I Ching Profile & Report

Your personalized profile and report contain your design aspects, personality, powers, gifts, uniqueness, passion, life tasks, possibilities, destiny and keys for life fulfillment.

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Includes: Your Personalized I Ching +- 8 Page PDF report (1mb). Your I Ching Profile Poster printable JPG file: Prints up to 900×600 mm / 35,4 x 23,6 inches (8mb). Order Here.

I Ching Personalized Profile Poster
Example Profile. The JPG file prints up to 900×600 mm / 35,4 x 23,6 inches.

Your I Ching Personalized Profile & Report is based on your birthday, time and location. It is an introduction for educational and entertainment purposes. The I Ching is Chinese and the oldest of all the classical systems, from around 800 BCE. Read more about the I Ching.

The profile is compatible with Astrology, any I Ching website or book, the Human Design system, the Gene Keys, personality spectrum, and Numerology.

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