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Nathalie Strassburg is a designer, artist, author, gardener, and human transformation enthusiast. She is trained in art, digital design, marketing, NLP, Life Coaching and has more than 20 years of freelance design experience specializing in branding. Nathalie is passionate about self-realization and inner peace. She has traveled extensively, currently lives in South Africa growing a food forest and working on several projects.

Early Years

During early childhood I had visions such as movie silhouettes playing out on my window and my body floating in a golden cocoon on a calm ocean which always kept me safe while I traveled. I was the introverted rebel, always curious about what was going on, knew from early on that I did not want to have children, felt confused and wondered why people were so unhappy. I often wrote thoughts down that I did not share, loved challenging games that involved quests and started drawing very early. Growing up in South Africa made me curious to see how other people around the world lived.

I lived my life mostly as a freelance designer, specializing in branding. I had my first branding client at 16, while still at school, and it just happened from there on. The lifestyle allowed me to travel and expand my understanding of the world and cultures.


In my early 20s, while living in Thailand, I went on an extended silent Buddhist retreat where I was able to see how information was added to every sense input.

I experienced pain from sitting in a position my body did not understand, for hours, but most of the time I did not move to avoid it. Underneath the stream of pain, I started noticing sensations getting interrupted by thoughts or other sensations. In slow motion I saw how every sense input was followed by my conscious experience of it happening and I could remain in a place where I was not experiencing the pain I knew was there, like my body, or what I thought I was, was not real. When I left the monastery, I felt different and it took some time to integrate the experience. I wrote a small book titled Life of “I” as I worked through the experience. If we do not know what we are doing, we get into character (the experience of it happening to someone) the moment we wake up or interact with someone without even realizing it.

Our beliefs and projections create our experiences. We just have not fully realized we can create whatever we want to. We are born free and can be free throughout our lives.

Visions, Intuitive Geometry & other projects

In my early 30s, while living in Denmark, I had several visions and encounters with other worldly beings, and energy forms. One vision of a large black and white geometric drawing inspired me to reconsider what I thought I knew and study a wide range of subjects like geometry, optics, physics, biology, history, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. I was fascinated by ideas like Advaita Vedanta and universal geometric models.

Once, I had a voice with an unknown source ask if I wanted to be a channel. I declined but now I recognize the visions, insights, and information I intuitively have access to. I think this is a natural ability we all have that goes undeveloped. I can feel other people’s needs, emotions and sometimes their thoughts. I love discovering new ideas, possibilities, gaining understanding, and expanding my consiousness.

We can continuously transcend ourselves, if we choose to live with an open mind.

I returned to South Africa and dedicated more time to drawing and furthered my studies. The Intuitive Geometry method, art and book were my primary focus for many years. I believe Intuitive Geometry is a gift to all of us. For this reason I made it possible for anyone to learn the method for free online, so that location and income did not prevent anyone from learning it. I also make images and line art of the original artworks available for purchase at a relatively low cost for personal use so that it is accessible for inspiration, teaching and personal projects.

I am now working on a new book about self-realization, and producing a collection of Intuitive Geometry artworks for the book. Read about Artwork commissions, buy the book, or e-book.

Intuitive Geometry is not just about drawing, it is about developing our intuition and learning the fundamental structure of life. Practicing the use of overlapping circles affects our consciousness on all levels, and our ability to become more powerful creators in this world. – Nathalie Strassburg

More Joy & Spirituality

Over the years I made changes to create greater inner peace and joy in my life. Now I feel like I live a magical life full of synchronicities and gifts. I study and play with all kinds of tools to experiment with the mental universe we live in. I take nothing for granted, I love every day, I work through my stuff, I do not take life too seriously and I aspire to transparency in all things. I do not go out looking for things unnecessarily, I let them come to me, because our creative ability is magnetic.

I question everything, and spend a considerable amount of time contemplating, meditating, and drawing. I care for a big food garden, and my own needs as much as a can.

I have had some wonderful insights, and through the study of psychology and spirituality unraveled the roles I play, go through a process of deconditioning, learned how to let go consciously and use challenges as learning opportunities.

The best part of my life is that I can wake up and know I can do anything I want with the day, no expectations, nowhere to go and nothing to do. I see everything as an opportunity to expand my consciousness.

There have been significant changes in my body over the last few years, I feel completely different and it is visible in my eyes and skin. I have never felt better in my entire life. I see a different world from most people I meet and wonder about all kinds of things.

I have also had a profound insight into how we are casting people into roles and then behaving and responding accordingly, mostly unconsciously. We create our futures through projecting short movie scenes, they get used when we make decisions and interact with others. They are not real but define our expectations and drive behavior.

Letting go of ideas will always be hard when we believe them true, that is why the fastest way to expand consciousness is to realize within ourselves through our experience that we are not just a body, not just the characters, but the player.

Life is a phenomenal gift of experience. I feel the universe all around me. I feel intimate with all of life, and I expand my love everyday. Love is not a scarce commodity as we are often taught, it is universal, in you, in everyone, in everything and everywhere, it only our perception that changes as we learn to know love within ourselves.

Our eternal self is beyond the ideas of good and bad; there is no judgement. I love peace and harmony, but I do not deny the dark side. We are capable of the full spectrum of experience; our vehicle is like a binary bio-computer. We each have special gifts, quests and purposes, nothing is a mistake, everything is an opportunity to learn and grow. Every moment is important, we have the universe’s undivided attention.  

Open to receive higher love.

My I Ching & Human Design Charts

I Ching Personalized Profile Poster
Nathalie Strassburg I Ching Personalized Profile Poster

Nathalie Strassburg Human Design Chart 12 Nov 1979, 2pm South Africa
Nathalie Strassburg Human Design Chart 12 Nov 1979, 2pm South Africa
Nathalie Strassburg Human Design Family Tree
Nathalie Strassburg Human Design Family Tree