation vs. Suffering
  3. The Spectrum of Tension for Transformation:
    1. Root: Survival, Stability, and Safety
    2. Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion
    3. Navel: Creativity, Life Force, Desire
    4. Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance
    5. Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love
    6. Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism
    7. Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity
    8. Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization
    9. Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality


Most of us on earth have been conditioned to avoid pain, discomfort, adversity, and suffering. Entire industries are the evidence for this, including some of the most well-funded organizations and those that focus on victimization. There is a distinct difference between suffering and the tension of transformation.

The truth is that change is the process of transformation, and transformation for many comes through the tension that inspires the desire for growth. Many individuals are being held back from growth because of a lack of understanding that leads to dysfunctional relationships, governments, and organizations. This article is inspired by my own experiences and the individuals I see who are unhappy because they struggle to embrace the things that would lead to their growth and happiness.

The tension of transformation vs. suffering

With a clear understanding of the gifts that inspire change we learn that we have a choice to either embrace the tension, or suffer the tension that life brings our way. Everyone experiences the tension because of the type of world we are in, it comes with the current territory. By 2100 things will be very different, but we get there because of our willingness to be open to new possibilities for change and growth. Our choice is to either go with the flow with what life presents to us for our growth, and embrace the process of transformation, allowing it to be the wind in our sails, or resist it and suffer pain, unhappiness and unfulfilling lives.

Suffering is a mental state of victimization, where we either perceive ourselves or someone else as a victim. This leads to stagnation, co-dependence, and reacting out if fear. Dysfunctional relationships are most often caused by the fear of being the source of the tension for transformation for someone else. The tension of transformation is the expansive mental state where we choose to master our challenges and respond to adversity like it is an opportunity for expanding our consciousness, and improving our lives and the world around us.

Nathalie Strassburg Intuitive Geometry Violet Flame Spectrum Geometry Original Art
The Original Violet Flame Spectrum Geometry Art. The Violet Flame represents the high frequencies of violet light and the energy of love, freedom and transmutation.

The spectrum for tension of transformation

Below is a framework for understanding how the tension of transformation manifests in our lives through the 9 energy centers (chakras). Remember every challenging thought, situation, experience, relationship, and idea is for our personal development. Life is a uniquely subjective experience based on our own life experiences, genetic and astrological design, purpose, and desires.

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Root: Survival, Stability, Safety

At the core of our existence as human beings we are faced with the dilemma of survival, stability, and safety. The part of us that sees ourselves as a separate individualized being suffers the illusion of aloneness, a body in a big world. The part of us that knows we are an energy being sees itself as an interconnected part of a web of energy. For most of us the tension of transformation in the root center evolves around expanding our understanding of what we are, and thus simply requires us to expand our understanding of energy and how it functions.

Confidence in our ability to survive and feel safe in this world comes from knowing in every part of our being that we are more than a separate body. There are a number of avenues we can take to expand our knowing, depending on our current conditioning which makes some ideas more acceptable than others, these can include studying quantum physics, psychology, self-realization, scriptures, past life regressions, out of body experiences, psychic phenomena, channeling, and any related subjects. The sincere study of these fields with an open heart and mind with the intention to expand our consciousness leads to the deeper understanding of what energy is, how it works, what we are, what this world is, and how to reach a state of self-fulfillment.

It is very important to realize that due to conditioning, fear, and limiting beliefs many of us will experience the tension of transformation as the resistance to some new or even old ideas. Do not let it stop you, you are meant to transcend this kind of limitation. Open your mind, study everything and trust that your deeper self is intelligent and intuitive enough to find the golden thread that leads you to your own inner truth. The process of expanding your mind is the process of integrating new ideas and knowledge holistically. Trust your own intuition as to which avenues to take based on what your feel curious about. Inside of you is a vast intelligent being that has the experience and knowledge to walk your own path to self-fulfillment and receive all the evidence you need to feel completely safe and secure in this world, no matter what others say or what is going on around you.

My inner truth:

Our fears are our gateways to expanding our consciousness, attaining self-fulfillment, being empowered, and living the kind of life we deeply desire. Through my own personal trials, I faced the fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of conflict, addictions, extreme sensitivity to stress, profound emotional immaturity due to dysfunctional upbringing, and feeling lost, confused, and alone. Even with guiding inner visions and some profound experiences throughout my life I still suffered in the fog of fear until I dedicated enough time, focus, and energy to filling my consciousness with expansive ideas that opened my mind to new possibilities. Through years of study, commitment to my own growth, and determination to be happy I went through a process of radical transformation. Today, based on my own evidence and experience, I can say that we live in a world created by minds for our own experience, that is why I call it a game. Energy is conscious, consciousness is the universal substance, and it is programmable at all levels, which means that our experience reflects the mental conditioning we received throughout our lives, and only we can update our programming through the process of expanding our minds and growing in awareness through the integration of new information, habits, and experiences that serve our well-being. Read The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness to understand how everything fits together in this world of energy and what we are, what this world is, and why you are always safe, loved and protected.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 2 Sacral

Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotion

The tension of transformation in the sacral center comes predominantly from the experience of emotions. Some individuals are more sensitive than others. Emotions are fields of information that move through our energetic system. Emotions are central to the human experience on earth and each individual’s biofield consist of an emotional body where emotional information is stored electromagnetically.

The tension of transformation in the sacral center will come from developing emotional freedom: unraveling our beliefs around emotions, what happened in the past, and learning how to understand emotions as energetic information so they are not taken personally.

Traumatic emotional experiences start while we are in the womb (we experience what our mothers experience) and continue during our early years, and they can remain unresolved into adulthood and even old age which leads to unfulfilling lives. Any adverse emotional reaction we experience now is an emotional trigger that originated in the past. These stagnant energies are also the cause of most illnesses and adverse events, not just depression. Illnesses are the body’s way of getting our attention in order to catalyze the process of healing. Through awareness, mindfulness, and compassion these emotional wounds can be healed and cleared so that our emotional body is healthy, and we feel confident and empowered. This process does not require years of therapy, but simply the intention to face our vulnerabilities and use any process or healing modality that appeals to us. The way we respond to a current emotional experience affects our past, present and future.

My inner truth:

This was by far the most challenging experience for me because emotions are so intense, and they can override our sense of logic and reason. The way I learned how to work through this was as follows: Whenever I experienced an emotional trigger, uncomfortable experience, distressing thoughts etc. I would immediately become super aware, use my breath in the moment to calm myself, and give myself some time to respond. I made myself consciously aware of what was going on by objectively and honestly speaking to myself compassionately about what I feel and think, and then I would make the time to process the feelings and thoughts consciously so that it changed the way I thought and felt about the experience.

The process included the following: Understanding how the past affects current experiences, the desire to heal my emotional body, compassionate self-talk, writing letters, journaling, lots of affirmations, mantras, setting boundaries, creating new beliefs, asking my subconscious / whole self for help, meeting my needs (past or present), and making the changes in my life and habits that reflected my new awareness. Every time we have an adverse emotional experience it is an invitation from our self to heal and integrate the hurt and fearful parts of ourselves. It takes some practice and time, but once we recognize the patterns and make the conscious effort to work through the experiences, we learn to love the process of healing because of the way we feel about ourselves, others, and the world – this is emotional freedom.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 3 Navel

The tension of transformation in the navel center comes mostly from our desires. Desires are the fuel that drive life, they can therefore drive us either upwards to higher frequencies, or lower into dark states if despair and addiction. Mastering our desires are central to evolving our consciousness in every way. Our desires can fuel our creativity which is the highest expression of our being that can lead us to self-fulfillment and higher purpose. Read Mastering Desire – Resting the Mind and Senses.

My inner truth:

Mastering my desires were key to taking my personal growth to a much higher level. It was not until I was willing to examine every habit and change things that were not serving me that I could see and experience higher frequencies. This was a gradual process for me that started about 12 years ago. Eventually I changed nearly all my daily habits and created the life I wanted to live.

The strangest part about this process was that it required me to realize I was in incompatible relationships, with myself, personal relationships, and with work. Many of the people did not like the changes I wanted to make or made. The beautiful part of the process is that I could discover my authentic self, the person I love, regardless of what others think or say. It can be very challenging giving up habits that give some comfort like addictions. The most important thing I realized here is that every time I gave something up it was like I reclaimed power I was unknowingly giving away. This empowered me to use the new and available energy towards greater endeavors.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 4 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus: Willpower, Confidence, Self-Assurance

The tension of transformation in the solar plexus comes from the experiences that develop our willpower, strength of character, confidence, and self-assurance. The development of our will is the dominant factor that allows our consciousness to move beyond the separated victim egocentric self. To discover our authentic self we face every part of ourselves, every fear, every wound, every shadow. Through this process we develop healthy boundaries and self-respect that turns into appreciation that allows us to develop self-love and move into higher frequencies that open our hearts.

My inner truth:

Taking responsibility for everything in my life allowed me to move beyond a victim mindset and start the journey of dreaming, setting goals, making the decisions, taking the actions, and manifesting the life I love to live. When we start new things it is like a rough sketch, and only through practice and consistent effort do we refine our skills and abilities that turn into excellence.

Art and design are the crafts that allowed me to develop the willpower I needed to feel confident enough to face the more challenging personal quests. I highly recommend any craft, habit, or hobby that you enjoy that will allow you to develop confidence. Developing confidence and self-assurance through perseverance is a skill we can transfer to other areas of our lives. The most challenging aspects for me here was discovering my boundaries, and setting healthy boundaries with the universe, myself, and others. Setting boundaries comes from the tension of transformation and setting boundaries also creates tension for transformation, within ourselves and for others. Through this difficulty I learned to trust what really belongs in my life and what doesn’t. It taught me what the gift of detachment is really about.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 5 Heart

Heart: Connection, Compassion, Universal Love

The tension of transformation in the heart center comes predominantly from developing self-love and transcending limiting ideas, perspectives, experiences, and beliefs of love. Intimacy is something far beyond sexuality and emotions. Intimacy is the frequency of love that connects our personality to our inner-self, that connects to our higher self, that connects us to our spark of the source of life and all consciousness.

Consciousness is the universal substance that permeates absolutely everything, at every scale. Everything is conscious and responds to love. Through the expansion of our consciousness, we discover the true nature of everything, and this is the gradual process that opens our hearts to everything. Compassion is the byproduct of this process and universal love is the outcome. Self-love is the process of cultivating intimacy with ourselves. Self-love is the beginning of this journey and self-compassion is the method for expanding our awareness by sincerely opening our minds and hearts to new possibilities for love.

My inner truth:

The entire concept of self-love was unknown to me until my late thirties. My conditioned mind was overly critical, judgmental, and highly defensive. I isolated myself from the world and others out of fear because of the poor relationship skills I had, and the emotional immaturity I was unaware of. The only way I could transcend this was with daily habits, affirmations, mantras, positive self-talk, and a huge amount of self-compassion. Self-love is an art. Once I developed sufficient sincere self-love my frequency was high enough that my heart and mind could open to the spectrum of love that allows me to integrate new awareness holistically.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 6 Thyroid

Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism

The tension of transformation in the thyroid center comes predominantly from balancing our feminine and masculine polarity and expressions in harmony with the body we are incarnated in. Our hormones are a two-way street, they affect everything we experience and everything we do affects them. It is vital for each gender to express themselves optimally in order to be healthy, feel good, and capable of achieving self-fulfillment. When our hormones are unbalanced, we will not have the desire or willpower to embrace the tension of transformation. Our intention with any action and activity determines whether it is a feminine or masculine expression, regardless of our gender. Read more about The Spectrum of Gender – Feminine and Masculine expressions for hormonal balance.

Feminine and Masculine Expressions for Hormonal Balance

My inner truth:

Most women today are masculine in their polarity, and we have no idea of the damage this is creating on all levels of society. Women are the ones who have to lead the masculine into a world of peace and love, and we cannot do this when our hormones are unbalanced because we will simply be incapable of expressing the higher frequencies of love. I come from generations of masculine women, so I had no idea what was going on. It was only through gradual progression and spiritual guidance that I discovered that I had completely disowned my femininity.

Developing my authentic self naturally led to a lifestyle where I was expressing more and more of my femininity, and the more I learned to relax and do things that I love the happier I became. Women need the freedom to live every day intuitively, doing things that we love, and doing things in a loving way. This is a profound journey of transformation and change that affects everything we do, every thought, word, feeling, emotion, and intention.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 7 Throat

Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity

The tension of transformation in the throat center comes predominantly from the discovery and the courage to fulfill our life purpose. People most often want to know what their life purpose is, and the funny thing is that we all have the same purpose – to share spirit awareness through our unique vehicle. Our life purpose and destinies are the natural expression of our true authentic self. We may be gifted with all kinds of talents, skills, and abilities, but it is only when we put them in service of our higher self that they become enchanting. Self-fulfillment is the goal of every life, and all tension of transformation is designed to strip away everything we don’t need that allows for the unveiling of our inner truth, authentic self, and our authentic self-expression.

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My inner truth:

I loved drawing from a really young age and through the tension of transformation life orchestrated that I attend art school. Art turned into design, and I spent my late teens till 42 years of age working as a freelance designer for countless individuals and organizations. During my early 30s I started feeling like I wanted to do something more, but I had no idea where to start. Then I had a vision of a large geometric drawing that changed my life.

The vision prompted me to start studying everything I could with a whole new intention. I wanted to know everything about geometry and how it related to every aspect of life. It took years of studying and drawing to realize there was a fundamental structure that repeated itself over and over in everything at every scale. This is how the Intuitive Geometry method was developed. The Intuitive Geometry art and designs are my authentic expressions of my inner truth, and the way I see and share the highest frequencies of spirit, truth, love, and light. Each human contains a seed for this kind of authentic expression of higher truth. It is a process of discovering our natural talents and following our authentic joy that provides enough enthusiasm for the refinement that leads to beautiful authentic expressions that we love.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 8 Eye

Eye: Vision, Imagination, Visualization

The tension of transformation in the eye center comes predominantly from expanding our perspectives, and using our imagination to create new things and the life we want to life. This process requires us to contemplate life so that we can integrate our lessons and wisdom. When we retreat from the external world periodically we allow ourselves to integrate awareness, and provide the receptive state for our higher self to fill our being with more of our light that reveals new possibilities to us. The challenge here is to give up the outer world and look within.

My inner truth:

Spending so much time alone naturally allowed me to cultivate my ability to contemplate and reflect. Without the space to process life I don’t think we can expand our consciousness beyond a certain degree. Most people are simply absorbed in the distractions of the mundane world. I was determined to be happy and willing to do whatever it took to discover how. This led to a profound inner journey of discovery. I know now what is possible when we believe we can live a life we love, and this is something I wish for everyone to discover, it is magical.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 9 Crown

Crown: Knowledge, Self-Realization, Spirituality

The tension of transformation in the crown center comes from filling ourselves every day in every way with the highest frequencies if truth, love, and light. This is the process of transformation and takes commitment, devotion, perseverance, discipline, intention, sincerity, integrity, trust, intuition, willingness, an open mind, and heart. In order to live in the frequencies of joy and bliss every day requires us to clear our energetic system and environment from all interference. It is here that life can be experienced as the dream it truly is.

My inner truth:

I did not know what bliss was until I started devoting every day in every way to my higher self. Bliss is a state of deep peace, stillness, divine relaxation, inner joy, and unconditional love all experienced at the same time. Once I started tapping into this frequency of being there was nowhere else I would rather be, and it requires nothing outside of myself. This state of being is our truly natural state and I believe it is possible for anyone to achieve.

Some elements of Self-Realization:

  1. Self-awareness and body-awareness.
  2. Self-acceptance and self-love.
  3. Self-nurturing and cultivation.
  4. Emotional well-being and maturity.
  5. Mindfulness and conscious decision making.
  6. Self-inquiry and investigation (questioning everything, especially habits and beliefs).
  7. Open-mindedness, aspiring to higher truths and higher purpose.
  8. Expanded perspectives, meta cognition, meditation, stillness.
  9. Perseverance and devotion.
  10. Equanimity and the ability to integrate polarities.

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