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Intuitive Geometry Art: Drawing with overlapping circles

Intuitive Geometry Art by Nathalie Strassburg - Drawing with overlapping circles

SHORTCUTS: Introduction, The Book, Art Videos

The Intuitive Geometry method is a set of principles for using overlapping circles to create and design anything. The method was created by Nathalie Strassburg over a period of several years after she had an inspiring vision of a large geometric drawing.

Overlapping circles geometry image showing the Intuitive Geometry method

Overlapping circles have been studied since ancient times. Two overlapping circles create the almond shape called the vesica pisces from which we can make basic geometric shapes. The intuitive geometry method has expanded on these basic foundations, commonly referred to as Sacred Geometry, and now includes spirals, waves and scaling. Once you master the method’s 8 principles (circle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, spirals, waves, scaling) you can apply them intuitively and draw anything. The book (and e-book) contains step by step instructions, step by step examples and example art.

Intuitive Geometry overlapping circles grid showing various geometries

Make a donation. Buy the Intuitive Geometry books, including the Paperback from Amazon, Hardcover from Amazon, the E-Book from or Amazon. You can also buy printable E-Books, including the Printable Workbook, coloring books, notebooks, and journals.

Intuitive Geometry Art Videos

Nathalie Strassburg is a South African designer, artist, author, gardener, and human transformation enthusiast. She is trained in art, digital design, marketing, NLP, Life Coaching and continues to expand her knowledge with new courses and reading every year. She has more than 20 years of freelance design experience specializing in branding.

Intuitive Geometry is not just about drawing, it is about developing our intuition and learning the fundamental structure of life. Practicing the use of overlapping circles affects our consciousness on all levels, and our ability to become more powerful creators in this world. – Nathalie Strassburg

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