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The Spectrum of Love

The Spectrum of Love by Nathalie Strassburg
  1. Introduction
  2. How to Move Towards Greater Love
  3. The Spectrum of Love:
    1. Root: Survival, Stability, and Safety
    2. Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Relationships
    3. Navel: Life Force, Desire, Emotion
    4. Solar Plexus: Confidence, Self-Assurance
    5. Heart: Potential, Connection, Universal Love
    6. Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism
    7. Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity
    8. Eye: Vision, Observation, Creativity
    9. Crown: Knowledge, Imagination, Higher Self-Awareness


The spectrum of love is the expression of consciousness. Love is the energy that fuels the desire for consciousness to manifest in infinite forms, probabilities, and dimensions. Love is the frequency that can sustain holistic blending and multiplication of frequencies. Wherever there is a little love there is pain and destruction. Consciousness explores all possibilities in infinite worlds and universes. This dimension (planet) has evolved to experience the desire for greater conscious physical expression and focus. This type of experience leads to little awareness of the spectrum of love, the subconscious, and the source of all creative expression.

The pain, suffering, unfulfillment, disease, and destruction that we experience is simply because of the amount of coherent frequencies of love that we allow. For example any area of the body that experiences illness, pain, or disease is a symbolic representation of a part of us that is asking for love, it is actually a beneficial process that occurs because we can consciously then tend to it. How we tend to it can be empowering or disempowering though. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this world, collectively we choose experiences like these because of the value they provide in learning the spectrum of love. When we are ready we simply remember love again and move back towards greater coherent frequencies of love.

How to Move Towards Greater Love

To move towards greater love starts within each individual consciousness. For some this is the natural unfolding of the type of life they chose to come and experience at this time. For many this comes through shock, pain, or great suffering that makes the lack of love simply unbearable, and then it triggers the consciousness to decide (consciously or subconsciously) to remember more of itself. Each person is part of a greater body of consciousness and probabilities that is on its own journey in the spectrum of love.

The process of remembering is the expansion of consciousness. The process of transformation is completely subjective in that it happens for each individual when it is their time. This can happen in one lifetime or over many. As we go through this process we expand our awareness, complete lessons, and master ourselves: Self-awareness, Awareness of Others, Awareness of Desire, Awareness of Balance, Awareness of Potential, Awareness of Higher Truth, Awareness of Power, and Higher Self-Awareness. Read more about the complete process of self-realization.

The Spectrum of Love

The best way to understand the spectrum of love is through the body’s energy system. Understanding the spectrum of love gives us a cognitive framework to expand our consciousness, achieve greater degrees of harmony, and experience an abundance of love.

The Human Body Biofield and Chakras with Female Anatomy. View all Biofield and Chakra Images.

Root: Survival, Stability, Safety

At the foundation of our experience love is our connection to ourselves, our body, our greater body of consciousness, the subconscious and the physical world. Every center is important in the expansion of love, the root is the essential foundation because it determines the energy and frequencies we share with the physical expression of consciousness. This is why our world is so focused on survival and anything that symbolically represents survival, stability, and safety like housing, money, food, etc.

It is important to be aware of the symbolic representations of the root in our own life, consciously or in our dreams. They let us know the health of our root system. For example if we have an unhealthy or unstable home life, run out of money easily, or in general feel unsafe, unsatisfied or undernourished it is because we symbolically lacks coherence and love in this center.

To fill this center with love we serve ourselves in whatever way we can. This includes strengthening our body, strengthening the relationship with our body, physical movement, caring for our body, caring for our well-being in whatever way we can, including using verbal and mental affirmations that are life affirming and that make us feel safe. Realize that everything is relative to our own life, no act is too small or irrelevant.

As a test, before you go to sleep tonight, repeat the following affirmation repeatedly until you fall asleep, you can focus and name different areas of your body as you cycle through the repetitions: “I fill every part of myself with love.”

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 2 Sacral

Sacral: Sensuality, Sexuality, Relationships

The sacral center is our focus of awareness of other parts of ourselves, and others, including our environment, animals, and people. We are not just a body, the rest of our consciousness expresses itself in the environment we find ourselves. Being mindful of the symbolic information contained within our environment, and what we see in others provides us with direct feedback about the health, balance, quantity, and quality of love in this center.

To fill this center with love we use any form of love and nurturing that is available to us. This means you can channel love wherever you are currently projecting love since they are all symbolic representations and highly subjective. For some people this may be self-love, for others this may be towards work, the environment, animals, things, places, or other people. The consequence of giving love and nurturing where you are currently capable of still allows you to embody greater degrees of love and it still benefits the process because is is relative to your own consciousness and development.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 3 Navel

The navel center governs our awareness of desire which drives behavior. To fill this center with love we use self-compassion, compassion, empathy, and detachment to develop emotional intelligence and maturity. Our desires and emotions are the symbolic representation of the spectrum of love. When we learn to see desires and emotions as symbolic information we become capable of using them for our greater benefit.

To use desires for our benefit we channel them into any area that we specifically can that can be for our individual or collective benefit in any way. This often includes developing inner balance, releasing resistance to certain emotions or desires, aspiring to emotional and mental freedom, doing things that make us feel better (higher frequency emotions), embracing change as a phenomenon of existence, and making any changes we feel we want or can, to any degree we can in a step by step process.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 4 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus: Confidence, Self-Assurance

The solar plexus center integrates our awareness of self with relationships, desires, and emotions – this awareness allows us to develop our rational self and the ability to learn from our experiences, contemplate, and use judgments for our greater benefit.

To fill this center with love we develop trust in ourselves and life in whatever way we can. This is a very subjective experience and our path to complete trust is a unique journey. To follow this path we start with looking at everything, situations, people, and the past as learning experiences. This objective view allows us to have just enough distance from the experiences to start integrating awareness, lessons, and understanding how things that happen are actually for our benefit.

This process then includes releasing some limiting beliefs, trusting the process of our life, trusting shocking experiences, learning how to spend more time doing things we love, expanding our perspective on life, and developing the ability to be accepting (not necessarily approving) of the things that happen even when we do not understand them. Developing trust in life and our ability to respond to experiences develops confidence and self-assurance.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 5 Heart

Heart: Potential, Connection, Universal Love

The heart governs our awareness of our potential. Here we become more consciously aware of the feminine and masculine aspects of our psyche and our greater connection to life and the unseen or subconscious elements of life. We are now in the second phase of expanding our perspective of life.

To fill this center with love we recognize that it is essentially our primary purpose to learn about the spectrum of love. We realize that to achieve a sense of success simply means we embody greater degrees of love within ourselves, regardless of the symbolic representations in our life.

This process includes consciously generating feelings, emotions, words, intentions, thoughts, and activities that allows more of the feeling of love into our life in whatever way is possible and unique for us. During this process we learn to balance being receptive and assertive so that we can actually yield to love. Realize that until we embody greater love we are essentially living in resistance to love. To achieve greater love is a process of gradual expansion, persistence, choosing more nourishing sources of fulfillment (instead of instant gratification, sensual pleasures, and any short term distractions), learning how to balance our intellect with intuition, learning how to be still, changing the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves so that they are move empowering, learning how to lead ourselves to be our best self, and starting to be more mindful and aware that we are more than just a body.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 6 Thyroid

Thyroid: Transformation, Hormones, Metabolism

As we become more trusting, confident, and achieve greater internal coherence we are motivated by the feelings of love we feel within to aspire even higher. This leads to the third phase of expanding our perspective on life. To fill this center with love we integrate higher universal truths that make us feel more empowered and loving as a unique being. We will do this in our unique way as our greater body of consciousness assists and orchestrates things in our life to guide us, like a path of breadcrumbs. At this stage it becomes more important to pay attention to the subtler information, intuition, impulses, dreams, and symbolic events in our life. This leads to a deeper process of inner transformation that alters the chemistry in our bodies.

Some elements of this inner transformation include greater honesty and transparency with ourselves and others, balancing interdependence and independence in every aspect of our lives, having insightful and extraordinary experiences, more coincidences and synchronicity, learning new things about the world, opening to new possibilities, embracing solitude, surrendering to the way life moves us, greater understanding of ourselves and others, commitment and devotion to some personal purpose, feeling more purposeful, consciously transmuting lower frequencies of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs into higher frequencies, and feeling more inner love and peace.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 7 Throat

Throat: Communication, Expression, Authenticity

The throat center is the first phase of integrating our power which we experience as expressing our authentic self because we now embody a sufficient quantity and quality of coherent self-love to express this love to ourselves and the world. To fill this center with love we must express our authentic self more and more as we work through this step by step process. This expression can be in any form and we often first rely on our strongest centers to fuel our expression in this center. As we grow in confidence we will expand our ability to express ourselves more creatively with more freedom and joy. This process is an integration of all the previous centers as we bring together the lessons, abilities, skills, gifts, and talents we have developed.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 8 Eye

Eye: Vision, Observation, Creativity

The eye center is the second phase of integrating our power. To fill this center with love we learn how to experience greater degrees of joy, appreciation, and love of being. We do this by being a role model to ourselves and others. We use our ability to observe to master ourselves in greater ways. We develop an authentic inner truth and we allow every every day to be guided by feelings of love, joy, and peace. We love spontaneity and feel connected to our greater body of consciousness in more and more ways.

This process may include a lot of tension for transformation, but at this stage we know how to embrace it for our greatest benefit as we refine our whole consciousness and ability to transcend ourselves continuously. We learn how to empower every aspect of our lives with appreciation and gratitude and can practice any kind of daily ritual to do this. We now consciously start to use our intentions to create the life we want to experience, and infuse love into everything. Most importantly we can actually appreciate simply being in a state of love and joy without actually having to think, do, or say anything. This ability continues to evolve as we expand our consciousness.

Human Body Chakras Energy Centre 9 Crown

Crown: Knowledge, Imagination, Higher Self-Awareness

The crown center governs unity, holism, and higher self-awareness. As we develop our ability to concentrate love into our every thought, word, action, feeling, emotion, intention, and response, we become capable of embodying higher frequencies of love in everything we do.

To fill this center with love we learn how to balance our enthusiasm with restraint, we become more determined, and we do everything we can to prepare ourselves to feel more love. This process includes several elements including filling our space and minds with higher frequency information, symbols, and activities most of the time. We learn how to use our dream time consciously to process any psychological debris left, channeling love into areas we are not able to during our conscious focus by using our intentions and thoughts.

As we become more empowered we consciously generate more love within ourselves and project it towards the universe and others. A part of this process includes being more playful in any way we can, including using our conscious personality in service of our collective benefit towards greater love. We use our power to create the life we love to live, learn how to be timeless as we learn how to love the present, we channel inspiration for our individual and collective benefit, and we love being an inspiration for others to motivate them to aspire to higher love.

Read more about the process of self-realization.

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