I Ching Spectrum Astrology Birth Chart (vertical) & Report


Your I Ching spectrum astrology birth chart and report are custom designed for you and based on your birthday. It contains your profile, design aspects, personality, powers, gifts, uniqueness, passion, life tasks, possibilities, destiny, and keys for life fulfillment.

Includes: Your I Ching Report +- 14 page PDF (1mb) with a two page introduction that highlights the most important overall theme of your design. Your I Ching birth chart vertical orientated poster printable JPG file. You will receive a high resolution (300dpi) image: 17″ x 22″ (US) or A2 size (International) (3mb), depending on your location and standard printing size. It can be scaled to print on smaller and larger paper too.  You will also receive a 10 page introduction I Ching Astrology information booklet PDF (2mb) and a 20% Discount Voucher for all the products in the Self-Realization category.  The report and poster are tools for self-development, the process of self-realization, and a light alignment that will allow you to integrate greater aspects of your light body.

Learn more about I Ching Astrology. There is also a landscape orientated birth chart poster. You can also order the birth chart without the report.

Please see our current payment options. I will contact you to request your birth date, location and time (if available) via email after your order has been placed. You will receive your report and poster via email. Please note that this is a custom design and the current average time for delivery is 3 business days.



I Ching astrology is a more detailed guide for self-development than traditional astrology. Astrological elements in the profile and birth chart include: Sun, Earth, Moon, North and South nodes, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Each astrological element falls within one of the 64 I Ching themes, which represents the spectrum of consciousness, and the life lessons we come to master. Their position can help us identify the theme in our life, expand our awareness, and guide us to self-mastery.

Your I Ching personalized birth chart and report is based on your birthday, location and time (if you have it). It combines various teachings, knowledge, personal experience and intuition. The profile is compatible with Astrology, any I Ching website or book, the Human Design system, the Gene Keys. The I Ching is Chinese and the oldest of all the classical divination systems, from around 800 BCE. It is also one of the oldest books in the world and based on simple binary (what our computers are built on) with 64 themes. It provides wise and insightful answers to questions, or as a guide for contemplation. Learn more about I Ching Astrology, the I Ching Profiles & Report, and the I Ching Birth Charts & Report.


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