Overlapping Circles Grid Images, PDF & EPS


Overlapping circles grid / patterns can be a great teaching tool, it is available as Images, PDF & EPS.

The files will be available for download once your purchase is complete. You will have access to the files through your account and they can be downloaded as many times as you need. The zip files currently include: Images (72dpi JPG), PDFs (A2, A3 and A4 CMYK with and without bleed) and A2 EPS.

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Overlapping circles have been studied since ancient times. Philosophers knew that two overlapping circles create the almond shape called the Vesica Pisces from which you can make a triangle, square and pentagon. Overlapping circle patterns like The Flower of Life have long been considered significant, the oldest known example of the Flower of Life is at least 6000 years old and can be found at The Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. The Intuitive Geometry method makes use of overlapping circle patterns to create a square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, spirals, waves and a scaling system to draw and design.