Intuitive Geometry – Drawing with overlapping circles – 2nd Edition – E-Book


Buy the Intuitive Geometry, Drawing with overlapping circles E-book, 2nd Edition EPUB and PDF Files. The Intuitive Geometry method is a basic set of principles for using overlapping circles to create and design anything. The method includes the circle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, spirals, waves, and scaling.

The 2nd Edition of the book includes more detailed step by step instructions for the Intuitive Geometry method, ten examples of applying the method with detailed step by step instructions, and forty artworks to showcase the Intuitive Geometry method. The ten examples are: Bees, Butterflies, Flowers (3 fold), Flowers (4 fold), Flowers (5 fold), Human Body, Human Eye, Human Face, Snowflakes, and Spiders.

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Intuitive Geometry is not just about drawing, it is about developing our intuition and learning the fundamental structure of life. Practicing the use of overlapping circles affects our consciousness on all levels, and our ability to become more powerful creators in this world. – Nathalie Strassburg


Preface, Introduction, The Intuitive Geometry Method, with step by step instructions:
Circle, Square, Triangle, Hexagon, Pentagon, Spirals, Waves, Scaling.

Intuitive Geometry Examples, with step-by-step instructions:
Bees, Butterflies, Flowers (3 fold), Flowers (4 fold), Flowers (5 fold), Human Body, Human Eye, Human Face, Snowflakes, Spiders.

Intuitive Geometry Art: Anatomy Female, Anatomy Male, Apple, Aspire, Bee, Borage Flower, Butterfly, Clematis Flower, Crystallography, Cube & Flower of Life, Cubes & Hexagon, Dragonfly, Earth, Flower of Life & 64 Tetrahedron Matrix, Flower of Life Overlapping Circles Scaled, Incarnated in Time, Intuitive Self 64 Spectrum, Love, Music, Nautilus Shell, Orange Fruit, Self-Realization Violet Heart, Shell 1, Shell 2, Snowflake, Spark of Life, Spiral, Squares within Squares, Star, Time – Clock & Constellations, Violet Flame Spiral, The Voice of the Higher Self, Yin Yang I Ching 8 Trigrams, Yin Yang I Ching Dream Spiral, Yin Yang I Ching Enlightenment, Yin Yang I Ching Heart, Yin Yang I Ching Octagon Crystal, Yin Yang I Ching Prism, Yin Yang I Ching Sacred Geometry, Yin Yang I Ching Spiral.

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Intuitive Geometry – Drawing with overlapping circles Books

Intuitive Geometry (the method, examples, and art)
Paperback ISBN 9798858132431, Hardcover ISBN 9798858132431, E-Book ISBN 9781928538998

Coloring Book
Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-57-4, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-58-1
Notebook Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-67-3, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-68-0
Coloring Notebook Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-69-7, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-70-3
Journal Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-63-5, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-64-2
Coloring Journal Paperback ISBN 978-1-998980-65-9, E-Book ISBN 978-1-998980-66-6


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