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Custom Images and Designs

Nathalie Strassburg Intuitive Geometry Custom Images and Designs

SHORTCUTS: Introduction, Custom Images and Designs, Prices and Rate, Terms and Conditions

Nathalie Strassburg is a South African designer, artist, author, gardener, and human transformation enthusiast. She is trained in art, digital design, marketing, NLP, Life Coaching and has more than 20 years of freelance design experience specializing in branding. 

Nathalie is best known for her Intuitive Geometry art which is based on a method she developed after a vision she had during her mid-thirties. She published the book Intuitive Geometry – Drawing with overlapping circles in 2021. Her website features various artwork, images, and vector designs related to geometry, nature, human anatomy, the human biofield, chakras, emotions, and related subjects. Various images and vector files are for sale. These images are for personal, non-commercial use such as wall art, gift cards, coloring, teaching aids, tattoos etc. For any other purpose a request may be submitted.

Overlapping circles geometry image showing the Intuitive Geometry method

Custom Images and Designs

In addition to the images available through her websites Nathalie is also available for commissioned artwork, and customization of images and related designs for personal and commercial use. Nathalie will provide a quote for your image or design on request, please contact her.

Rate and Prices

For commissioned artwork please see the information and prices on this page: Intuitive Geometry: Commissioned Artwork

Image customization (existing images and artwork) and designs are quoted per project. In general images are between $10 and $150, and custom designs can vary from $10 to $1000 depending on the time required. Nathalie’s hourly rate is $50.

Terms and Conditions

Customized images and designs are made available for either personal or commercial use, and these rights will be displayed on the quote / invoice for the project. This agreement between Nathalie and the client is a legal agreement and it is expected that the image will only be used for the purpose for which the rights have been granted.

The copyright to all images, design and artwork will always remain with Nathalie Strassburg. Any rights granted are for limited use. Nathalie reserves the right to revoke rights granted if the images are not used as agreed.

Credit is required for any image or design that includes Intuitive Geometry artwork or elements.

Payment:  Please see our current Payment, Shipping and Store Policy.

Promotions: Commissioned artworks, customized images and designs may be used on our websites, social media, books, articles, and exhibitions to promote the Intuitive Geometry method.

Please contact Nathalie with any questions.

Intuitive Geometry overlapping circles grid showing various geometries