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A Guide to Self-Realization paperback book is currently available from Amazon. The hardcover is also available. The e-book is available from this website and Amazon: Kindle version.

A Guide to Self-Realization is based on the sixty-four lessons from the I Ching that we can master to expand our awareness, discover our authentic self, realize our inner truth, and live our unique destiny. Self-realization is the process of unifying our consciousness into a harmonious whole. When we balance our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects we become more self-empowered, and can achieve greater self-fulfillment. The book has 252 pages.

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Paperback available from Amazon (ISBN 9798857000908)
Hardcover available from Amazon (ISBN 9798857014073)
E-Book available from nathaliestrassburg.com (Epub and PDF) or Amazon (Kindle) (ISBN 9781998980604)


This is the book to read, study, and immerse yourself in if you want to be inspired to have a meaningful, fulfilled, and happy life. Nikki

Nathalie’s simple explanation of often complex issues and thought processes as well as how they fit together is amazing. The book offers easy to understand sections which flow into each other along with practical examples of how to approach refining your own view of the world. It is a highly worthwhile read which has the potential to positively change your life. Sean

Book Contents

Following the Preface and Introduction,  A Guide to Self-Realization includes an Overview of the spectrum of ourselves, archetypes, roles, skill, spheres of awareness, principles, the learning spectrum, numbers, geometry, feminine and masculine expressions, self-realization, needs, relationships, and transformation.

A Guide to Self-Realization is then organized into four aspects: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Mental. Each section contains the numbers, geometry, spheres of awareness, principles, traits, abilities, skills, and the learning spectrum. Each aspect has sixteen lessons. The sixty-four lessons in the learning spectrum are the lessons we can master to be an individual that takes empowered action, capable of empowered responses, based on empowered perspectives, and empowered thinking. They are tools that cultivate inner truth, emotional intelligence, and mental freedom that allow us to embrace whatever happens in life. Each lesson has a theme with an introduction, feminine and masculine expressions, and a spectrum: affirmation, wisdom, compassion, contemplation, investigation, sensation, observation, and visualization.

A Guide to Self-Realization Learning Spectrum:

Physical Aspect

1 Instinctive Self
Number 1 The Circle
The Sphere of Self-Awareness
The Principle of Polarity
Trait, Ability & Skill

Learning Spectrum
Union, 2
Presence, 20
Exploration, 35
Focus, 16
Simplicity, 23
Expression, 8
Gathering, 45
Discerning, 12

2 Tribal Self
Number 2 The Square
The Sphere of Awareness of Others
The Principle of Relationship
Trait, Ability & Skill

Learning Spectrum
Delight, 46
Intuitive, 57
Harmony, 50
Committed, 32
Integrity, 18
Resourceful, 48
Embracing, 28
Sharing, 44

Emotional Aspect

3 Emotional Self
Number 3 The Triangle
The Sphere of Awareness of Desire
The Principle of Cause & Effect
Trait, Ability & Skill

Learning Spectrum
Emotion, 36
Equality, 37
Desire, 30
Freedom, 55
Elevation, 22
Knowing, 63
Change, 49
Listening, 13

4 Rational Self
Number 4 The Hexagon
The Sphere of Awareness of Balance
The Principle of Rhythm
Trait, Ability & Skill

Learning Spectrum
Silence, 24
Balance, 42
Endeavor, 21
Awakened, 51
Giving, 27
Trusting, 3
Seeing, 17
Acceptance, 25

Spiritual Aspect

5 Achiever Self
Number 5 The Pentagon
The Sphere of Awareness of Potential
The Principle of Gender
Trait, Ability & Skill

Learning Spectrum
Yielding, 15
Expanding, 53
Wondering, 56
Conserving, 62
Stillness, 52
Liberation, 39
Leading, 31
Remembering, 33

6 Ecological Self
Number 6 The Spiral
The Sphere of Awareness of Higher Truth
The Principle of Vibration
Trait, Ability & Skill

Learning Spectrum
Guided, 7
Transparency, 59
Illuminated, 64
Surrender, 40
Understanding, 4
Devotion, 29
Transmutation, 47
Peace, 6

Mental Aspect

7 Integrated Self
Number 7 The Wave
The Sphere of Awareness of Power
The Principle of Mind
Trait, Ability & Skill

Learning Spectrum
Observing, 19
Inner Truth, 61
Perseverance, 38
Transcendence, 54
Appreciation, 41
Intention, 60
Joy, 58
Being, 10

8 Holistic Self
Number 8 Scaling
The Sphere of Higher Self-Awareness
The Principle of Unity
Trait, Ability & Skill

Learning Spectrum
Dreaming, 11
Determination, 9
Receiving, 14
Empowered, 34
Play, 26
Flow, 5
Inspired, 43
Creating, 1


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