The Violet Flame Geometry Line Art Image for Sale


Buy this Intuitive Geometry Violet Flame Geometry Line Art image for your personal use. Your copy of this original artwork is perfect for coloring, wall art, gift cards and your personal projects. You will receive four high resolution (300dpi) images, 2 with the spiral flame and 2 without: A2 size (scales down to A3 and A4), and 17″ x 22″ (Scales down to 11″ x 8,5″).

The four images are in a zip file (+-5mb) and it will be available for download (unlimited downloads and no expiry date) in your Account> Downloads section of the website once your order is complete. Please see our current payment options. Please note that the images are for personal, non-commercial use only such as wall art, gift cards, coloring, teaching aids etc. For any other purpose you may submit a request.

You can also buy the original: Original Violet Flame Spectrum Geometry Art, or the color image: The Violet Flame Spectrum Geometry Image for Sale.

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The Violet Flame is a conscious energy and a spiritual symbol that represents the high frequencies of violet light and the energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation.  The artwork represents the geometry of the Violet Flame and the spiral energy as it flows through the body’s energy centers, seen from the top. For more information visit, and read The Process of Transformation, and The Spectrum of Tension for Transformation.

The Intuitive Geometry method is a set of principles for using overlapping circles to create and design anything. The method was created by Nathalie Strassburg over a period of several years after she had an inspiring vision of a large geometric drawing.

Overlapping circles have been studied since ancient times. Two overlapping circles create the almond shape called the vesica pisces from which we can make basic geometric shapes. The intuitive geometry method has expanded on these basic foundations, commonly referred to as Sacred Geometry, and now includes spirals, waves and scaling. Once you master the method’s 8 principles (circle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, spirals, waves, scaling) you can apply them intuitively and draw anything.

Overlapping circles geometry image showing the Intuitive Geometry method


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