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Learning Together

We are each a whole and beautiful being, even when we are not fully aware of it yet. Each of us have needs for our mind, body, soul, and spirit in order to feel fulfilled and live an authentic life. Sometimes we can feel unhappy, lost, or unloved without realizing that it can be resolved within ourselves, regardless of our circumstances.

Many of us never learned how to care for our emotional well-being and find our joy. Through my own journey to inner peace and self-realization I am discovering the gifts that I have, that can help others as we go through an unprecedented global human transformation process. Nobody here is a victim in any way whatsoever, we are here to learn together.

A coaching relationship is about empowering you with the support, knowledge, and tools that you can use to grow into the person that you would like to be, with fulfilling life experiences, and loving relationships.

Every relationship is about mutual benefit and learning. I am deeply grateful for everything that I learn with every person that comes into my life. We really get to know our unique self through our interaction with others. People who resonate with me and who are drawn to me are not random at all.

Your Personal Road Map

The coaching process is private, via email or in person. There is a questionnaire.

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I take the information from your I Ching Profile, the questionnaire and combine it with my insights from our exchange to give you a Personal Road Map (pdf format) with recommendations, tools, and exercises for where you are, and what you need at the time to move forward. The Personal Road Map includes both short term and longer term objectives because some things take time to understand and integrate.

Download the Questionnaire. It is a PDF Interactive Form that you can complete in your own time and email to me. It is strictly private and confidential.

Spiritual Guidance

Many of us have neglected our spiritual growth. Organized religion is not spirituality. Spirituality is the relationship with yourself and life. Spirituality is about moving from an attitude of fear to an attitude of love. I know this because it took many years of living in solitude to go through my own process of de-conditioning. Spirituality is about concrete experience that provides us with evidence that we can trust.

Self-actualization & Liberation

There are certain needs that we must meet before we are ready to be our true authentic self. These needs include physiological needs, safety needs, belonging, self-esteem, cognitive and aesthetic needs. The intention of my Coaching and Spiritual Guidance is to learn how we can meet these needs, open our heart, heal the past, and live our fullest potential. This process is the road to inner peace, light-heartedness, and joy.

Everything we see is a projection from our mind. The mind has an image of what it desires, judges as valuable and then seeks to find it. These images are projected outward, and this is what we think we see, what we think is real and what we base our behavior on. What we see is unique for each of us. What we see in others is a reflection of our own consciousness. Therefore, what is in our mind will determine what we create. This is why childhood conditioning and the past is our toolbox with which we create, both the positive and negative, unless we consciously release the past, grow and expand ourselves continuously. Every word we speak and every thought we consciously think is our inherited creative ability to manifest in this world. Liberation is about expanding our consciousness so that we can see ourselves and the world for what it truly is. There are an infinite number of paths to this truth.

Authenticity & Interdependent relationships

The greatest barrier to a fulfilling and happy life is in-authenticity and the co-dependent relationship patterns that come with it. I am enthusiastic about creating harmonious and interdependent relationships because I have seen that unconditional love is only possible in honest relationships. Most people are not aware of the co-dependent relationship patterns, emotional immaturity, poor boundaries and the consequences of psychological projection.

Through my own experience I have invested years to understand the psychology of projection and co-dependency. Co-dependency is a fear-based relationship where every action taken out of fear will create the exact thing we hope to avoid. I am passionate about expanding my understanding and educating others around this subject because I know we all want to move towards emotionally mature relationships with unconditional love.

Emotional Transmutation & Transformation

From the moment we are conceived we are imprinted with the energy field of our parents or caregivers. From the day we are born we are conditioned with the behavioral patterns that surround us. We will reflect the emotional pattern our primary caregiver has with themselves, for better or worse. It is estimated that about 50% of the population have an insecure / fear-based attachment style.

Without a process of introspection, shadow work and deconditioning, we will repeat childhood patterns all our life, and pass them on to our own children unknowingly. In order to free ourselves from fear based emotional patterns we must go through a process of transmutation. This means we must allow ourselves to see and feel in order to heal. This is a process of alchemy and it takes courage to be transparent and vulnerable in this way.

The Art of Contemplation

Words are just ideas, in order for any idea to become meaningful we must integrate it into our consciousness and let our experience provide the evidence to support our understanding and growth. I have developed an annual contemplation system with 4 themes a month, a total of 48 themes. Contemplation as a practice allows us to focus on our well-being and higher purpose consistently. This is one of the greatest tools we have available to us in our daily lives.

The Contemplation Journal is still being illustrated, but in the meantime, it is one of the tools I use and share through coaching and guidance. I also use the I Ching and The Gene Keys as tools for contemplation.

I Ching Personalized Profile & Report

It contains your profile, design aspects, personality, powers, gifts, uniqueness, passion, life tasks, possibilities, destiny and keys for life fulfillment.

Includes: Your Personalized I Ching +- 7 Page PDF report (1mb). Your I Ching Profile Poster printable JPG file: Prints up to 900×600 mm / 35,4 x 23,6 inches (8mb). Please see the product images for the examples. Order Here.

Your I Ching Personalized Profile & Report is based on your birthday, and an introduction for educational and entertainment purposes. The I Ching is Chinese and the oldest of all the classical divination systems, from around 800 BCE. The profile is compatible with any I Ching website, book or system based on the I Ching. I recommend further study of the I Ching, Human Design system, Gene Keys, Kabbalah, Chakras, Astrology, Psychological Archetypes, personality spectrum, Numerology, Advaita Vedanta etc.

I Ching Reading

The I Ching is Chinese and the oldest of all the classical divination systems, from around 800 BCE. It is also one of the oldest books in the world and based on simple binary (what our computers are built on) with 64 themes. It provides wise and insightful answers to questions, or as a guide for contemplation.

Each reading gives you insight into a specific question. Each contain a recommended action, an idea or concept for contemplation, learning themes, up to 6 changing lines for deeper insight, the shadow /unconscious influence and what the energy behind your question is aspiring to.

I Ching readings are available, 1 to 3 questions via email.

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