Eco-Living Sustainable Home Plan Images for Sale


Buy these open plan sustainable eco-living house plan images for your personal use.  You will receive four high resolution (300dpi) images that include the Floor plans, Sections, Elevations, and Electrical plans that you can use or modify for your own use. It is a single bedroom open plan house with off-the-grid solar system (6 panels, 8 batteries, 3kv 48v 60mppt Inverter / Charger), rainwater collection, and an underground septic tank. The house is 60 sqm inside, and 45,6 sqm deck, large enough for one or two people. The plans also include a free standing 24 sqm carport / undercover area. These plans were drawn up and approved according to South African building standards, you may need to make modifications for approval in your own country or region.

The four images are in a zip file (+-8mb) and it will be available for download (unlimited downloads and no expiry date) in your Account> Downloads section of the website once your order is complete. Please see our current payment options. Please note that the images are for personal, non-commercial use only.

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