I Ching 64 Spectrum Printable Card Deck


Buy this printable 64 I Ching Learning Spectrum Card Deck for your personal use. This card deck is an excellent tool for transformation and inner guidance. The cards are A6 / 6×4 inches, in JPG images (9mb), and printable PDF format (two files, with and without print bleed, 9mb). Each card is color coded and contains the number, theme, names, trigrams, hexagram, binary, Intuitive Geometry symbols, and the polarity.

The file will be available for download (unlimited downloads and no expiry date) in your Account> Downloads section of the website once your order is complete. Please see our current payment options. Please note that the files are for personal, non-commercial use only.



The I Ching is Chinese and the oldest of all the classical systems, from around 800 BCE. It is a great universal model and one of the oldest books in the world. It is based on simple binary (what our computers are built on) with 64 themes. In its original form it guides through the ways of nature, and provides wisdom for contemplation and insightful answers to questions.  The 64 hexagrams is a useful tool for exploring something as complex as the spectrum of human consciousness. Looking at the spectrum of consciousness through 8 primary themes makes it simpler to see a larger perspective while appreciating the subtle essence of each.


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