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The Body, Health & Well-being

The Body, Health & well-being by Nathalie Strassburg

An Introduction to the body as an expression of our consciousness, Defining Disease & Health, How to Respond to Disease or Discomfort, Expanding our Consciousness and Healing.


The body is the physical expression of consciousness. It is only one aspect of our greater body of consciousness. The body is a physical representation of our individual consciousness, psyche, and the personality we know ourselves as. It is a collection of parts, roles, and an energetic system of information, past, present, and future. Any discomfort or disease in the body reflects an imbalance in the psyche. The best way to tend to the body is through the psyche.

With this understanding it is clear why some individuals choose to express any imbalance through mental or physical disease. Any symptoms are forms of communication and for our benefit.

I realize that for some this may be a completely new way of thinking about the body, health, and well-being. If you are reading this then you are ready to expand your consciousness, and you will be guided to test this understanding for yourself from where you are and what you know.

For more information about the complete process of self-realization, the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of our being, and the 64 lessons we come to master in life, read A Guide to Self-Realization.

Defining Disease & Health

As the physical expression of our consciousness our mind and body will bring our attention to parts of ourselves that need attention through disease, discomfort, or illness. Disease is anything that lets us know the body is not in perfect balance. Disease in general is healthy, it is part of all the cooperative interactions that takes place that makes the physical expression possible, and for most part our body will do all the work for us as it maintains optimal health and balance in the same way it manages our breath and heartbeat.

When our body lets us know that it is struggling to do the work it is because we are interfering with its ability to heal in some way. It is only when it becomes extreme that the body or mind will manifest symptoms to bring our conscious attention to it. Now, when this happens it is up to us to respond in the most beneficial way possible to assist the body in its process. Some of us have been conditioned to do the opposite, even if we do not realize it, by reinforcing the state.

Health is the natural state of the body. It is what the body is designed to be, and it will always work for our greatest health, balance, and well-being in every way. Our responsibility is to support this state of health in every way we can through our every belief, thought, word, action, feeling, emotion, intention, and response.

How to Respond to Disease or Discomfort

When our body reaches a state where there is an imbalance that is significant enough it will alert us to it through symptoms. Symptoms are the way our individual cells come together cooperatively to communicate to the rest of the body that is wants support.

Symbolically the disease or discomfort is reflected in the most appropriate place for us. This means that where and how disease manifest is highly subjective phenomenon based on our own experience, beliefs, body of information, and ultimately our unique destiny and purpose.

The simplest way to understand and interpret the body’s communication through symptoms is to see the part that is diseased, in pain, or discomfort as a part of our psyche that is literally asking for love.

Our conscious mind may not have any idea which part of us this is, but we can still respond to it. We do this through our belief, thought, word, action, feeling, emotion, intention, and response.

Here is the format for communicating back to your body:

“Thank you for coming together to communicate with me body. Thank you for helping me learn and grow so that I can expand my consciousness in every way I can. Thank you for choosing this way to help me learn. I believe that we are one system and that as you work for my optimal health and well-being I now too will work for our collective health and well-being. Please continue to guide me in any way you can as I learn.”

“I see now that this beautiful body is one aspect of my consciousness expressing itself creatively. I now choose thoughts that bring new awareness and expanded perspectives. I want to love every part of me. I choose to fill every part of me with love in every way I can. Thank you that I can grow in love in every way every day. I now fill this part _______ of me with love in every way I can.”

“I touch this part _______ with loving hands and thoughts. I feel the love I choose to bring into my body through my conscious awareness. I now touch this part and breathe love into it. Thank you that I can breathe love into every part of me. I will take any actions I can that will empower my health and well-being in every way I can. I trust that I am guided in every way in the most beneficial ways possible. If I need the help or support of anyone, including those I believe are professional representatives for health, I will reach out to them, as symbolic representations to help me as I work through my own learning process.”

“I love the part of me that is diseased, in pain or discomfort. I love the part of me that is feeling______. Thank you that we can use this means to help me learn higher truth about the nature of consciousness and its physical expression. I love every part of me.”

“I love every part of me in every way. I am filling every part of me with love in every way through my intention to now be healthy, balanced, and well in every way. I now clear any psychological debris that I may have placed as obstacles or defenses to radiant perfect health.”

“As I am learning to expand my ability to fill myself with love, I will continue to repeat this process, embrace new beliefs, thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions, intentions, and empowered responses.”

“I love the part of me that is diseased, in pain or discomfort. I love the part of me that is feeling______. I love the parts of me that are communicating directly with me to bring health, balance, and well-being. Thank you to every part of me.”

“I fill every part of me with the highest frequencies of love, truth, and light. Bless me in every way, bless my every belief, thought, word, action, feeling, emotion, intention, and response with the highest frequencies in every way.”

Expanding our Consciousness and Healing

Expanding our consciousness and our ability to bring love into every aspect of our consciousness, including our body, is a gradual process. We can heal any part of our physical body through this process. The effectiveness relies on our intent, intensity, belief, and consistency.

The above affirmative words, thoughts, and actions can be repeated as often as possible. They are especially powerful before going to sleep, when we wake up during the night, and first thing in the morning. You can literally repeat them non-stop the whole day long.

As long as we release any contradicting beliefs, thoughts, or actions, our consciousness and body will respond to the new input, it cannot be otherwise. Depending on the part and type of disease or discomfort the healing time can vary. Realize that disease will only ever remain present, or return, if it is for our benefit, if there is still more that we can learn.

Learning through the body and disease is just one way we can learn to master our lessons and go through the process of psychological integration.

For more information about the complete process of self-realization, the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of our being, and the 64 lessons we come to master in life, read A Guide to Self-Realization.

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The Process of Transformation

The Process of Transformation and Inner Alchemy by Nathalie Strassburg

From Fear to Love

We are all capable of living in love. It is a process of inner alchemy and purification.

This article is an overview of my personal perspective on the human transformation process that is based on my own experience. While each of us have a unique path for our life, the path to higher love has certain ingredients. These elements of liberation have been communicated through time in many ways. We have always been guided towards a life of greater joy, but fear will misinterpret and obscure the truth from us until we are ready.

  1. A catalyst
  2. A period of solitude
  3. Health and diet
  4. Healthy environment
  5. Self-inquiry
  6. Expanded perspective
  7. Release
  8. Self-love
  9. Growing awareness
  10. Regaining complete trust
  11. Inviting higher consciousness
  12. Peace
  13. Stillness
  14. Gratitude
  15. Joy & Bliss

1. A Catalyst

A catalyst can be any emotionally charged situation.

A death, a birth, a new relationship, end of a relationship, a vision, a visitor, financial or other loss, global or regional events like a pandemic. The event charge must be big enough that it creates an opening for new awareness. Suffering is really a gift, it is the tension for transformation.

We can learn to recognize these events, big ones and smaller ones. You will recognize it by the intensity of the emotions and / or the amount of energy used to think about it. They are like quests and your emotional body is your guide. Here it is important to reaffirm our inner knowing that absolutely everything that comes into our space is there for a reason, and that everything is always for our benefit, no matter how it may appear on the surface.

2. A Period of Solitude

Everyone needs alone time. This is a single player game. We need time to reflect and understand if we want to continue to grow.

So even if we cannot spend significant time in solitude we can still make space by setting boundaries and committing to the process. This really also ties in with a healthy environment. If we do not have sufficient space to reflect and contemplate we cannot expand our awareness. If our environment is filled with unhealthy and co-dependent patterns we will not be able to do the inner work. The ideal is at least some periods of solitude, or a few months. In some books I have read about 6 months, in others 7 years. It should be a simple, down to earth lifestyle, where we can focus on our inner world. The people that we engage with during this period should be caring and kind. Our intuition is our best guide.

The thing is that if it is our time to do this work then we will be given the opportunity for it, even if we need to learn boundaries first. So trust your own journey and work with whatever is currently available to you.

My inner truth: I think the results will be determined by the commitment and detachment we have to the process. I lived in solitude for many years, I isolated myself because I was not happy with the relationships I was capable of having. I never met anyone I thought would understand me, and I had very low self esteem with no/rigid boundaries, co-dependent habits, enmeshment trauma and emotionally immaturity. I had no idea what was going on or who I really was. I actually gave up and simply decided I was determined to figure out how to be complete and happy by myself. I poured myself into studying, Intuitive Geometry, building a self-sufficient home, growing a food forest, changing habits, and learning how to do things that made me feel peace and joy. I have made incredible changes and simplified my life to a surprising degree. It is a fascinating and ongoing process. What makes us unconditionally happy is unique for each individual. I believe it is through our authenticity and embracing our uniqueness that we can create a life that we love. I also believe that it is only through being authentic that we can create harmonious interdependent relationships.

3. Health & Diet

If our body or diet is unhealthy then this will be a vital part of the process. In order to expand our consciousness we use the body as a learning tool because our body and our relationship to food is symbolic for the relationship with our whole self and expanding our ability to obtain nourishment from higher frequencies. Taking care of ourselves affects every part of our being and consciousness. Health, diet, and exercise are important in the process of embracing the tension for transformation, mastering our desires, and balancing our feminine and masculine hormones and expressions.

Food should be light and fresh with lots of herbs if possible. I can recommend a predominantly liquid diet, it has revolutionized the way I see, prepare, and consume food. Intermittent fasting (once a week, once a month, and restricting food to a 7 hour window during the day) really boosts the process and it also has significant psychological benefits. I do not advocate any particular type of exercise, just some movements or stretches performed daily, even if it is just for 20 minutes is a good start because it allows energy to move through the body.

4. Healthy Environment

A healthy environment is one that is free from damaging habits and relationships.

The environment must not reinforce old conditioning. It must be as free from outside influence as much as possible so that we can really get to know ourselves. For example: co-dependent relationships, relationships with unresolved conflict, guilt, shame, damaging addictions etc. The environment should ideally be calm, in or close to nature, free from heavy pollutants etc.

5. Self-inquiry

There are layers to our self. We peel away the layers of fear that prevent us from being authentic.

The value of knowing ourselves has been passed down through time. When we do not know who we are, we are essentially living a fake life. This part of the process requires time to reflect and understand. We rewire our brains when we choose to look at ourselves objectively, find the lessons we learned in life and discover the wisdom that we want to share.

First we come to understand our self as an ego, our character and the roles we play. We deeper our understanding, expand our consciousness with an open mind and integrate all of our self. Through this process we come to realize ourselves as a higher self. The more love we grow inside ourselves the greater our awareness of our spirit self and the more intimate with life we become. With great clarity we can see the patterns that make up the experience we call life.

6. Expanded perspective

While self-inquiry is a process of understanding and logic, an expanded perspective is about an open mind and the unknown. It is about looking at everything, considering absolutely everything with an open mind. Allowing ourselves to be completely free to interpret, understand and imagine.

What we are doing during this phase is expanding our consciousness to a holistic level.

That means that we find a way to integrate all ideas and polarities into our consciousness and always make room for new understanding. Additional useful articles to read: The Spectrum of Spirit ConsciousnessThe Spectrum of Gender – Feminine & Masculine ExpressionsMastering Desire – Resting the Mind and SensesThe Spectrum of Experience – How we Create our Subjective RealityThe Future 2022 and Beyond, Unify Consciousness – The spectrum of the self, The Spectrum of the Emotional Body.

7. Release

As we grow in our understanding and acceptance we learn to forgive ourselves and others.

This release is part of emotional transmutation. Emotional transmutation is the process of releasing ourselves from bottled up emotions, childhood conditioning and compulsive behavior. Basically all emotional baggage is released bit by bit. For many people this may mean allot of crying, exercising, and other creative activities. Read about Emotional Well being.

8. Self-love

Self-love is learning to understand our self to the degree that we integrate and love all parts of our consciousness. Through compassion we really grow to love both the good and bad, our uniqueness and ourselves as a part of nature, and a spiritual being. We learn to love life and grow in universal acceptance. Self-love is the essential ingredient in balancing our feminine and masculine expressions.

9. Growing awareness

Here we really start tapping into our intuition and higher purpose. We learn to be in flow with life, live in the present and allow the universe to work through us.

10. Regaining complete trust

Through our commitment and growing awareness we learn to trust life.

As we deeper our relationship with life we regain complete trust and so enter into a much more refined frequency.

11. Inviting higher consciousness

This part of the process can happen at any given stage and is ongoing. There is no end to the divine joy and peace we can experience. Every day becomes an opportunity to invite higher love. When we engage with life and the source of life on an intimate level life itself responds powerfully. This is really about allowing life to be magical.

12. Peace

Every part of the process is about becoming more peaceful within ourselves. A peaceful heart and mind creates a peaceful life. Ultimate peace comes from trusting life, feeling loved and cared for by life.

13. Stillness

While we can know peace stillness can be elusive. Stillness is really about opening ourselves up to all of life and letting it flow through us without interference. There are so many ways we can become still and meditate. Initially we find bits of stillness and as we develop our ability to connect with the source of life we expand our ability to love stillness. Stillness is magic.

14. Gratitude

Gratitude is something we learn to practice. Initially it may be fleeting experiences or conscious activities like writing in a gratitude journal. The more we invite gratitude into our life, the more it permeates our consciousness. Eventually gratitude is our baseline attitude. We feel more and more grateful for every moment of existence and everything life offers us.

15. Joy & Bliss

When we start to swirl in an aura of universal love and gratitude we live in a state of joyful bliss. Bliss is a state of deep peace, stillness, divine relaxation, inner joy, and unconditional love all experienced at the same time.

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