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The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness

Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness article by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction: Spirit is consciousness. Consciousness is a spectrum of light vibrating from the slowest to fastest frequency.
  2. The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness:
    1. Inanimate and slow moving objects of consciousness.
    2. Natural Elements like plants, animals, insects, fish, birds, all kinds of organisms, elementals, nature spirits, and light beings like fairies.
    3. Individualized Incarnated light body fragments into degrees of matter.
    4. Souls and light body fragments in higher frequency ethereal realms.
    5. Higher-self, over-souls, group light bodies, light bodies and light beings.
    6. Suns, stars, planets, and other large light bodies of consciousness.
    7. Solar systems and galaxies of consciousness.
    8. Universe of consciousness.
    9. Source of consciousness.

Spirit is Consciousness. Consciousness is a spectrum of light vibrating from the slowest to fastest frequency.

Consciousness is a universal thought of separation, it is an idea, just like the ego is an idea. Everything is a mental phenomenon, ultimately a temporary illusion, and it functions on levels created due to duality and separation. Thought is the creative instrument and perception is experience. Thoughts like good and bad only exist in duality, and have no meaning at the level of one-mindedness and non-dualism. The illusion of time is the attempt at separation and division of timelessness, that is why the past, present, and future all exist at the same time.

Non-dualism is our source. When all minds return their minds we become one-minded and return to our source, which we never left. Every mind is guided by the higher mind through higher truth to find their way back. This universe, or thought of separation lasted but an instant.

The Spectrum of Spirit Consciousness

Consciousness is a spectrum of light vibrating from the slowest to fastest frequency. Consciousness is the experience of separation and duality. Below is a framework for understanding this spectrum, and how everything and everyone fits together.

Inanimate & slow moving objects of consciousness

Inanimate and slow moving objects of consciousness such as crystals, minerals, rocks, mechanical instruments, devices, other materials, and objects created and manufactured from them, even composite materials. Everything has consciousness; consciousness is the nature duality and the thought of separation, it is the one universal substance because we are one mind.

Natural elements, plants, animals, nature spirits, & light beings

Plants, animals, insects, fish, birds, and every kind of organism, elementals, nature spirits, and light beings like fairies etc. That which we are able to see depends on our individual human design, training, life purpose etc. Most humans (and other types of races and forms) have experienced life as these types of forms, including things like rocks, because they are all a part of the thought of separation which is a divided consciousness. At this level of consciousness, like animals and plants, they operate very intuitively and are always aware of their soul group.

Thought forms share these dimensions of frequency. Thought forms are generated by thought and form types of symbols, cloudy energy patterns etc. that have consciousness. They move, grow, and dissipate as they are fed. Trained and gifted minds can see them, or perceive them through inner vision or intuitive knowing.

Individualized incarnated light body fragments

Individualized light body fragments are incarnated into degrees of matter because we are experiencing the thought of separation. These include humans, other races, and other types of bodies throughout the universes. Bodies are collections of conscious cells, just like larger light bodies are cells in the collective body of all light.

Incarnations, or seemingly separate minds, are experiences of divided consciousness. These individual focuses have the same purpose as all light bodies, to experience duality, and return their mind to one-mindedness.

Human beings evolve through the expansion of their consciousness, which is awareness. The greater our expansion and awareness the greater the understanding and intuitive awareness of universal truths. Universal truths are the universal laws that govern the return of all light bodies and this information is accessible to anyone that genuinely desires it, and is ready for it.

Expanding consciousness diagram - from duality to non-dualism, self-realization to enlightenment

Human life can be seen as the process of a light body fragment plugging into a learning environment with quests and a learning spectrum. These lessons prepare the mind to release the ego (the thought of separation), receive higher awareness, and the guidance to return their individual mind to our one mind.

Self-realization is the knowing in that we are a fragment of one mind. Self-realization is the process of psychological integration that prepares the mind for enlightenment. Enlightenment is the state of one-mindedness. When all minds have returned to one-mindedness we return to our source, which we never left.

Souls & light body fragments in higher frequency ethereal realms

Souls, light body fragments, including guides and teachers that live in ethereal realms and dimensions vibrating faster than the matter humans are familiar with. A trained or gifted mind can see some of these dimensions and beings, this can vary from intense light shimmers to fully formed figures. The inner eye is the secondary way of perceiving these beings, dimensions, symbols, and imagery. They can also be accessed intuitively and telepathically.

Within this band of frequency there are various levels and dimensions organized by frequency. This is where the souls rest and learn between incarnations. Other beings simply live here to be of service to others without incarnating. There are help desks, learning centers, libraries, accommodations, and other places of interest. It is essentially a dimension filled with things minds have created as a stage between incarnation and pure light bodies to make it easier to transition between these states. As we raise our frequency we change and access different dimensions.

Higher-self, over-souls, group light bodies, light bodies & light beings

Over-souls, group light bodies, light bodies and light beings that include ascended masters, creator beings, and other beings that have never incarnated into slower frequencies like matter. These over-souls are large light bodies that live throughout the universe, and they can separate into countless fragments of light to experience duality, or the thought of separation, all simultaneously. Time has very little meaning at this level. These light bodies all communicate telepathically because everything is a mental phenomenon.

All light bodies belong to one mind which will return to our source when we become one-minded. The Higher-self is the part of this mind that never separated from source and guides us back to one-mindedness.

Suns, stars, planets & other large light bodies of consciousness

Light bodies like the suns and stars can also fragment into smaller individuations if there is a need or desire. Planets are conscious and incarnated light bodies that exist at various frequencies. These light bodies, including planets, grow, evolve, transform, and are subject to life cycles.

A planet can evolve her consciousness to include the variety of life we see on earth, including crawling and walking life forms, they are a part of her. Higher or larger light bodies simply incarnate into existing life forms on a planet. Higher light bodies can also create, seed, affect and manipulate the evolution of a planet and its life forms within the perimeters of universal law and agreement with relevant light bodies, collectives, and councils. A planet is a record of all life and thought it has experienced. Each planet has its own unique set if perimeters, rules, and therefore lessons and possibilities. What happens on a planet is not isolated to itself, or its solar system, it affects all of the universes.

Solar systems & galaxies of consciousness

Solar systems and galaxies of consciousness are light bodies that exist within proximity of each other and they are in relationships. They affect each other to a greater degree than the rest of the universe, similar to a family.

Universe of consciousness

A universe is a conscious collections of light bodies (fractals of one mind) within a boundary of duality (separation). All possibilities are explored and experienced in multiple universes that exists simultaneously. Universes disappear when the light bodies return their minds to one-mindedness, or enlightenment. A universe lasts just an instant in the true sense, time is an illusion of separation of timelessness.

Source of consciousness

The source of consciousness is the one, the all, the source of all light, the collective of all light, the central sun, or what would be considered God without any personification necessary because it contains all. It is the white light that contains the entire spectrum, which is the thought of separation. All light bodies at all levels simply know the source as love and light, separation is in opposition to the source. Light bodies are essentially sparks, rays, or cells of this undivided source.

Non-dualism is the total experience of love and timelessness. In the duality, or separation, the individual light body purpose is to remember they never left their source, and return their mind. There is no such thing as death. All light bodies eventually return to the source when all minds have rejoined in one-mindedness. One-mindedness is enlightenment.

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