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The rules of The Game

The rules of the game by Nathalie Strassburg

My life experiences have led me to conclude that life is a game, a game of spiritual transformation, and the name of the game is “Who do I think I am?” Read more about this idea in Life as a Game. It doesn’t mean I am right, but it does mean I am brave enough to share my opinion.

Here are some rules I am discovering along the way:

Only the rules of the game matter.

Recognize that the source of all we have is life, nothing really belongs to any of us. This sets us free.

Nobody is a victim here, in any way. It is the victim mindset that we transcend when we learn to elevate ourselves above fearful reactions.

There are two primary levels in the game, ego level and higher self level. All fears belong to the ego and are doorways to the higher self. The goal of the game is to clean our system so that we can host our higher self.

Any action taken out of fear will create the exact thing we hope to avoid.

Beyond Good and Evil

Our Player self is beyond good and evil. There is no judgement.

Heaven (peace, love, joy) is a state of mind that is born out of the shadow self.

The mind is the only thing that affects the game.

The earth and our bodies are holographic bio computers, and the body is a learning device for the mind.

We come here to experience the full spectrum of possibilities through many seemingly different lives. We must complete the entire curriculum before graduating.

Faith or Determination

We must take responsibility for ourselves. We must cultivate either faith or determination to rise above the fear fog.

Our game is relative to our life, nothing is random, everything in our path is for our benefit, no matter what it may look like it is a part of the quest we are on.

The challenger is our ego self (the personality we think we are, the characters and roles we have been conditioned to play).

The Goal

The goal of the game is Self Realization (to know ourselves authentically by filling ourselves with truth and joy).

There are an infinite number of paths to the truth.

We must choose authentic joy, it is our uniqueness and where our genius is.

Through our joy we learn that to give is to receive.

Compassion and appreciation are the best responses in any situation.

To let the body go at the time of death knowing that death is not real.

Expanding Consciousness

The primary quest is to give up belief in illusions. Illusions include the entire world and our ego as one projection. We joyfully give up all mental attachments to the ego and the material world and open to receive pure source energy.

We must learn to use the laws of opposites to reintegrate our consciousness. We must aspire through consistent effort to expand our consciousness to a holistic level.

Leveling Up

We level up by collecting the gold from every experience. This means we use whatever comes to us as an opportunity to lift us higher and make us wiser.

We must face our pain, go through it, forgive and choose integrity.

Perspectives and perceptions are learned. There is no inherit meaning, only that which is chosen to be seen or unseen. We must learn to choose our beliefs and act accordingly.

Anything is possible when we believe wholeheartedly and act in harmony.

When we start to unplug the system will challenge us in every way.

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