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A Guide to Self-Realization

A Guide to Self-Realization book and course by Nathalie Strassburg - feature image with diagram

Introduction, Master Yourself, Expand your Consciousness, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental Aspects, The Learning Spectrum, The Spectrum of Self-Realization, Self-Realization Book and Products, Related Posts.

A Guide to Self-Realization is a book and course created by Nathalie Strassburg. Self-Realization is for anyone that is ready to expand their consciousness, grow, be authentically empowered, cultivate inner truth, have greater self-awareness, have a better relationship with themselves, better relationships with others, achieve authentic self-fulfillment, joy, peace, and harmony.

A Guide to Self-Realization book cover design by Nathalie Strassburg

Paperback available from Amazon (ISBN 9798857000908)
Hardcover available from Amazon (ISBN 9798857014073)
E-Book available from or Amazon. (ISBN 9781998980604 )

A Course in Self-Realization with 142 lessons, introduction video, audio for the lessons, printable worksheets, additional affirmations, audio affirmations, and other material not found in the book.

Master Yourself

Self-realization is the process of unifying our consciousness into a harmonious whole. The guide is based on the 64 lessons from the I Ching that we can master to expand our awareness, discover our authentic self, realize our inner truth, and live our unique destiny. When we balance our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects we become more self-empowered, and can achieve greater self-fulfillment.

A Guide to Self-Realization book and course Diagram by Nathalie Strassburg

Expand your Consciousness

The Self-Realization system, created by Nathalie Strassburg, is compatible with the I Ching, from around 800 BCE, China. It is a great universal model, and one of the oldest books in the world. It is based on simple binary, 0 and 1, which is what our computers are based on, with 64 (8×8) permutations. The 64 permutations form the Learning Spectrum that the book and course is based on, and they represent the lessons we master in duality to expand our consciousness . The next book and course in the series is A Guide to Enlightenment.

Following the introduction, the book and course include the spectrum of: the self, archetypes, roles, skills, spheres of awareness, principles, the learning spectrum, numbers, geometry, feminine and masculine expressions, self-realization, needs, relationships, and transformation.

Expanding consciousness diagram - from duality to non-dualism, self-realization to enlightenment

Expanding consciousness is the process of integrating all aspects and parts of the conscious self for greater self-awareness and stability. With greater awareness and stability, the self can increase awareness through the dream platform, altered states of consciousness, intuition, and access more information, past, present, future, counterparts, and probabilities related to the whole self and collective consciousness. Expanding consciousness enables greater conscious participation in the ongoing creative process of consciousness, the return to one mindedness, and enlightenment.

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental Aspects

The book and course is then organized into the four aspects: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental. Each section contains the numbers, geometry, spheres of awareness, principles, traits, abilities, skills, and the learning spectrum.

Self-Realization Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental aspects with the I Ching trigrams and images by Nathalie Strassburg

Each aspect has 16 lessons. The 64 lessons in the learning spectrum are the lessons we can master to be an individual that takes empowered action, capable of empowered responses, based on empowered perspectives, and empowered thinking. They are tools that cultivate inner truth, emotional intelligence, and mental freedom that allow us to embrace whatever happens in life and use it for our benefit.

The Learning Spectrum

A Guide to Self-Realization by Nathalie Strassburg - e-book - Learning Spectrum

Each of the 64 lessons have a theme with an introduction, feminine and masculine expressions, and a spectrum to integrate the awareness: affirmation, wisdom, compassion, contemplation, investigation, sensation, observation, and visualization.

The Spectrum of Self-Realization

Elements of Self-Realization - from the book and course by Nathalie Strassburg

Physical Aspect


Expanding our awareness, developing self-love, and love of others through willpower, affirmation, focus, simplicity, authentic expression, and discernment.


Becoming an intuitive nurturer of ourselves and others through love, wisdom, commitment, integrity, and sharing.

Emotional Aspect


Developing emotional intelligence and freedom through the practice of compassion for ourselves and others, mastering desire, elevating ourselves, and our willingness to change.


Mastering our emotional self with balance, trust, confidence, contemplation, silence, acceptance, and integrating our life lessons.

Spiritual Aspect


Expanding our perspectives, practicing meta-cognition, meditation, stillness, and being our own hero through the process of expanding, yielding, balancing intellect with intuition, liberation, and remembering.


Aspiring to higher truth and devotion to a higher purpose by refining ourselves, deepening our understanding, surrendering, being transparent, transmuting, and living peacefully.

Mental Aspect


Developing our inner truth through self-inquiry, observation, perseverance, transcendence, intention, and learning how to master the mind and be joyful.


Expressing our inner truth through our imagination and creating a world we love to live in by being determined, self-empowered, inspired, playful, and patient.

Self-Realization Book and Products

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