Human Biofield Images, PDF & EPS


The Human Biofield is the energy and information in and around the body. The Biofield is mapped using the intuitive overlapping circle geometry.

The Human Biofield design Images, PDF & EPS will be available for download once your purchase is complete. The zip files currently include: Poster Images (300dpi JPG), Poster PDFs (A2, CMYK with and without bleed), Poster EPS, JPG Images 300x300mm small (72dpi) and large (300dpi).

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According to the The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism (James G. Lochtefeld, Ph.D.) Hindu and Buddhist texts say that the chakras are arranged in a column along the spinal cord, from its base to the top of the head, connected by vertical channels. Old Buddhist and Hindu texts talk about 4 energy centres and then later 5, 7 and up to 88 000.  There is more information on Wikipedia, Britannica, and around the web.

From head to toe 1 circle, divide it in half to get 2 circles (3 overlapping circles), the next scale down uses 4 circles (7 or 9 overlapping circles), the next scale down uses 8 circles (15 or 17 overlapping circles). These circles form 9 energy centres or chakras if you map it from the root to crown.